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Sexist Portrayal of Women in Advertisement in Men's Lifestyle Magazines
Štochlová, Anežka ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about the sexist portrayal of women in men's lifestyle magazines. The theoretical part discusses the specifics of advertising, its history, legal regulation and self- regulation, and the features of sexist advertising. Furthermore, the concepts of gender, gender stereotypes and sexism are defined. Men's lifestyle magazines Playboy and Esquire are also briefly introduced. In the analytical part, research was conducted using quantitative content analysis. Magazines from the period 2015-2020 were examined. In particular, the research explored which products are most often promoted through sexist advertisements. The results showed that the most frequent are different media contents - websites, online magazines, books, e-shops or online television.
Perception and preferences of gender in game character creation from a MMORPG player's
Malaťaková, Eva ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Švelch, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on the analysis of the connection between the choice of avatar gender in the game environment and the player's personality in the virtual world. The thesis focuses on the environment of online games of the MMORPG genre, more specifically on the game titles World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. The subject of the thesis is the experience of gender from the perspective of the players of these games and how the chosen gender influences their gaming personality. The research method used is qualitative analysis using semi-structured interviews. Interviews are conducted with eleven respondents over the age of eighteen who are active players of MMORPGs. Respondents expressed their reasons for choosing a particular gender and described how their choice influenced the personality of the character created. Thematic analysis is used to evaluate the interviews. The aim of this thesis is to find connections between the choice of a particular gender and the creation of a player personality in a virtual world. For the purpose of this thesis Bartle's test of gamer psychology is used.
The practical and procedural side of the current video game rating system and its impact on player experience
Bundzik, Richard ; Švelch, Jan (advisor) ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (referee)
Main topic of this thesis is to gather information how videogame journalists approach writing about videogame difficulty for the readers, given the wide skill range of the players. In the theoretical part the thesis deals with topics that results from difficulty of videogames and methods how developers approach it, accessibility options and influence of reviews not only for their authors but also for the developers. In the empirical part is a practical research consisting of the interviewing few videogame reviewers whom were given half-structured questions on topics included in the theoretical part of the thesis.
The post-pandemic situation in czech esport leagues
Veverka, Martin ; Švelch, Jan (advisor) ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (referee)
This thesis focuses on the phenomenon of esports, i.e. professional computer gaming, after the coronavirus pandemic. The theoretical part is devoted to the industry as such, focusing on the development of global esports, offline tournaments and broadcasting platforms. The practical part uses mixed-methods research to explore in depth the Czech esport, its transformation during the pandemic and its state in 2023.
League of Legends Player Community Toxicity
Wija, Jakub ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Houška, Jan (referee)
This thesis describes the toxic behaviour of League of Legends gaming community. It offers definitions of toxic behaviour as a communication-behavioural phenomenon that results from disruptive behaviour. It also describes types of toxic behaviour such as cheating, sabotage, mediocritizing, hostages-holding, and communicative aggression, on which I focused in this thesis. This thesis takes a closer look at hostility towards female and queer gamers and describes phenomena such as toxic geek masculinity or the incel movement. The main aim is to familiarize the reader with the issue and represent the perspective of the victims of this type of behaviour. The perspective is explored in the thesis through qualitative research in the form of semi-structured interviews. The research sample consisted of six respondents. Three respondents who identify as queer players and three respondents who identify as female. The interviews focused on how they perceive the toxic behaviour of the League of Legends community and how they perceive the game title itself. Amongst other, the analytical part includes the male and female respondents' experiences with hate speech or the strategies they use to cope with this type of toxic behaviour.
A study on the impact of the workplace reality show on the audience in China
Wang, Xichong ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (referee)
The thesis examines the shades of impacts that Chinese workplace reality shows have on audiences drawn from different backgrounds and demographic linings. A typical Chinese workplace reality show entitled, An Exciting Offer is privileged as an exemplar in this research while the survey research method is used as an analytical tool. An Exciting Offer is specifically chosen because it connects uniquely with the workforce. Interesting questions like, "Should I resign naked at the age of 30?", and "Can unmarried women without children gain a job in the workplace?" which are regular catchers on the show make it an Internet darling for many. A questionnaire survey was done and after data collection, the SPSS statistical software was deployed to analyze the information utilizing a univariate ANOVA transcript. The findings from questions streaming from demographic variables like gender, age, educational background, employment status, and occupation show that while workplace reality shows are likely to have significant impact on some groups, its impact on others are either minimal, insignificant or null. But it is undeniable that the audience can get some positive energy from the program more or less, Hence, the findings of this study help to enable healthy workplace energy. Keywords Reality television; The...
Audience perception of feminist motifs in The Handmaid's Tale TV series
Machová, Lucie ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
This master's thesis explores the role of feminist ideology in audience experiences across pop culture genres using the example of the Czech audience of the American television series The Handmaid's Tale (2017). In academic debate, this title is associated with the existence of a relatively new trend of feminist perspectives penetrating popular culture, as well as with the establishment of the so-called female-centric TV series genre, which is characterised by a focus on women's experience and position, and thus on feminist themes. The aim of this thesis is to obtain findings on how representatives from the Czech audience interact with this phenomenon, namely the audience situated in an environment where there is a stronger tradition of anti- feminist attitudes. The qualitative research is based on the theory of active audiences and is derived from the analysis of six semi-structured in-depth interviews using the grounded theory method. The purpose of the thesis is to discover the different ways in which the respondents perceive feminist motifs in The Handmaid's Tale and how they reflect on them in a real social context, consequently in relation to their personal attitudes towards feminism. The research concludes that the ways in which respondents recognize the feminist themes of the series have...
The impact of video game avatars on the motivation to play and consequent purchases in it
Rosová, Sylvie ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Švelch, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of game avatars and their influence on the motivation to play the game and subsequent purchases in it. The topic is first grasped theoretically, and the studies and research of previous authors are presented and analysed. The importance of avatars in video games, as well as the process of their creation, is explained in more detail. The work also discusses the relationship between the player's real and online self and tackles the topic of social identity. In the area of motivation to play, the paper analyses the individual motivators identified by previous studies and then focuses on two important factors associated with the avatar, which are identification with the avatar and immersion in the game. In the section dedicated to in-game purchases, the microtransaction system is explained and the reasons for in-game purchases are discussed. The practical part follows on the theoretical part and places the topic in the Czech environment, while examining and describing the way in which avatars, their design, functions and processing, influence the motivation to play the game and subsequent purchases in it. The practical part first analyses the behaviour of players when editing avatars and then when purchasing virtual items for them. The obtained data finally...
The multimodality of the narrative in the video game Kentucky Route Zero
Kolářová, Hana ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (referee)
Tato diplomová práce zkoumá narativ videohry Kentucky Route Zero na základě multimodálního přístupu. Cílem práce je popsat funkce a specifika jednotlivých sémiotických modů a analyzovat způsob, jakým se tyto mody podílejí na formování multimodálního narativu. První část práce poskytuje teoretický základ pro následnou analýzu. Nejprve popisuje problematiku vztahu narativů a videoher. Následně představuje teorii multimodality, multimodální koncepty a s nimi spojené přístupy. Nakonec se věnuje také videohře Kentucky Route Zero, jejímu příběhu, hernímu i uměleckému žánru a záměru herních designérů. Výzkumná část práce se nejprve věnuje analýze jednotlivých sémiotických modů jako je jazyk, obraz a zvuk. V kontextu celé videohry zkoumá jejich specifika, funkce a limity pro vytváření významů v rámci narativu. Kromě toho popisuje možnosti interakce a jejich vliv na narativ. Tyto poznatky následně využívá v rámci analýzy narativních elementů, přičemž se zaměřuje na způsoby kombinace jednotlivých modů, na jejichž základě je narativ videohry Kentucky Route Zero formován.
Stereotypes that Czech influencers support with their posts on the Instagram
Lesáková, Marie ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Lütke Notarp, Ulrike (referee)
The diploma thesis aims to find out whether the selected Czech woman influencers on the selected social network, Instagram, support by posts traditional stereotypes or not. The work is divided into two main blocks - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part focuses on the characteristics of new media and the phenomenon of social networks. In the next chapters, thesis does not forget to define Instagram, which is the subject of subsequent analysis. The theoretical part includes characteristics of Instagram related terms. The diploma thesis focuses on the sociological problem of gender stereotypes and presents several cases from the history of the media, which support stereotypes between men and women. The practical part first is focused on the quantitative content analysis. The next step is focused on qualitative analysis of the posts of some of the most follow Czech influencers.

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