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Electronic structure and magnetic properties of the materials with strong electron-electron correlation
Kozub, Agnieszka Lidia ; Shick, Alexander (advisor) ; Legut, Dominik (referee) ; Minár, Ján (referee)
In this thesis, we summarize the material-specific theories of strongly correlated systems and apply them to selected materials. We describe and apply the corre- lated band theory methods: the local density approximation plus Coulomb U, and the density functional theory plus exact diagonalization of single impurity An- derson model. First, we investigate the systems containing impurity atoms: cobalt impurity located in the bulk copper and samarium, and neodymium adatoms on the surface of graphene. We present the spectral densities and study the magnetism of those compounds. Afterwards, we analyze three Np-based compounds: NpPt2In7, Np2Ni17 and NpBC. For all three compounds we analyze the spin, orbital and to- tal magnetic moments and the total density of states, as well as its projections for selected orbitals and spins. Moreover, for NpPt2In7 and NpBC we perform the to- tal energy analysis between different magnetic moment arrangements on the Np atoms.

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