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Influence of Civil Servants at the Local Level on Social Policy Design - The Case Study of Municipalities and Cities of the Karlovy Vary Region
Kortišová, Anna ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with line workers at the local level of social policy and the area of social exclusion. The thesis is primarily focused on the role and possible influence of officials on policy design. Two institutions are monitored - the Social Affairs Departments of the city authorities and the contact offices of the Labour Offices. Attention is focused on the activities of workers and their form, on target populations and their social construction and political power, also on factors that can influence the decision-making and behaviour of officials and, last but not least, on the role of officials in policy design. The thesis uses the theory of social construction of target populations and the theory of bureaucracy. In order to answer the research questions, secondary data related to both theories and public policy documents, analysis of Internet news, and primary data obtained through six conducted interviews have also been used. The results of the thesis have shown that line workers have an indispensable and irreplaceable role, because they solve complex and often ambiguous situations, in which they often apply their own solution strategies and initiatives, so it can then be indirectly reflected in the implementation of the given policy.
Utilization and Benefits of Projecting Activities for Public Administration Sphere
The bachelor thesis is focused on project activity that develops and makes public administration within social area more efficient, and on the experience of workers active within this area. The main objective of this thesis was to describe and analyse project activity leading into the area of development and streamlining of public administration for social area, and a partial objective is to find out what experience public administration workers have with project activity within the social area. In accordance with the objective, the following research questions have been posed: ´What is the use and benefits of project activity for the development and streamlining of public administration in social area?´ and ´What experience do public administration workers have with project activity within social area?´ The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is focused on public administration, social area within public administration, project management, and project activity in public administration focused on social area. The practical part was processed using qualitative research together with the methods of secondary data analysis, triangulation, and questioning, using the technique of a semi-structured interview. First, freely available data was used to evaluate projects falling into the area of development and streamlining of public administration introducing projects at nationwide, regional, and local levels focused on the Region of Karlovy Vary, and the city itself. Then, interviews with Ministry of Interior workers, Regional Office of Karlovy Vary workers, and the City Hall of Karlovy Vary workers were carried out. To evaluate the interview data, the method of anchored theory and the process of open coding were used. For the purposes of result presentation, data categorization was used. The results have proven that the greatest benefit of project activity is gathering of sources and their efficient use, development of social area and its modernization, analysis of needs or problematic areas, helping people in need, and cooperation with experts. The survey has also proven that workers in the analysed area do have experience with project activity, however, each at a different level. Some directly participate at project implementation, others work as experts from the position of external workers. Workers may encounter project activity not only due to their superior´s command, they themselves may decide to do so. This thesis may be beneficial and may serve public administration workers, lay public interested in those issues, or students of related subjects.

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