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The application of pastoration and catechization for the resocialisation of prisoners
Škoda, Martin ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (advisor) ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (referee)
Resume In this diploma work I concern the practical usage of the pastorational ministry to the imprisoned persons during the process of their resocialisation. The diploma work solves the cooperation of the pastoration, and in its frame also of the catechesis, and how it is follow up with the special treatment programs lead by specialist from the penological service. The work also proves the evidence of the history of the prison chaplains and their cooperation with the prison workers at the resocialisation of the prisons. We also state the legislative basis of various levels that are necessary for this ministry, further we define basic conceptions of this work. In the practical part of the diploma work we describe the extent and the way of practical pastorational activities of clerics and also the forms of their work with specialists. We also research the practical realisation of the catechesis and its forms in the conditions of the Czech prisons. The main aim of the work is to prepare prison chaplains at the cooperation with the specialists on the fulfilment of the punishment purpose, which is the resocialisation of the prisoners. The justification of the work is to argue that this cooperation is meaningful. It comes out from the natural historical roots of this ministry and in contemporary there are...
The pastoration of mentally disabled people
Koudelka, Jaroslav ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (referee)
THE PASTORATION OF MENTALLY DISABLED PEOPLE The Bachelor's thesis offers a comprehensive look at one of the areas in which the Church is active in pastoration, with a focus on the target group of mentally handicapped people. It characterizes the stance of the Church and its pastoration approach towards the mentally disabled, particularly with regard to categorial pastoration, pastoration in less common situations, and the pastoration of the sick (handicapped), approaches that mutually blend together. The thesis includes a look at the issue of being mentally handicapped, with a breakdown of the most frequent types and a classification of the degrees of the intensity of mental retardation with regard to the possibilities of their education and socialization. Also specified are the areas of pastoration that mainly concern the mentally disabled. The thesis also includes a description of the possibilities of the pastoration of the mentally disabled and a specification of the conditions of this work, in which are also listed the specific requirements placed on the pastorizing person and on the Church community. Key words: mentally disabled handicap categorial pastoration less common situation pastoration of the sick (handicapped) accompanied
Some aspects of psychical and spiritual evolution
Havlinová, Veronika ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor) ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma work "Some aspects of psychologic and spirit evolution" tries to track psychological and spiritual development, especially development of a child. The work deals with consequences of a wrong religions formation and outline basic principles of a healthy religions upbringing and teaching.
The Problematics of Boundaries in Relationships in the Christian Environment
Bartáková, Markéta ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Bartůšková, Ludmila (referee)
THE PROBLEMATIC OF INTER-RELATIONSHIP BOUNDARIES IN THE CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT Summary In the Christian environment, the same sociological-psychological principles are valid as anywhere else. The aim of the work is to clarify the knowledge of the topic of borders on general level and to view the life of Jesus Christ, the ideal of humanity, from the perspective of borders. I will also attempt to show the way in which the incorrect and selective understanding of the gospel principles may lead to psychologically insane attitudes. Keywords Relationship Psychosocial development Unyielding bounderies Veague bounderies Healthy bounderies Christian enviromenment Patologycal stance
Prison Spiritual Care in the Czech Republic
Džofko, Václav ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (referee)
Prison spiritual care in Czech Republic This bachelor thesis presents and reviews the current state of the spiritual care provided to the imprisoned people in Czech Republic. The introduction to the thesis deals with the history of prison spiritual care in Czech Republic. Chapter two outlines the development of the prison system after 1989. It describes the types of prisons in Czech Republic and explains the purpose of serving the term of imprisonment. The third chapter outlines the principles of pastoral care and focuses on the particulars of pastoral care provided to prisoners. The fourth chapter is dedicated to the documents that govern the spiritual care in the prison environment in terms of legal provisions as well as the internal regulations of the prison service. The last chapter discusses and evaluates the findings about the pastoral care in the prison environment from the point of view of the conciliar as well as post-conciliar documents that apply to the pastoral care in such environment. The Code of prison religious care is also compared with the conciliar and post-conciliar documents. Keywords: Pastoral care Prison service Spiritual care Prison spiritual care Prison spiritual service
Volunteers in The Catholic Parish Chlumec nad Cidlinou
Krátká, Helena ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis focuses on activity of volunteers in the Chlumec church community. The introduction describes the formation of the Church within which the parishes subsequently emerged and includes a definition of the parish in the ecclesiastical documents. It describes the Chlumec nad Cidlinou parish as well as its brief history. It defines the term "volunteer" and the layperson and their mutual relationship. The volunteers of the distant past of the Chlumec parish are portrayed through the activities of the local literary fraternity. The interwar period is characterised by the activity of the Czechoslovak People's Party and the Orel association. Describing the activities of the Parish charity in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, it demonstrates the enthusiasm and desire to be useful in the period after November 1989. The conclusion includes a brief summary indicating the number of inhabitants in relation to the number of volunteers in each aforementioned period. Keywords Parish; volunteer; volunteering; Chlumec nad Cidlinou; Parish charity.
Madeleine Delbrêl - inspiration for lay spirituality
Bílková, Pavlína ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Bartůšková, Ludmila (referee)
Madelaine Delbrêl - inspiration for lay spirituality Abstract Madeleine Delbrêl is one of significant personalities in the Catholic Church in the twentieth century. Her way of life and her thoughts, in particular those regarding universal vocation to sainthood and mission influenced the Second Vatican Council. Her prophetic inspiration about lay dignity based on baptism was after thirty years expressed in many council documents and so contributed to a change of lay status in the Church. Key words Church, lay spirituality, mission, Marxism, worker priests Rozsah práce: 132 006 znaků včetně mezer (bez anotací a příloh)
Punishment as a Means of Education of Children and Youngsters
Šulcová, Markéta ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (referee)
Résumé en francais Il est possible de dire que la réponse sur la question: «Existe t'il une réelle chance d'éduquer sans user d'un châtiment" est positive. Eduquer sans châtiment est évidemment utilisé par la majorité. C'est le produit de la société. Mr Matejcek, père de la pédagogie moderne tchèque présente et recommande cette théorie dans toutes ses études. Mais, c'est lui en même temps qui concède que dans certains cas, la punition peut être utile. En principe il y a deux arguments. Est-on obligé de prendre en considération les deux façons d'éduquer? La première: punir toujours La deuxième : ne pas punir du tout. Dans la thèse, on voit des exemples: - une gifle - qui passe dans notre monde existe depuis toujours et devient un châtiment naturel - un enfant meurt dans un accident de voiture nous pousse à essayer de trouver la punition naturel - si on laisse le faire tout ce qu'il veut ? Les deux exemples sont extrêmes, et les extrêmes nuisent. Il faut donc trouver un juste milieu. Notamment, les parents et les éducateurs ne peuvent se fier à aucune référence. Aucun manuel ou livre ne dira "Oui, abandonnez châtiment une fois pour toute" Ou:" la punition est un bon moyen éducatif." L'unique livre, qui est d'accord pour un châtiment est la Bible. «Qui frappera son fils, va avoir une bénédiction" Mais pour les...
Psychological and spiritual guide through middle-age crisis
Klimeš, Václav ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Bartůšková, Ludmila (referee)
The thesis "Psychological and Spiritual Guide through Middle-Age Crisis" contains a synthesis of knowledge about middle-age crisis from the interdisciplinary point of view of psychology and spiritual theology in its first part. The fundamental opinion declares that middle-age crisis is not something to be suffered through but, in spite of all its demands, it is an opportunity and challenge for fuller and more authentic life, for maturation of a man and for getting closer to oneself and to God. In the second part of the thesis, knowledge and procedures of psychotherapy, crisis intervention and pastoral theology are used to concretize and extend the conclusions of the first part in a more practical way; hence, the paper can be used as a guide for those who are undergoing this period of life or those who want to accompany someone else on this way. The thesis is intended primarily, but not exclusively, to Christians who lack education in the psychosocial area and who is middle-age crisis a personal topic of themselves or of people around them for-be it their relatives or friends, or, in case of pastoral workers, clients in their professional care. This work is rather singular in the Czech language due to its conception, scope and synthesis of its starting points as well as their elaboration. Keywords...
Complementarity of vocations in the Church in the teachings of saint Therese of Lisieux
Čančarová, Pavlína ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Mohelník, Tomáš (referee)
ANGLICKÁ ANOTACE / ENGLISH ANNOTATION Complementarity of Vocations in the Church in Teachings of Saint Therese of Lisieux Therese of Lisieux was inspired by Saint Paul's image of the Church as the Body of Christ. The Church is the mystical Body of Christ and the individual Christians become/are limbs of this body - the Church. Jesus Christ is not only the Head of the Church, but also the bond of its unity. The principle of the complementarity is based on the fact, that all individual vocations in the Church require, complete and complement each other, and the all cooperate on Christ's mission of salvation. Key words: Therese of Lisieux Church Body of Christ Complementarity Vocation (God's calling)

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