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Cognitive profile of children with autism spectrum disorder in early school age
Krejčová, Adéla ; Šporclová, Veronika (advisor) ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (referee)
Autism spectrum disorders has been a serious and widely discussed social topic in terms of severity and increasing frequency during the last few years. Psychodiagnostics process itself is often very demanding, and the measurement of the child's cognitive abilities is also a part of the comprehensive examination. Therefore, the results may make an enormous contribution to psychological diagnosis, clinical practice and education. The aim of the master thesis and the further research is to obtain information about the cognitive profile of children with autism spectrum disorder in comparison with neurotypical children, namely in the age range of six to twelve years. Firstly, the testing was carried out in the research group of 80 respondents, respectively with 40 respondents in the research group and 40 respondents in the control group. Secondly, each participant underwent testing using the Wechsler Intelligence Battery (WISC- III). Thirdly, the group of children with PAS underwent the neuropsychological battery, the A Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment (NEPSY-II) subtest. A statistically significant difference in overall IQ, verbal IQ, and performance IQ was found between the PAS group and the control group. In addition, a significant difference between the groups was also found in all...
History of nursing professionals in psychiatry
Krejčová, Adéla ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Vyskočilová, Jana (referee)
The main of this work is to penetrate into the history of the care of patiens in psychiatry, as in the Bohemia and abroad from the early beginnings to the present. In the introductory section briefly explains some of the concepts of psychiatry. It also identified a separate chapter devoted to the history of the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice. The thesis also describes how, overtime, developed such as workload and conditions for nursing staff in psychiatric hospitals, which should be the main objective of this work. It briefly describes the different types of treatment for a psychiatric ill patiens and in part also deals with the important personalities of psychiatry. This work is purely theoretical, so does not contain the practical part. Key words: history of Psychiatry, specialized institutes, psychiatric hospitals, nursing, psychiatric nursing, regulation of the proffesion
Příspěvek ke studiu hospodářského vývoje Chile za vlády S. Allendeho a A. Pinocheta
Krejčová, Adéla ; Ševčík, Miroslav (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
Cílém této diplomové práce bude komparační analýza politického, hospodářského a sociálního vývoje Chile za vlády socialistů na počátku 70. let 20. století a za vlády vojenského režimu generála A. Pinocheta. Cílem bude rovněž analýza politických a ekonomických příčin státního převratu v roce 1973 a analýza komplexní přeměny hospodářské politiky běhěm autoritativního režimu A. Pinocheta. Závěrečná kapitola bude věnována srovnání stavu chilského hospodářství na počátku 70. let a stavu v průběhu 80. let 20. století.

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