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Welding of 22MnB5 steel using Laser-TIG hybrid technology
Krejčí, Adam ; Sigmund, Marián (referee) ; Mrňa, Libor (advisor)
This thesis deals with usage of hybrid technology Laser-TIG for welding of boron enhanced steel 22MnB5. This thesis evaluates the influence of preheating using technology of TIG arc welding to a weld quality in comparison with laser welds. In practical part of thesis there were 1,8 mm metal sheets of 22MnB5 welded. This metal sheet specimens were welded by using constant parameters of laser with varying parameters of TIG technology. There were 12 specimens of sheet metal created including 3 specimens using only laser and 9 specimens using Laser-TIG hybrid technology while varying magnitude of current (I=20 A, 40 A a 60 A). Welds created this way were evaluated by tensile test and strength limits compared. Then metalografic survey was carried out examining macro and microstructure. Results of metalografic survey were confronted with Vickers hardness test.
Bonding in the automotive industry
Krejčí, Adam ; Hanáčková, Pavla (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
The thesis presents a literature study of adhesive bonding technology. The work deals with the advantages and disadvantages of adhesive bonding, design of adhesive joints, technological processes of adhesive bonding and the division of adhesives. The thesis also discusses various materials used for the construction of car bodywork and their properties. The main focus of the work is on the use of adhesive bonding in the car industry, comparing traditional and modern technology used for the construction of bus bodywork. In the experimental part of the thesis, the aim is to reveal the influence of surface treatment on the resulting shear strength when employing metal to metal bonding.

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