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From Self-Selection to System Selection: Czech Vocational Education in Captivity of the Labor Market
Kotrbová, Monika ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The diploma thesis "From Self-Selection to System Selection: Czech Vocational Education in Captivity of the Labor Market" responds to current efforts to divert some students from graduation due to the unification of entrance and final examinations and stricter admission conditions, in a system that is characterized by a high relationship between social background and education, which also tends to strengthen. The thesis aims to identify and describe the main selective mechanisms and institutional barriers of the Czech education system through secondary data analysis, as a result of which students are systematically allocated to secondary vocational schools and subsequently to specific positions in the labour market, which are associated with economic and social instability. The main mechanisms identified by this paper are the distribution of educational opportunities through the differentiation of educational paths accompanied by young age selection of pupils, the associated emphasis on personal responsibility in choosing an educational path, which is highly determined due to conditionality by social origin, and the concept of entrance and final exams as high-stakes of standardized testing, which represents an insurmountable mental and factual barrier for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. The...
The influence of substance use on adolescent socialization - case study Třebíč
Kotrbová, Monika ; Rössler, Jan (advisor) ; Kawulok, Josef (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "The influence of substance use on adolescent socialization - case study Třebíč" deals with under age smoking and alcohol consumption. It looks at the issue through the theoretical concept of socialization. The main emphasis is placed on factors of secondary socialization and therefore the aim of the research project is to focus on peer groups involving the interaction with their parents. The project conclusion is supposed to specify the most important factors influencing the adolescent's approach to the selective addictive substances. The theoretical framework of work is based on characteristics of the socialization process, its division and terminology with the characteristics of the period of adolescence as an important development period, which puts a specific emphasis on social interactions and the creation of social ties. The methodological background of the work consists of researches on this topic which have already been carried out. The work is structured as a case study and through the questionnaire survey (SAQ) on a sample of students from a grammar school, secondary technical school and secondary vocational school in Třebíč. It further identifies the circumstances and the social context of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption of adolescents. The results of the...

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