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Security testing of selected communication protocols and related vulnerabilities
Kuklovský, Adam ; Langhammer, Lukáš (referee) ; Jeřábek, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis extensively addresses the functionality and characteristics of the IPv6 protocol and its control protocol ICMPv6. Furthermore, the thesis discusses methods of penetration testing and technologies used in creating the testing environment. A key output of this work is a network scanning tool that has been compared with the popular Wireshark program. The conclusion describes the structure of the proposed tool and suggests possibilities for its future development and improvement.
Application explaining the principles of IP addressing
Bukovinský, Denis ; Jeřábek, Jan (referee) ; Langhammer, Lukáš (advisor)
This master's thesis presents the design and development of an application for teaching IP addressing in computer networks. The application includes a network simulator and an editor, allowing students to work with a predefined network topology, assign addresses to subnets, and customize the network as needed. It verifies the correctness of address assignments and detects address conflicts. The thesis covers theoretical background, implementation details, and testing of the application. The developed tool provides a valuable resource for students, facilitating their understanding and practice of IP addressing concepts in network education.
Fractional-order integrator and its application in FLF fractional-order frequency filter
Theumer, Radek ; Langhammer, Lukáš
The main aim of this paper is to introduce the proposal of fractional integrator by approximation of the integer-order follow-the-leader-feedback topology (FLF). Current differencing transconductance amplifier (CDTA) is used in the integrator due to the higher versatility of this building block. The proposed integrator is also implemented to the frequency filter, creating a fractional-order frequency filter in FLF topology. The main advantage of this circuit is its electronic controllability. The resulting circuits (integrator and filter) are simulated in OrCAD using a transistor models in TSMC 0.18 um technology.
Design and analysis of electronically reconfigurable filtering structures
Kříčka, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Jan (referee) ; Langhammer, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the proposal of analog filters with the ability of the electronic reconfiguration. The main aim was to propose three fully electronically reconfigurable filters using different methods. The work focuses on the use of modern active elements that ensure the electronic reconfiguration. Specifically on operational transconductivity amplifiers, second-generation current conveyors and current amplifiers. The transfer functions are simulated in the Orcad PSpice software, at the ideal and behavioral level. Sensitivity and parasitic analysis is applied to the two proposed filtration structures. Both structures are made on printed circuit boards, which are measured and then their transfer functions are compared with the simulated functions.
Electronically Configurable Transfer Structures
Langhammer, Lukáš ; Hospodka, Jiří (referee) ; Vávra, Jiří (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
Práce se zaměřuje na vývoj a výzkum v oblasti elektronicky rekonfigurovatelných přenosových struktur. Primárním cílem je návrh těchto struktur za užití moderních elektronicky řiditelných aktivních prvků. V práci je prezentováno množství elektronicky rekonfigurovatelných filtračních struktur, jež byly vytvořeny za užití různých návrhových metod. Důraz je dále kladen na možnost řídit některý z typických parametrů filtru pomocí řiditelných aktivních prvků. Práce dále obsahuje několik obvodových návrhů aktivních prvků či stavebních bloků s vhodně řešenou elektronickou řiditelností, tak, aby tyto prvky/bloky mohly být dále použity pro návrh elektronicky rekonfigurovatelných filtrů. Správnost návrhu jednotlivých zapojení je podpořena PSpice a Cadence simulacemi s modely na tranzistorové úrovni. Vybraná zapojení jsou dále realizována za pomocí dostupných aktivních prvků a podrobena experimentálnímu měření.
Design of basic analogue building blocks with fractional-order transfer
Theumer, Radek ; Staněk, Miroslav (referee) ; Langhammer, Lukáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on design of the analogue circuit structures with integer-order and fractional-order transfer. The ways in which fractional-order transfer functions can be achieved are mentioned in the introduction. Two basic building blocks with the ability to control its transfer function order and frequency, such as integrator and differentiator respectively, were designed. A non-traditional active element was used in proposed analogue building blocks. In addition, the inner structure of this active element has been improved to provide the ability to control another suitable parameters. Aplication of the proposed fractional-order integrators is presented by employing into the frequency filter. Simulations are performed with help of transistor-level models of two different technologies: CMOS TSMC 0,18 um in the OrCAD Pspice software and I3T25 in the CADENCE Virtuoso software too. All proposed circuit structures are realized on the printed circuit board (PCB) and then measured experimentally. The last part is focused on comparative measurements of the filters with fractional-order integrator proposed by another author.
Low-cost module for impedance analysis of grounded and floating two-terminals with oscilloscope having frequency response analysis
Svoboda, Marek ; Langhammer, Lukáš (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
The work deals with the analysis of three selected types of impedance-voltage converters. The converters are designed for automated impedance measurement using an oscilloscope with an implemented frequency response analysis function. The aim of this work is to recommend the procedure of transducer design and to illustrate the impact of incorrect component selection on measurement accuracy. Simulation measurements of basic passive components and more complex passive elements were developed for all converters.
Analogue emulators of fractional-order circuits
Kubát, Pavel ; Langhammer, Lukáš (referee) ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with circuits contain fractional-order elements. The first part of this paper deals with this problem, there were also described methods of design fractionalorder elements and types of circuits containing the fractiona-order elements which can be applied in practice. Used active elements for practical part can be found in the second chapter. Design of GIC circuits and implementation of fractional-order element inside the circuit are shown in the last chapture. Parasitic analysis and stability of frequency filter containing fractional-order element had been also described.
Creation of new laboratory exercises explaining the principles of communication protocols
Babjarčiková, Lenka ; Jeřábek, Jan (referee) ; Langhammer, Lukáš (advisor)
The aim of this master thesis is to create two laboratory exercises in ns-3 network simulator for chosen communication protocols. The chosen protocols are BGP and ICMPv6. The first part of this thesis contains teoretical knowledge used in order to design laboratory exercise. It contains descriptions of funcionality of both protocols and messages they use. This chapter also includes brief description of three options which were considered for implementation of BGP protocol into ns-3 enviroment. The second chapter consists of actual laboratory exercises which were created as a purpose of this thesis. Exercise for BGP protocol deals with creating neighborhoods between routers at autonomous system level, analyzing the way routers communicate within their neighborhoods and how protocol reacts when the connection between two neighbor routers fails. Exercise created for ICMPv6 protocol is focused on its messages and their usage within multiple protocol funcionalities, such as address configuration, link address resolution and error detection.
Design Method Based On Modification Of The Transformation Of Horizontal Structures In Current-Mode Frequency Filters
Langhammer, Lukas ; Domansky, Ondrej
This paper presents a modification of the horizontal structures transformation method used for the design of fully-differential (F-D) filters. The modified method has been tested on numerous filtering structures based on current followers (CF) and chosen results are included in the paper proving its functionality.

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