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Posouzení kvality lepení u kombinovaných kompozitních materiálů na bázi dřeva
Krejčí, Filip
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to evaluate the bonding quality of wood-based composite materials. Chipboard panels from various manufacturers with representation in the Czech Republic will be selected. In the theoretical part will be briefly described the important parts of the production process and the factors influencing the properties of chipboard. In the practical part will be determined the methodology of the experiment and the subsequent testing to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the selected material. The bachelor's thesis will show tables and charts, which will be evaluated and commented in the end for practical use.
Tools designed for user interaction within student community website
Krejčí, Filip ; Vojíř, Stanislav (advisor) ; Hradil, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with the design and creation of an appropriate user environment for user interaction on student information sharing portals. Such an environment will allow students to share and draw information, evaluate content, and communicate quickly in the student portal environment. The work also focuses on ways to engage users in activity. The main goal is the design and development of basic components that serve to interact and communicate with users and are suitable for use in student community portals. In order to find the optimal solution, the work includes analysis of community portals and other websites designed to gather information suitable for university students. It also includes defining the requirements for the basic components, based on the analysis of existing pages. Chosen component is a messenger, content rating, comments, and notification system. For the proper functioning, the latest technology and approaches to design and implementation are used in development. These technologies guarantee high-quality optimization, security and, at the same time, do not reduce the resulting functionality and usability of the components. Design and development is introduced in the creation of a new web application Primá The idea of the project and the vision that should be fulfilled in the future is presented. In addition, there are reasons for the decision to completely redesign the website instead of just updating or partially rebuilding it. The results are the described and detailed functional components and the introduction of their functionality in the environment of Primá
Public Participation in Regional Development
Krejčí, Filip ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Eva, Eva (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with two specifically selected regions of the Czech Republic, part of which are micro-generating nature of the whole. Professional work is intended and explores the relationships between micro for higher forms of their arrangement or their analysis reports about their actual status, organization, purpose and use of the various possibilities for the public benefit. At the same time, is documented public participation in the management of micro-regions, and thus promoting the (micro-) regions; application of financial support from the EU.
Domácí druhy bylin a jejich uplatnění v zahradní a krajinářské architektuře
Krejčí, Filip
The dissertation is focused on the issue of the native herbs, their application and the technology of planting which are used in the landscape architecture. The scope of this thesis looks into the history of fruition and in detail looks into current trends, which support their broader assertion. The writer picked variety of natural communities based on the phytocoenological literature which could be inspiration for others architecture's outputs.The 5 examples of contemporary executions have been used for documentation of the application of selected range of plants, their kind of planting and the source of author's inspiration. The general proposition is verified on the particular exemplary area in monastery garden in Vrchlabí. The 5 beds have been designed for educational purposes with the fruition of variety of fontal kinds of herbs. The design part is focusing on similar documentation of designed assortment, the way of planting and budget.
Audit of annual financial statements
Krejčí, Filip ; Müllerová, Libuše (advisor) ; Pelikánová, Anna (referee)
The thesis focuses audit of annual financial statement. Theoretical part addresses Czech legislation which sets rules, content and form for elaboration of financial statement. It also describes situation when international accounting standards can be utilised. Czech audit regulation is explained together with demands placed on auditing profession. Finally, it analyzes preparation of an accounting entity and audit procedures from order receipt to audit opinion. Practical part covers real financial of a real unnamed company.
The influence of fishery farming intensity on water quality in ponds
The introductory part deals with the history of czech fish farming and there is given further information on selected quality parameters of pond water, which are important and risky in terms of fishery production. The main part of the thesis summarises data from the literature, final reports and RIFCH (The research institute of fish culture and hydrobiology) Vodňany database is processed in a form of tables and graphs for clear presenting of physiochemical properties of pond water, including brief details about the way of fish farming, eventually about other important factors, which could also affect the water quality. The main data source of my thesis were four projects, which dealt with this issue during a relatively long period of time, from the seventies of the last century until the year 2012. The greatest attention was paid to data gained under NAZV QH-82113 project "Careful and effective fish farming with maximal utilization of current trophic potential and keeping of sufficient water quality and fish production" in the years 2008-2012 at experipentals ponds of RIFCH Vodňany. There was a comprehensive set of data gained from semi-intensive conditions, where working multiple times and in a very well comparable and under well documented conditions (size of ponds, water supply, fish farming methods) was possible. Based on some published data and data obtained from VÚRH Vodňany database, it was able to demonstrate a direct influence of the size of initial stocking density on the water quality of ponds (especially the concentration of suspended solids, volume of organic pollutions and the total concentration of a phosphor). Generally, parameters, which often do not comply with legislative requirements, could be described as suspended solids, concentration of oxygen, ammonium, total phosphor and Biochemical oxygen demant (BOD5) and Chemical oxygen demant (CODMn or CODCr) values, whose values are sometimes influenced by factors such as for instance the history of a pond, other than production usage of the pond in the previous period (deponie of waste from livestock production, recreational activities etc.)
Economic crisis and its impact on commercial property markets in the Czech Republic
Jankovský, Milan ; Krejčí, Filip (advisor) ; Stránský, Karel (referee)
This thesis presents a comprehensive view on the commercial properties market in the Czech Republic and its development in time both before the economic crisis and after its beginning. Author tracks both major segments of commercial properties market -- offices and industrial & logistic properties from the rental as well as investment point of view. The target of the thesis is to characterize commercial properties market, its major actors and branches and to point out the most important differences in impact of the crisis on the two major market segments. The author uses relevant public data as well as own experience based on more than 4 year track record on real estate market. Based on attainable data and own experience, the author predicts also future market development.
Lean company
Prášilík, Zdeněk ; Klečka, Jiří (advisor) ; Krejčí, Filip (referee)
Lean company could be characterized with high effectivity of internal proceses and sustain elimination of waste. Lean company uses several methods, which are aplicated on many proceses along whole value stream of the product. This essay includes most known and used methods such as: just in time method, kaizen improovement philosophy, based on systematic improovement activities iniciated by employees. Also systems of autonomation in production - jidoka, improoved logistic methods and pull-system using kanban, nivelization of the production flow by heijunka method, error proofing systems poka-yoke, systems of organizing office and workplace 5S. All of it summarized in economic results. In analytical part, trying to find out, whether lean systems take effect in services. Using comparison of two real estate agencies, I have find out that lean systems really exists even in services. Moreover there is a big difference between company that uses, and company which do not.
The Prague Real Estate Market
Chovanec, Roman ; Krejčí, Filip (advisor) ; Milek, Lubomír (referee)
This thesis is an analysis of the major segments of the real estate market in Prague. It covers office, retail, industrial, hotel and residential real estate and the investment market behind these segments predominantly from the perspective of an institutional investor. In the thesis, theoretical fundamentals behind real estate development are connected to the present state of the market. The thesis provides an overview of the supply and demand, prices, yields, vacancy rates and major trends or developments in each segment. The analysis of the present state of the market is also connected to the economic crisis. The thesis covers both the reasons behind the depressed and dormant state of the market and emerging trends into the years ahead.
Analýza trhu developerské společnosti
Skulina, Ladislav ; Krejčí, Filip (advisor) ; Holan, Michal (referee)
Charakteristika klientů developerské společnosti z pohledu prodaných bytů a návštěvnosti webových stránek.

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