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Non-destructive survey of the oldest part of the castle in Telč
Drdácký, Miloš ; Eisler, Marek ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga
Recent archaeological findings discovered at an excavation in the southeastern section of the small courtyard of the old palace at the state castle in Telč sparked interest in further exploring hidden structures below ground and within the existing masonry. Therefore, a non-destructive survey of structures hidden beneath the current level of the courtyard using ground-penetrating radar was conducted, as was a survey of the masonry within the old walls of the palace using thermography.
Assessment of masonry structures in the room No. 303 on the first floor of Upper Castle of Kunštát State Castle
Drdácký, Miloš ; Frankeová, Dita ; Kloiber, Michal ; Koudelková, Veronika ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Válek, Jan ; Viani, Alberto
Non-destructive evaluation techniques have been adopted to assess the present situation of the walls with recently discovered frescoes in the rebuilt part of the castle. IR thermography, videoscope and ground penetrating radar were used for the classification of masonry, especially for the detection of hidden structural elements. Samples of historic mortars were analysed by thermal analysis and scanning electron microscopy. The analyses showed that binder of mortars consists of dolomitic lime.
Nondestructive methods for detection of hidden fatigue crack in the steel bridge element
Valach, Jaroslav ; Frýba, Ladislav ; Jandejsek, Ivan ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Vála, Ondřej ; Urushadze, Shota
In this paper we discuss applicability and usability of three non-destructive methods for investigation of fatigue crack propagation in railway bridge structural elements subjected to the repetitive loading. These methods are: an optical method based on the digital image correlation, the active thermography method and the classical x-ray radiographic method.
Methods of full-field survey of detachment of plasters
Drdácký, Miloš ; Lesák, Jaroslav
Contribution compares capability of identification of plaster detachment of a substrate by means of three different methods - semiautomatic acoustic tracing, thermography and vibration pattern identification on several types of plaster.
Modelový výzkum větru pro památkovou péči
Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Drdácký, Miloš ; Slížková, Zuzana ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Knotková, D.
The paper presents by means of case studies some possibilities of wind tunnel model research into the action of wind on monuments. The first case describes investigations of the behaviour of gothic sandstone pinnacles during cyclic action of various combinations of climatic loads. Further, the problems of wind pressure and eddies and flow around historic buildings are presented. The last example studies surface degradation of complex architectural forms due to atmospheric pollution.
Non-destructive survey of the southern wall of the State castle of Křivoklát and opinion to its static consolidation
Drdácký, Miloš ; Lesák, Jaroslav
The report presents results of non-destructive investigations of a historic masonry wall using passive thermography and videoscopy. There are analysed defects and failures and evaluated suggested static measures aimed at consolidation of the masonry fortification wall and at an increased safety of foundations.
Study of combined climatic influences and hydrophobization effects on sandstone pinnacles from the Santa Barbara church in Kutná Hora
Drdácký, Miloš ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Slížková, Zuzana ; Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Delpech, P.
The report summarizes results of the first part experiments in the Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel CSTB in Nantes. It presents diagrams of temperature and moisture changes measured on both the exterior surface and inside historic sandstone pinnacles from the church of Santa Barbara in Kutná Hora at different combinations of climatic loads with changing temperature, rain and wind velocity characteristics. Thermography has been applied for surface temperature measurements. During the tests the hydrophobization effect was studied, too.
Monitoring of environmental impact on cultural heritage monuments and diagnostics of their damages
Drdácký, Miloš ; Bryscejn, Jan ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Slížková, Zuzana ; Urushadze, Shota
The report describes consequencies and mechanisms of environmental and anthropogenic action on cultural heritage. It presents nondestructive surveying and monitoring methods for historic structures.
Nondestructive survey of mansory and timber structures of the Church Tower in the Karlštejn Castle
Drdácký, Miloš ; Jirovský, Ivo ; Lesák, Jaroslav
Report summarizes results of NDT survey of masonry and timber structures of the Church Tower of the Karlštejn Castle. The applied methods involve passive thermography for masonry, X-ray, core drilling, resistance micro drilling and visual assessment for timber.
Contact-less methods for identification of cohesion loss in lime mortar renders
Drdácký, Miloš ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Michoinová, D. ; Svoboda, J. ; Urushadze, Shota
Paper presents pilot tests on lime mortar rendering with artificiallymade defects of cohesion between the plaster and brick wall. Twoexperimental methods and a FEM computational model were applied.

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