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Ecosystem monitoring in uranium ore mining and processing area of interest (ore deposit Rožná) and in the Bukovský brook creek basin in 2019
Lacina, Jan ; Halas, Petr ; Kallabová, Eva
Periodic (annual) monitoring of ecosystems takes place on 24 areas of the Rožná deposit and on 5 comparison areas of the Bukovský brook. The effects of the uranium industry (and its accompanying activities) on biodiversity and landscape structure are identified and evaluated.
The optimization of forest management strategies on slopes affected by landslides and rock falling – a methodology for forest-planting practices
Bajer, A. ; Balková, M. ; Buček, A. ; Divíšek, Jan ; Friedl, M. ; Halas, Petr ; Kirchner, Karel ; Kuda, František ; Lacina, Jan ; Martiník, A. ; Roštínský, Pavel ; Simon, J. ; Vavříček, D.
Landslides, as well as rock falling, are among natural disturbances, the origin of which the forest management has only a secondary influence. On the other hand, adequate management can reduce the risk of landslides (rock falling). In some specific cases, it can be expected that this management can also prevent origin of landslides. The basic recommendation in the area of forest cultivation in areas affected by landslides is the creation of forest stands of species, age and thickness (height) differentiated, with a small-scale texture. In some cases it is also possible to recommend the shape of the associated forest. Consistent management of the forest transport network must be an integral part of measures in risk areas.
Monitoring of ecosystems in the area of mining and processing of uranium ores near Rožná and in the Bukovský potok basin in 2018
Lacina, Jan ; Halas, Petr
The study was prepared on the basis of a contract of work from 14.12.2017 for the client DIAMO, s., Of GEAM in Dolní Rožínka. According to this agreement, this year's follow-up follows similar research work from 1998 to 2017, focusing in particular on the repeated examination of vegetation in the form of phylocenological pictures on the test areas defined in previous years, and special attention is again paid to the avifauna of anthropogenically conditioned habitats of the K1 and K2 ponds. In addition, the monitoring of the status of biotopes of ecologically important landscapes was carried out with regard to their potential impact on the activities of the uranium industry. The field survey was conducted between mid-January and mid-November 2018.
Assessment of Changes of Forest Landscape During the Past 50 Years in the Vihorlat Highlands (Eastern Slovakia)
Lacina, Jan ; Halas, Petr ; Koutecký, T. ; Šebesta, J. ; Veska, J.
In the years 1968 – 1970 the forest typological survey were carried out in the western half of the Carpathian volcanic mountain range Vihorlat (Slowakia). Differentiation of forests into the units of potential natural vegetation followed geobiocenological school prof. A. Zlatník. During the typological survey 155 geobiocoenological plots were established on which phytocenosis and mostly also soil conditions were studied. In the years 2013 - 2015, thus after 45-47 years, most of these research plots were resampled. Our data showed that current phytocenosis doesn´t indicate habitat change resulting in conversion of potential forest vegetation. In terms of today´s forest management wide using of natural regeneration of deciduous tree species we consider as highly positive. However, some landscape changes, especially adverse succession on abandoned pastures located at the foot of the mountain range could cause impoverishment of biodiversity.
Monitoring of ecosystems in the area of mining and processing of uranium ores near Rožná and in the Bukovský potok basin in 2017
Lacina, Jan ; Halas, Petr
The mining and processing of uranium ore in the area of mining and processing of uranium ores near Rožná is performed long-term monitoring of vegetation and wild birds. Were identified and monitored tens of ecologically important landscape segments and repeatedly written phytosociological records on permanent plots in the area of interest. The purpose of monitoring is to annually monitor changes in vegetation and birds in the affected mining landscape.
Czech television 2003-2009
Lacina, Jan ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Dominik, Šimon (referee)
Jiří Janeček is after Ivo Mathé the only second director of the Czech Television who has completed his full term of service. Janeček assumed leadership of Czech television at the time of complex instability in its operational, programmatic, economic and political areas. The instability was largely caused by the rapid rotation of several Directors after the departure of Ivo Mathé. His departure culminated in the so-called the television crisis, which heavily politicized the position of Czech Television in the society. The Czech Television in the years 2003-2009 is examined in three areas: economic and organizational, political (i.e. dealing with the interconnection between the public service broadcating with political elites) and programmatic. The aim of the work is to examine, in a holistic perspective, how the Czech Television service evolved during the selected six-year period. This topic focuses on the question of what are the meaning, value, and the future of public service broadcasting in a rapidly evolving domestic media market. The basic view of the author of this work in response to the previous question is optimistic: that despite its complex and turbulent history, the Czech Television not only has a meaning, but its prominent position in society (semi-private, semi-public) may serve as an example...
The invasive neophytes' occurrence in the riverbank vegetation
Matějček, Tomáš ; Lipský, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Mandák, Bohumil (referee) ; Lacina, Jan (referee)
Resumé The aim of this thesis is to summarize actual results of the field research of invasive neophytes' occurrence in the riverbank vegetation of selected water courses in the Czech Republic. In total approximately 850 km of the riverbank vegetation was mapped using author's own method. The riverbank vegetation was defined according to Novak et al. (1986) as the vegetation belt along a water course with boundaries represented by the water surface and the riverbank edge. The occurence of 22 most important invasive neophytes (sensu Pyšek et al. 2002) was registered using a logarithmical scale (1 = 1-9 specimen, 2 = 10-99 specimen, 3 = 100-999 specimen etc.). Some related species were not recognized (following species were aggregated together: Galinsoga parviflora and G. ciliata; Solidago gigantea and S. canadensis; Parthenocissus quinquefolia a P. inserta and Reynoutria japonica, R. sachalinensis and R. × bohemica). In total, occurence of 17 taxons was registered. The field research was conducted during the summer period of 2006, 2007 or 2008. Development in the years 2006 and 2008 could be compared for 218 segments, that was mapped in both time relations. The occurrence of invasive neophytes (17 taxons) was registered for each of the 500 m long segments (in total 1693 segments was mapped). The number of...
Ancient coppice woodlands - methodology of inventory, evidence and management
Maděra, Petr ; Buček, Antonín ; Úradníček, Luboš ; Slach, Tomáš ; Friedl, Michal ; Machala, Martin ; Řepka, Radomír ; Lacina, Jan ; Černušáková, Linda ; Volařík, Daniel
Methodology is focused on suggestion how to do an inventory, evidence and management of ancient coppice woodlands. Ancient coppice woodlands are defined as longterm and continuously coppiced forest stands.
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Comprehensive search of problem of forest management in the areas affected by landslides and rock falling
Bajer, B. ; Buček, A. ; Divíšek, Jan ; Friedl, M. ; Halas, Petr ; Kirchner, Karel ; Kuda, František ; Lacina, Jan ; Roštínský, Pavel ; Simon, J. ; Vavříček, D.
The present report represents the 1st outcome of research project “The optimization of forest management strategies on slopes endangered by landslides and rock falling – a methodology for forest-planting practices”. Submitted report is search of published and unpublished data relating to geomorphological, geological and landscape aspects of origin as well as distribution of the landslides and rock falling to the forest management.

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