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Hodnocení udržitelného rozvoje vybraného regionu
Kopecká, Petra
The diploma thesis Evaluation of sustainable development of the selected region deals with evaluation of sustainable development of the South Bohemian Region. The aim is to characterize and describe the region in terms of the development of selected indicators of sustainable development in the reference period 2009-2014. The part of the thesis is survey that investigates the attitude of residents living in this region of its current situation, in order to highlight the problem areas and strengths of the region. Based on the findings the actions leading to sustainable development improvement of the South Bohemian Region are suggested.
Studie rozvoje cestovního ruchu v mikroregionu Bojkovsko
Kopecká, Petra
This bachelor thesis deals with evaluation of tourist potential in micro-region Bojkovsko. For this evaluation were used Bína's method (2002), SWOT analysis and questionnaire survey. This thesis contains a literature review focused on the issues of tourism. There is also described the characteristics of the micro-region and its localization requirements. Part of the thesis is to evaluate the current state of the level of development of tourism in the micro-region. Based on evaluations and observed results the aim of bachelor thesis is to propose some activities to help the development of tourism in micro-region Bojkovsko.
Cycling as environmental element of transport
Kopecká, Petra ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Medunová, Iva (referee)
This work evaluates the cycling transport, which is environmentally friendly. Then shows how transport harms the environment and feasible solutions of this problem. The theoretical part describes basic types of cycle lines, their division and marking, advantages of cycling and main priorities of the National strategy of developement of cycling transport. The practical part is about the support of cycling in Pardubice's region. There are mentioned the region's main activities, way of financing of building cycle lines, future planned projects and confrontation of car transport, urban mass trasportation and by bicycle on choice ways. There are describe diferent types of kickstands and a proposal for new parking place next to railway station in Pardubice.
Are Recessions Good for Your Health?
Kopecká, Petra ; Bartoň, Petr (advisor) ; Rotschedl, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this study was to analyze the impact of macroeconomic conditions on mortality from different causes during the period 1991-2007 by the same way as Ruhm (2000) did his analysis for the period 1972-1991 and then compare the results of these two analysis. Using the model with fixed effects panel data from 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia was tested. Results of the analysis in this work were distorted due to autocorrelation, which could not be removed. It was therefore only possible to evaluate the results of the analysis of total mortality and mortality due to suicide and murder. Ruhm (2000) showed pro-cyclical nature of total mortality, as well as eight of the ten causes of death. In the analysis performed in this work pro-cyclicity was proved only in total mortality rate. Mortality due to suicide and murder proved to be countercyclical in the period 1991-2007.
The health service faces one of the risks, namely a case of patients mistaking and therewith connected fatal failure of the medical personnel. The current trend is to find methods and process adjustment to minimize such risks. A possible solution is a patient identification by means of an identifying wristband. The present work tries just to answer whether this assumption is right. The theoretical part defines basic concepts. It describes history of providing a safe health care for patient and above all adverts to development and importance of patient identification in the health service. Furthermore it deals with division of identifying wristbands, including comparing studies. The aim of work was to find out, whether nurses make use of identifying wristband for proper patient identification. Furthermore it was a view of patients and nurses on application of identifying wristbands.
China and Africa: the partnership rediscovered and the implications for the European Union
Kopecká, Petra ; Adamcová, Lenka (advisor) ; Knotková, Vladimíra (referee)
China is becoming an increasingly important actor in international political and economic relations. The pace of Chinese economic growth triggers a progressively growing demand for natural resources. After launching the "open-door" policy in the Chinese modern history (which attracted the important sources of capital inflows), the Chinese government introduced a "go-out" strategy for the Chinese companies to integrate them into the global structures. This strategy has its direct impacts on developing countries, where the Chinese presence is apparent the most. China is cooperating with all of the developing regions; however, sixty-year long cooperation with Africa is outstanding in many ways. In this continent China has to encounter other traditional actors -- European Union above all, as Africa constitutes a centrepiece in European development cooperation policy. The aim of this master thesis is to describe the shape and evolution of long-term Sino-African relations into today's "strategic partnership", which is being regarded as "rediscovered" in this thesis, and to conclude with the implications for the EU policy. To achieve this, the thesis is divided into three chapters. First chapter deals with the theoretical basis for the shape of Sino-African relations, in broad terms of Chinese foreign policy towards developing countries. The second chapter looks onto actual, mainly economic and developmental, impacts of the Chinese "go-out" strategy on Africa. The thesis indicates the approach of the European Union to the rediscovered partnership.

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