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The administrative object
Kučera, Filip ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The final thesis deals with design of new administrative object. The administrative object is located in edge part of Znojmo city. The building is situated in built-up area, which is used for housing and services. The building is accessible as a detached house on a slightly sloping territory. It is a four-storey house with a cellar, terminated by a warm flat roof, which has three-storey and basement. On the above ground floors are located offices and their associated spaces, staff facilities and toilets. On the third floor there is a terrace for employees’ stay in the summer months. On the third floor there is a collective garage with twenty parking spaces too. The individual floors are accessed via the main staircase and elevator. The building is designed as reinforced precast concreate frame and is based on prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation pads. The infill and internal wall are designed from the Porotherm building system.
The flat building in Znojmo
Kučera, Filip ; Janda, Lukáš (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with proposal of the new flat building. The flat building is located in the edge part of Znojmo. The building is situated in built-up area, intended for housing. The building is solved as detached house in the flat terrain. This is a three-storey building without cellar, which is finished by warm flat roof. On the ground floor there is a garage, a common spaces and a utility room. On the first and second floor there is four dwelling units, which are identical layout. There are flats 3+1. The building is based on foundation strips from concrete strip footing and is made by the building system Porotherm.
Software for LBIC method
Kučera, Filip ; Veselý, Aleš (referee) ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is focused on one of the diagnostic methods of fotovoltaic cells the LBIC (Light Beam Induced Current) method and the experimental measurement set-up for this method, which is operated by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology in Brno. The principle of photovoltaic cells function, the possibly used material and the problems usually encountred during production are described in this work,. There is also a review of methods that can be used to detect defects in photovoltaic cells. The main part is devoted to the proposal of a new experimental set-up for the measuring LBIC method and software development for this set-up. There is a proposal of a new method of measurement, which is also implemented using the development environment Borland C + +. Newly developed software for this method allows simpler operation and more efficient measurements.
LAN design in the Dept. of Telecommunications
Kučera, Filip ; Minarčík, Martin (referee) ; Kapoun, Vladimír (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the proposal and the maintenance of Ethernet computer networks in the Department of Telecommunication property in Brno. There is a description of communication line types used in LAN computer networks in the first parts of the work. Their advantages and disadvantages are introduced too. Further there is an existing situation of the computer network on the third and the fourth floor of the Department of Telecommunication building documented. This documentation includes a design and a list of used components. The existing computer network has some minor inadequacies that were taken into consideration in the new proposal. There is a completely elaborate documentation of the new proposed network on the third and the fourth floor that contains a detailed placement and a single component configuration including their description. This documentation should significantly contribute to more effective network maintenance in the future. The computer network maintenance does not contain only servers, printers or workstations. It's also necessary to consider network parts that are not so perceptible for common users. That means single segments of computer networks with its active devices. A web based application for the effective computer network maintenance is proposed and described in this work too. The application allows administrator to keep a well-arrange view of the single network segments. All network related information is saved into a database that can help with a solution of later occurred problems.

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6 Kučera, František
6 Kučera, František
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