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Rings with restricted minimum condition
Krasula, Dominik ; Žemlička, Jan (advisor) ; Šaroch, Jan (referee)
Ring is artintian if and only if all of its factors are artinian. We say that ring R satisfies the restricted minimum condition, if for every essenctial ideal, corresponding factor ring is artinian. We will call such ring RM ring for short. Similarly as the class of artinian rings, the class of RM rings is closed under fac- tors and finite direct products. In this thesis we prove that restricted minimum condition is satisfied in coordinate rings, ring (R × R)[x] and noetherian CDR domains. We investigate the relation between unique factorization domains and RM domains. In last chpater, we will focus are attention to polynomial rings, proving that if ring R[x] is RM then R is semisimple. Laurents polynomials over domain R are RM rings if and only if R is a field. 1

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