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Brno phylharmonic, history and present
Blaha, Marek ; ČEPICKÝ, Leoš (advisor) ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (referee)
Bachelor thesis- Brno phylharmonic, history and present
Psychological attitude of teacher to students of primary art schools in teaching violin.
Tichá, Barbora ; HŮLA, Pavel (advisor) ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the work of violin teachers at primary music schools from the perspective of a psychological influence on students. Possibilities available to teacher for psychological support of education and student´s development are examined. Musical abilities and musical talent are studied with focus on possibilities of musical development of students.Then, teacher´s attitude to students and it´sdiffernt variants are described. It is emphasized the importance of concentration and attention, knowledge of motivation in each period of student´s studies, and good preparation for concert performances. Teacher should know about all possibilities of psychological field which can help him to teach students as well as to communicate with their parents. Chapters on psychological process of teaching, its different types and possibilities of usinh it for violin teaching are listed at the end of this thesis.
Bohuslav Martinů: Suite Concertante for violin and orchestra
Takahashi, Hiroko ; MATOUŠEK, Bohuslav (advisor) ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (referee)
The topic of the present thesis is Suite Concertante for violin and orchestra composed by Bohuslav Martinů. I have attempted an inguiry into the eventful life of Bohuslav Martinů ( 1 st chaper), into the background and details of origin of the individual versions of the piece ( 2 nd chapter) and into other pieces composed by Martinů for violin ( violin concertos, sonatas, other pieces for violin and piano and lost works )(4 th chapter),.I have also analyzed the structure of Suite Concertante for violin and orchestra and compared the two versions ( 3rd chapter).I have used my own interpretation of the second version during the graduation concert on February 7 th 2015. I am convinced that studying materials regarding Bohuslav Martinů as well as performing of the second version during the graduation concert will be a source of inspiration for my further interpretations of Suite Concertante and other works by Martinů.
Antonin Dvorak - violin concerto a moll, op. 53
Středová, Iva ; ČEPICKÝ, Leoš (advisor) ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (referee)
The first part of this bachelor´s thesis is dedicated to the life and work of Antonín Dvořák, the legend of Romanticism. The paper describes his activities since the early village musicianship through the work in Prozatimní divadlo to the composition of his supreme pieces. The text also mentions his title ?doctor honoris causa?, which he was given by the University of Cambridge. Except for the three years of him directing the New York Conservatory, he acted as the artistic director of the Prague Conservatory. Antonín Dvořák is now worshiped as one of the gratest composers of his time. The second part of the thesis presents the proceedure of composing of the Violin concert A minor, op. 53, which today undoubtedly forms a main part of the essential repertory of this kind of composition. Dvořák´s concert is surely one of the most convincing pieces in the concert area. The text then focuses on the analysis of the piece and the comparison of the concert records produced by three international interprets.
Daniel Forró - czech composer and musician living in Japan
Priester, Lucia ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (advisor) ; ČEPICKÝ, Leoš (referee)
My work is focused on personality of Daniel Forró, a multigenre composer, concert artist, improvisator, pedagogue, theorist, publicist and polyglot who has been living in Japan since 2003. First chapter is dedicated to composer's life in Czech Republic and his compositional methods, subsequently I mention basic characteristic of japanese music and theater. The most of dissertation is dedicated to his life and musical career in Japan.
Josef Suk - the Violinist
Hintnaus, Ladislav ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (advisor) ; HŮLA, Pavel (referee)
Master thesis titled " Josef Suk - houslista., Journey of artist" is focused on mapping personality and life of this unique czech violinist.
History of Czech string quartets
Strejčková, Lenka ; ŠTRAUS, Ivan (advisor) ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (referee)
Annotation in English My graduation work talking about the Czech string quartets shows the description about the most important and in my opinion the most successful string quartets in the Czech Republic that has strongly influenced the way of musical apperance of the contemporary string quartets in the CR. I am putting into my graduation work the information about the Czech string quartet chronologically in the historical order starting with the Czech String Quartet. My intention is, also, to provide the information about the job activities of the Czech contemporary string quartets that are representing the Czech culture and the musical tradition abroad. I am observing, through my graduation work, the way how the Czech string quartets change the musical interpretations that has been changed after several decades. However, there are no doubt that the Czech string quartets are still representing our country abroad.
Bedřich Smetana : From My Homeland ( analysis)
Ambroš, Miroslav ; ŠTRAUS, Ivan (advisor) ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (referee)
In this work I wanted to focus on the personality of the Czech composer Bedrich Smetana, and analyze the composition " From my Homeland". I find this remarkable composition to be extremely important for the Czech violin repertoire. In my opinion, the significance mof Smetana´s music is still underrated.
Erich Wolfgang Korngold and his Compositions for Violin
Valečková, Barbora ; PAZDERA, Jindřich (advisor) ; KOTMEL, Bohumil (referee)
Till the recent time Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897 - 1957) has been mainly konwn as an author of a film music.His dream to become a respected composer of an absolute music is being fulfilled today - Violin concerto in D major has become his most performed piece. A major part of this dissertation deals with the problematic of the origin and the destiny of this work. It is completed by the author´s biography and the overview of his other pieces, which are dedicated to the violin.
Interpretation of violin compositions by P.I.Tchaikovsky
Bogacz, Pavel ; Tomášek, Jiří (advisor) ; Kotmel, Bohumil (referee) ; Panocha, Jiří (referee)
In my bachelor degree seminar paper I focused on the circumstances of the origin and analysis of works written for violin solo and orchestra ( in some cases violin solo and piano accompaniment) of the famous Russian composerP.I.Tchaikovsky. My main area of interest in this paper was the Violin Concerto in D major op. 34. I analyzed this work from the interpretation point of view using recordings of four diametrically different violinists : Jasha Heifetz, David Oistrah, Jela Špitková and Julia Fischer. I also made a comparison of this concerto to other shorter compositions written for violin and orchestra (piano) and tried to clarify the circumstances of their creation.

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