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Didactics of jumps from a small trampoline in the competition Teamgym
Šindelář, Jan ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Chrudimský, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract Name: Didactics of jumps from a small trampoline in the competition TeamGym Characteristics: The teoretical part deals with concepts related to gymnastice, history and the division of gymnastics, mainly gymnastic sport TeamGym. The main discipline that deals with this work is the small trampoline. There is also defined a preparation for handling jumps from a small trampoline, stimulation of motor skills and their division, the technique of motion and general didactic principles. The main goal of the practical part is to design a didactic program for handling selected jumps from a small trampoline. The design is based on a kinematic analysis of selected jumps, literary research and your own experience. These are the basic jumps: the forward tuck, the forward pike, the forward straight and the forward double tuck. The kinematic analysis, the observation method and video recordings were used to fulfill the objectives and tasks. The conclusion of the bachelor work contains a summary of the whole issue and evaluation of the use of didactic program for the training units of jumps from a small trampoline. Further research directions are also indicated in the thesis. Keywords: Gymnastics, TeamGym, Small Trampoline, Didactics, Technics, Jumps, Elements, Biomechanical analysis.
Motion Performance in Competitive Body Building and Fitness, the System of Free Routine Judging in the IFBB Fitness Competition
Tvrdá, Kateřina ; Stackeová, Daniela (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title Motion Performance in Competitive Body Building and Fitness, the System of Free Routine Judging in the IFBB Fitness Competition. Aim of the thesis To express the performance evolution in body building, stage performances and fitness as a subsequently developed sports branch of body building. To use valuable experience from other technical esthetical sports branches performances including their judging in fitness. To suggest new fitness perfomance judging rules created on the basis of information obtained from experts through controlled interview and inquiry and on the basis of my own experiences in order to specify creation of the free part fitness performance by implementation mandatory elements and esthetical standarts. Methods To reach the results we used analysis of motion performance in body building and its newly developed branches, controlled interview, consultations and inquiry. Results The final draft of the fitness free routine judging could help to make judging rules more transparent not only for judges but also for competitors. At the same time it could help to understant the objectives of the fitness free routine and to increase competitors motivation for fitness competitions. Key words Body building, fitness, technique of the motion performance, aesthetics of the motion...
Common characteristics of calisthenics as a relatively new sport and gymnastics
Jeřábková, Ladislava ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Novotná, Viléma (referee)
Title: Common characteristics of calisthenics as a relatively new sport and gymnastics Purposes: Based on literary research and own experiences profile the penetration between gymnastics and calisthenics as a relatively new sport. Find out the views of trainers and racers in calisthenics on the use of gymnastics training for this new sport through the questionnaire survey and design a structured movement program for beginners using selected blocks of gymnastic motor-functional training. Methods: This diploma thesis is of non-experimental character. To obtain the necessary data were used methods of literature research, observation method and especially questionnaire method, which was applied to a group of 55 respondents. Data were processed in Excel into graphs. Results: The conclusions of the questionnaire survey were presented in the form of well-arranged graphs and testify about the interest of calisthenics trainers and competitors in gymnastic training. The proposed structured motion program is based on the conclusions of the literary research and own experience. It draws mainly on selected blocks from gymnastic motor- functional training and in each of the selected blocks are presented demonstration exercises with description and photo documentation. Key words: Calisthenics, gymnastics,...
Comparison to efficiency of recovery due to the change of speed and strenght indicators of women softball players
Sidorová, Veronika ; Malý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title of thesis: Comparison to efficiency of recovery due to the change of speed and strenght indicators of women softbal players Compiled by: Bc. Veronika Sidorová Supervisor: PaedDr. Tomáš Malý, Ph.D. Objectives: The aim is to compare the efficiency of recovery in two regeneration procedures to change the speed and power indicators in extra league softbal player wore a short-motor performance. Methodology of work: The object of the study was 14 extra league softball player wore for which we have found with two wellness services (sports massage, cold water) effect on their speed and power indicators before load after load after one of the above procedures Types of motor test applied to the surveyed sample: 1.Linear sprint to 10 meters of semi-tall launch Stress test applied to the surveyed sample: 1.Load model for isokinetic dynamometer to Humac Norm (power-muscle contraction) The results: The results of the motor and the load test, we found that the stress occurred in the analysis focused on the decrease of muscular strength, but on each regeneration procedures, a significant improvement in performance even if not on the original values. Powered by TCPDF (
Coordination abilities in long-term concept sports training of children
Oburková, Renata ; Perič, Tomáš (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title Coordination abilities in long-term concept sports training of children Objective The point of the thesis is handle the issue of coordination ability. In the first part of the thesis I will talk about general issues of children's sports training, developmental patterns and the characteristic of sensitive periods. The fundamental basis of my research part is find out how the coordination skills involved in long-term sports training, what is their role in motor development of children and what their biological basis. Methods The thesis has a theoretical character and it uses qualitative methods: compares, analyses and interprets texts and data acquired through background research. Results Coordination skills have proven essential element of successful mastery of motor skills in the concept of long-term sports training more or less dependent on coordination. If there are individual skills developed in the sensitive periods is very difficult to catch up with missed this and achieve the same level of skills acquired. Important role in the development of coordination skills and heredity plays a connection with the state and function of the central nervous system. Key words sports training of children, coordination, development, sensitive periods
Parkour as a new gymnastic sport
Vašurová, Barbora ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kolbová, Kateřina (referee)
Theme: Parkour as new gymnastic sport Aims: The aim of this work is to introduce parkour as a new gymnastic sport and, based on the somatotypes measurements, define optimal profile of an athlet for this kind of sport with expressing differences in somatotypes with respect to individual parkour disciplines. Methods: To identify optimal parkour somatotype, there was made the measurement which includes survey of body weight using personal scale, height using altimeter, a biceps circumference in the contraction and calf circumference using measuring tape, a biepycondillary dimension of the humerus and femur using thoracometer and the thickness of skinfolds on the triceps, under the shoulder blade, over the hip, and calf using caliper pliers. The measured values of individual parameters were processed using Excel. Results: The group of probands participating in the research was composed of 50 men and 10 women who are doing this new gymnastic sport. Statistical processing of somatic characteristics of individual probands and its conversion into graphic format resulted in graphs of optimal somatotypes for this new sport separately for men and women. Due to the low number of probands who are doing parkour at a higher level, 10 men were selected for each discipline and 3 women (Czech national team), which...
Injury rate in female artistic gymnastics
Blafková, Marie ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kolbová, Kateřina (referee)
Title of thesis: Injury rate in female artistic gymnastics. Objective: Using the questionnaire method to discover what injuries are the most common in female artistic gymnastics, to ascertain if they occur more frequently during training or competition and whether coaches put emphasis on regeneration of their charges. Methodology: For the research, an exploratory method was used, via the technique of nonstandardized questionnaires with open questions. 15 questionnaires were sent by email, of which eight were returned, fully completed and further adapted. The results of the work: The result of the work is that the most injuries occur during the training cycle, fewer during the competitions. The greatest number of accidents occur in the age category around nine years old and the most problematic apparatus, according to the coaches, is the beam. The positive side is that in no case did coaches say that the female gymnast had to end her sporting career. On the other hand the biggest gap in the training process in almost all surveyed clubs is the follow-up regeneration. In many cases this is underestimated because the coaches often have no spare time. Keywords: female artistic gymnastics, body type, regeneration, injuries, vertebral problems, questionnaire.
Somatic characteristics of artistic gymnasts
Raková, Kateřina ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Marek, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: Somatic characteristics of artistic gymnasts Objectives: Compare somatic characteristics of Czech artistic gymnasts in the age of 9 to 13 with data that are indicated by International gymnastic federation (FIG) based on large global research for talent indentification for artistic gymnastic. Method: Data was obtained by mensuration of stature and weight. Complementary information was obtained by non-standardized questionnaires with semi-closed and closed questions that were evaluated by standardized statistic methods. Results: The result of this research are charts and diagrams that denote somatic parameters of artistic gymnasts in the Czech republic compared with data of FIG. The results of the survey that is focused on training will be also shown. Keywords: women's artistic gymnastic, somatotype, talent identification
Influence of fear to efficiency in sports gymnastic
Šípková, Dita ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kolbová, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Influence of fear to efficiency in sports gymnastic. Goal of bachelors study : Detection influence of fear on learning of skills in vault. State what are the experieces of students with vault before their entry to UK FTVS and what are the most frequent reasons of fear in vault. Method : Research was made by asking thru question forms with students from third year UK FTVS, whose already passed semester of sports gymnastic. Results : Come to the conclusion that fear is very importatnt for efficiency in vault. Fear is the most often evoke by negative experience or by absence of any eperiences with this discipline. Fear makes doubts, concerns and constraint. Most of injuries are makes by thinking from fear. Key words: fear, anxiety, sports gymnastic, vault, injury

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