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Production of anchor foot
Kovář, František ; Peterková, Eva (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The present bachelor thesis deals with a design of anchor foot used for fixing wooden structures to concrete foundation. The anchor foot is manufactured from 4 mm thick sheet steel 11 375 (S235 JR); the batch production is set out for 100,000 pieces per year. From among production possibilities, production on a combination tool was selected as the most optimal production technology. Based on the literature study of cutting and bending technology, an optimal production process of new anchor foot has been designed. For these production technologies, technological and control calculations have been carried out. Using these calculations, the combination tool was designed and project documentation was worked up. With regard to the size of total forming force, the eccentric press LKDR 500 from ŽĎAS Company was selected. In economic terms, the production costs were calculated for one anchor foot and the turning point of 8,232 pieces was found; exceeding this point makes the production profitable.
Strategy of an Enterprise
Pašavová, Michaela ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Trnka, František (referee)
The aim of the thesis is an execution of strategic analysis wich is based on the Internal and external analysis.The strategic analysis is applied to business kooperative Soběšice which deals with the agricultural production. The processing includes the theoretical-methodological and practical part. The diploma thesis contains PEST analysis, 4C method, sector analysis, Porter model of five forces, VRIO analysis, financial analysis and SWOT analysis. The thesis contains a comprehensive view of the present state of the company and its surroundings. The output is the development of a strategy for future business development.
Strategy of an Enterprise
Havrdová, Jitka ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
This thesis consists of two parts. In theoretical part of the research, there are findings about strategies, their management, options, different approaches, and also some specific analyses from a number of domestic and foreign authors. In the practical part of my research, there is a further process of strategic analysis of a specific company- in this case, DUDAK- Strakonice Town Brewery, a.s. I used analyzes like Porter's five forces model, Industry analysis, PEST analysis, Financial analysis and Marketing mix in this thesis. Aim of this study is to conduct a complete strategic analysis of the business and suggest a specific strategy for its further positive development.
Business Plan
Boušová, Michaela ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Řepová, Helena (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to evaluate the situation of Klaus Timber. And on this basis to develop the possibility of expanding society. At first, the thesis contains theoretical concepts related to the diploma thesis and the methods used. In the next phase of the work, this knowledge is applied to the company. Individual analyzes will show how the market is on the market, not only financially. After evaluating the company's situation, the company plans to expand the company, which will have to take into account the results of the previous analyzes and take into account the overall situation of the company. Of course, the financial side of the business, which is an indispensable part of the new project, will also be important.
Strategy of an Entreprise
Linhartová, Barbora ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Řepová, Helena (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with company strategy. It is divided into two main parts, part theoretical and part practical. The first of these sections summarizes the theoretical knowledge about strategic management, strategy and strategic analysis itself. The vast majority of the second, practical part of the thesis, is a strategic analysis of a particular business. The aim of the thesis is to propose a strategy for the future development of the selected enterprise based on the outputs of the strategic analysis.
Strategy of an Enterprise
Švirk, Martin ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Trachta, Václav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to conduct strategic analysis for YORK, spol. s .r. o., specifically an external and an internal analysis. Based on these analyzes, the author suggested the strategy for the chosen company and recommended the future developement. The diploma thesis is divided into the theoretical, methodological and application part. The first part of the thesis explains the basic strategic concepts first. After that, the analyzes for the external and internal environment of the company and the methodology for creating the strategy are characterized. As for the methodology of the thesis, there is described, with what methods for analysis and data collecting the author came to the conclusion. Then the application section follows, which starts with the characteristic of the analyzed company. The external and internal analysis is applied on the company YORK, spol. s r.o. These analyzes define opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. These factors are then processed in a SWOT analysis which synthesizes the acquired findings from the mentioned analyzes above. Based on the SWOT analysis, the strategy and recommendations for YORK, spol. s r. o. are formulated.
Business Plan
Trnka, Tomáš ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Řepová, Helena (referee)
The thesis is focused on business plan development for a new wooden toys production company with production of military inspired toys both for children and collectors.The goal is to confirm feasibility of business plan and calculate return on equity and company appraisement after five years of existence. Main management and marketing concepts are presented in theory. Financial analysis and appraisal techniques are used to achieve main goals.
Business Plan
Králová, Lenka ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Řepová, Helena (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on formulating a business plan of enterprise providing services of car repair shop and tyre repair shop. There is a research of chosen literature realised in the theoretical part which covers knowledges needed for working out of the practical part. The practical part aims on designing of particular business plan. Its parts are, beside description of the subject, also market analysis, environment analysis, marketing and time plan and what if analysis. Financial plan is made in three versions which are evaluated with methods of financial analysis tools. The thesis is ended with evaluation of feasibility of intended plan.
Business Plan
Pelikánová, Hana ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Řepová, Helena (referee)
The thesis is devoted to establishing an enterprise based on repurchase already functioning part of another undertaking. This model is described in the thesis in a particular case. The aim of the thesis is to outline new thinking or trend for a new enterprise, based on the purchase of already operating another business. This thesis topic is mainly for supporting generation change Entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic.
Business Plan
Hrubý, Roman ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Štofanová, Monika (referee)
The aim of this thesis was provision of authoritative document on which the company could comprehensively evaluate a given business opportunity and decide on its acceptance or rejection, or basis for further analysis. For this purpose I created a business plan according to current recommendations. In selected organizations I prepared analysis of internal and external environment to get the information necessary for the decision.

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