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The application of pastoration and catechization for the resocialisation of prisoners
Škoda, Martin ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (advisor) ; Lachmanová, Kateřina (referee)
Resume In this diploma work I concern the practical usage of the pastorational ministry to the imprisoned persons during the process of their resocialisation. The diploma work solves the cooperation of the pastoration, and in its frame also of the catechesis, and how it is follow up with the special treatment programs lead by specialist from the penological service. The work also proves the evidence of the history of the prison chaplains and their cooperation with the prison workers at the resocialisation of the prisons. We also state the legislative basis of various levels that are necessary for this ministry, further we define basic conceptions of this work. In the practical part of the diploma work we describe the extent and the way of practical pastorational activities of clerics and also the forms of their work with specialists. We also research the practical realisation of the catechesis and its forms in the conditions of the Czech prisons. The main aim of the work is to prepare prison chaplains at the cooperation with the specialists on the fulfilment of the punishment purpose, which is the resocialisation of the prisoners. The justification of the work is to argue that this cooperation is meaningful. It comes out from the natural historical roots of this ministry and in contemporary there are...
The Contemporary Ignatian Formation in the Adult Catechesis
Šindelářová, Marie ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
Recency of Ignatian formation in the process of catechesis of adults (adult catechesis) This work deals with Ignatian tradition and spirituality with concern to its recency and importance for the deepening of Christian life lived in actual conditions of plural society. It introduces the person of Ignatius of Loyola, his spiritual development and spiritual experience, which is reflected especially in his Spiritual Exercises. With regard to the latitude and abundance of the Ignatian heritage, such a selection of the essential and significant elements has been made, that could bring benefit to the catechesis of adults in all its dimensions and forms. It concerns especially the ability to start from the concrete reality of a man and to find God in all things. Prayer founded on the meditation of the Word of God, especially the Gospels, helps to the effect. The Gospels convey the doorway to Jesus Christ, whose personality stays in the centre of interest of St. Ignatius. The service of spiritual accompanying, so especially helpful and typical for the Ignatian tradition, administers to better discerning of which decisions are - at a given period of life of a man - more valuable in the perspective of fulfilling God's plans with that person. Every life choice should, in concert with the Ignatian alignment to the...
The Liturgical Life and the following Carmelite Sisters Practice after 1989
Jungová, Michaela ; Kotas, Jan (advisor) ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (referee)
The Liturgical Life and Related Carmelite Sisters' Practice after 1989 This thesis analyzes liturgical praxis and related habitual practice of two existing communities of Carmelite Nuns in Czech Republic. The purpose of this study is to. It is divided in five chapters. First two chapters concern the history of Carmelite Order and the attitude of Carmelites towards liturgy. In the third chapter the author summarizes the life of Carmelites nuns in the years 1950 − 1989 (during the communist era) and its impact on the communities nowadays. The fourth chapter offers a brief overview on various liturgical traditions which might have influenced the development of Carmelite liturgy. In the light of the those preliminary survey, the last chapter analyzes the typical daily liturgical schedule of a Carmelite nun and attempts to discern the origin of its components.
Vranov nad Dyjí Parish Team
Ščotková, Stanislava ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (referee)
1 SUMMARY STANISLAVA ŠČOTKOVÁ VRANOV NAD DYJÍ PARISH TEAM (BACHELOR THESIS) Vranov nad Dyjí Parish Team (FATYM) is a community of Catholic priests, deacons and other collaborators in the Brno diocese. It is based on joint management of several priests over a greater number of parishes. The team was created by decision of the Brno diocese bishop Mons. Vojtěch Cikrle in 1996. In addition to the fact that FATYM administrates conferred parishes, the team members try - using their specific charismas and abilities - to help out in different areas pastoral care in our country. Its activities include the parish's missions, the organization of pilgrimages on foot, Marian brotherhoods, press apostolate, Internet TV broadcasting, Pure Love Initiative, publishing "Milujte se!" (Love each other) magazine, etc. In this bachelor thesis I would like to closer outline these activities and evaluate this project. Keywords: parish team; parish; priest; lay collaborators; pastoral care
Education of Religion at the Conservatory of Jan Deyl
Podéšťová, Martina ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (referee)
Education of Religion at the Conservatory of Jan Deyl English annotation The goal of this work is to handle the issue of religious education at the Conservatory of Jan Deyl in Prague given the type of students and the specific conditions of the school and study on it. Tradition of teaching blind people from ancient times to the present shows understanding of social change in relation to disadvantaged fellow citizens. Specific profile of the school Jan Deyl Conservatory in Prague and its students was formed gradually in the light of the company until today. The school now produces graduates capable of concert and teaching activities. However, their possibilities are still limited with regard to their visual and sometimes combined disabilities. This disability can sometimes be largely offset by the various tools that can greatly assist in teaching of religion. Due to the personal situation of students is very important personality of teachers of religion. Hours of religion are at the Conservatory specially designed and oriented with regard to the specific problems of students. keywords: Conservatory of Jan Deyl blind teaching blinds Education of Religion visual and combined disabilities
Catechesy for the adults. Situation in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic
Černý, Štěpán ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
Presented work introduces basic view of Catechesis in Czech Republic considerating from the foundation of the republic - Czechoslovakia - till now. There is a note in introduction of how we actually understand Catechesis to place the words to context. Reflections and opinions of the church are mentioned in the text as well as references to some documents of church and also notes of Catechesis held in the church outside the Czech lands to clarify the topic of Catchesis in the Czech Republic. Together with resources from books listed in the end of the work, some personal experiences of an author for the period of last thirty years are also noted. The work does not attempt to be a complete outlook on the whole issue but is rather a look at this issue from a new angle.
Bibliodrama as a Relation
Bodláková, Magdalena ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (referee)
English anotation - Bibliodrama as relation Relational dimensions in bibliodramatic work and its theological embedment Basic question of the paper is, if and which connection bibliodrama has as to relation; if it is possible to understand bibliodrama as a bearer of relation, which dimensions relation has in bibliodrama and how it is theologically embedded. The paper is focused on aspects of bibliodrama in a relations perspective. First is the group (fellowship), meeting a biblical text in context of interhuman and transcendental relations; a description of group dynamics generally and specially in a bibliodramatic group. Another dimension of relations is the Bible representing communication and the relational dimension between God and man. Then the paper describes the phenomenon of religious experience, which is used in bibliodrama and makes man relate to the text in an emotional and personal dimension. Reflection helps to work on emotions in a more conscious way, and see them in a context of personal life and fellowship, biblical text and interhuman relations. Theological embedment of relation is based on the situation of creation, in which the basis of human existence is the ability of man relating to and being a picture of Gods. Likewise man relates to creation (world, other people and society). God is...
Islam and Christianity about the Women's Issues. Comparative Study
Ujhelyiová, Zuzana ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (referee)
Resume Zuzana Ujhelyiová Islam and the Christianity in regards to women's issues Comparative Study Thesis This study deals with Christianity and Islam in order to introduce this region, taking into account the position of women in the religious system. Goal of the work is to find out what challenges offers Islam to Christianity and what is on the other hand unacceptable. In the introduction, work contemplates human direction to the transcendent in terms of topicality of Islam today. We view the phenomenon of Islam from a historical perspective and from the viewpoint of the Catholic Church. Subsequently, we compare the whole system of both religions. Description of the structures of faith reflecting the concept of God, the holy scriptures, the contents of faith and eschatological orientation. Furthermore, we present a comparison of ethics, community, elements of faith and celebration of holidays. The chapter devoted to mysticism, after the overall comparison, discusses two Muslim mystics and further focuses on the spiritual plane of the two religious systems. After the introduction of rituals associated with the life of a believer in the religion we attend to the position of woman and her role as mother and wife. Key words: Christianity Islam Women Dogma Religious practice Number of characters: 183 495
Spiritual Leadership as an importanmt Part of the permament Formation of Adults, Theory and Practice Today
Kostelecká, Marie ; Kuźniar, Mariusz (advisor) ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (referee)
Spiritual leadership as an important part of the permanent formation of adults, theory and practice today. This thesis deals with the spiritual direction as one important way of the formation of the believer. Spiritual direction being put into practise by one person to another anables the believer to go through life with God to holiness in full. It based on the survey, which charts the spiritual need for guiding the faithful in the Czech Republic and the level of satisfaction.The research carried out by a survey of 1200 respondents shows that number of the believers need to be accompanied much more exceeds the possibility of the current church. Significantly there are more unsatisfied men than women in that need. The trained team of appropriate people for accompany formed in each diocese, not only among priests and religious but even laymen, should be a substantial help for this situation. Then the possibilities of providing this assistance and to apply and fully exploit it, on recommendation of a priest - the cofessor, would be anounced to the believers. Keywords 5 key words: God - the believer - spiritual accompaniment - maturation - Holiness. Počet znaků (včetně mezer): 222 552

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