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The Émile, a novel of nature: Themes and forms of philosophical research
Rizzo, Luca ; Kuster, Friedericke (advisor) ; Lepan, Géraldine (referee)
Starting from the observation that Rousseau's philosophy unfolds in many media and forms (novel, music, poetry, etc.), we have sought what can be understood as the binder, which allows these varied forms and themes to stand as a philosophical whole that is both coherent and plastic. In our opinion, an overall synthesis of the functioning and particularities of the Rousseauist philosophical research enterprise happens to be its educational treatise: L'Émile. We believe that this work, which presents itself both as a fictional account of the development of the faculties of a hypothetical being in view of his independence and autonomy, and an attempt to produce a practical knowledge of nature and human nature, summarises and concentrates a fundamental unity of Rousseau's work; from a methodological, practical, political, anthropological and literary point of view. We have sought to find out in what way the Émile bears witness to the development of a philosophy of artificial adequacy to nature as a generalised aesthetic. Finally, why the style and the literary tools present in the Emile are a decisive and necessary constituent of the knowledge of human nature; why only a philosophical novel allows us to go beyond the methodological problems linked to the practical knowledge of nature. Key words : Natural...
The Appearing and the Existence. Conditions and Modalities of the "Unveiling" in Sartre's works (1943-1948)
Pepe, Michele ; Schnell, Alexander (advisor) ; Kuster, Friedericke (referee)
This thesis attempts to bring to light the acts and structures of consciousness which make the dévoilement (unveiling) - or the constitution dévoilante (unveiling constitution) - of transcendence, as it is described by Sartre in his texts from the 1940s, possible. I have progressively analysed the unveiling role of the negation and the notion of possible and thus arrived to the thesis that Sartre's position implies a modification of Husserl's theory of constitution based of the notion of existence, which has to be understood as an ecstatic way of being of the pour-soi and as a lived relation to transcendence. Key words: unveiling, unveiling constitution, negation, possible, existence, pour-soi, transcendence.
Persian Letters as a Representative Case for the Encounter of the Enlightenment with the Other. A Critique of Eurocentrism in Relation to the Concept of Universalism during the Enlightenment
Mohammadi Bozorg, Sakine ; Kuster, Friedericke (advisor) ; Hartung, Gerald (referee)
The research question: How does the concept of "comparison," inspired by the enlightened concept of critique, act as an intercultural mechanism serving the Enlightenment's ideal of universality? The research hypothesis: As a transition period, the Enlightenment aims to build a new world, or more precisely, its goal is to rebuild the modern world based on human reason. The Enlightenment considers humanity to be a universal concept and tends to go beyond European borders to define global patterns of humanity. In this study, the Persian Letters is examined as a philosophical work, which represents the universalist tendencies of the Enlightenment era through a comparative study of the philosophical movement's encounter with foreigners. The study aims to say that the concept of comparison plays a major role in replacing well-established ideas of the era in order to establish new ones. This process of change is initiated through comparisons made between European societies and exotic foreign cultures. The research aim: The purpose of this work is to examine Persian Letters as a sample of efforts made by the Enlightenment thinkers to achieve the Enlightenment ideal: that is, making a "change", or in other words causing revolution, enlightenment or even modernization in non- European societies, based on the...

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