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Preparation and characterization of polyhydroxybutyrate-based particles
Kopřivová, Lenka ; Šindelář, Jan (referee) ; Pospíšilová, Aneta (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the preparation of particles with a modified surface based on poly 3 hydroxybutyrate and the subsequent characterization of both modified and untreated particles. The particles were examined with a vision for future replacement for non degradable commodity microplastics in the cosmetics industry, as they are capable of biodegradation. The following chemicals were used for surface treatment: zinc stearate solution, lipase, hydrophobic silane (hexadecyltrimethoxysilane) and cationic surfactant. Next, the properties of the resulting modified particles were studied in comparison with unmodified poly 3 hydroxybutyrate and polyurethane-based powder, which is currently used in the cosmetic industry, and therefore served as a standard for sensory analysis. All samples were subjected to SEM and EDS analysis, FTIR spectroscopy and sensory analysis. Then, the following properties were measured: wettability, bulk density and particle size distribution by laser diffraction. Wettability was measured on compressed tablets from the powders using static contact angles. It was found that the hydrophobicity of particles treated with silane and zinc stearate increased, whereas the particles treated with cationic surfactant increased in hydrophilicity. The results measured from the contact angle and other analyses led to the conclusion that the surface treatment with lipase was not successful. Sensory analysis showed that the surface treatments did not affect the deterioration of the sensory properties compared to the original untreated PHB powder and that an untrained evaluator cannot tell the differences in pleasantness between the samples therefore, we can consider them as pleasant as the standard we determined.
The Ethnonational problematics in history textbooks for high schools in current Russia
Kopřivová, Lenka ; Kolenovská, Daniela (advisor) ; Reiman, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis is called "The Ethnonational problematics in history textbooks for high schools in current Russia" and is divided into four parts. The first one opens the problematics and aspects of history teaching at schools in general, what factors have impact on its performance and, at the same time, how this imprinting influences individuals and the society. Second part is focused on Russian background of teaching and presenting historical events, and also its institutional base, system and major sources of influence. The focal part analyses current history textbooks for high schools in order to point out the approach to miscellaneous ethnics living in Russians lands in the past and now, and the presentation and explanation of the fact, that Russia has ever been a multinational state. The results and conclusions - the main determination in Russian history teaching - are discussed in the last part.
Premature Newborn Care Now and in the Past
Kopřivová, Lenka ; Kulhavá, Miluše (advisor) ; Smíšek, Jan (referee)
v anglickém jazyce The thesis deals with the care of premature newborns. The structure of the thesis is divided into several chapters, which focus on the definition of neonatology and development of the neonatal care in the Czech Republic and abroad and on the definition of premature newborn and their most common diseases. Substantial part is devoted to development of the care of premature newborn and its current status. The final part of the thesis is devoted to interviews with the nurses, who have been working in the neonatal intensive care unit for long time. The thesis is formed by description and used it in written and electronic resources. The aim of the thesis is overview of the development of care of premature newborn in the past and present. Key words: Neonatalogy, development of neonatalogy, Oxygen therapy, Kangaroo mother care, history of incubators, Virginie Apgar, UPMD history, classification of the newborn, resuscitation of the newborn, congenial defects, history of Gynaecology and Obstetric Clinic VFN, history of the Institute for the care for mother and child, newborn screening, newborn nutrition
Requirements and expectations of nurses in primary care
The aim of the work was to find out what the expectations of nurses in primary care and their requirements are. The research was carried out by the method of a questionnaire and in total 160 respondents from Prague responded. The nurses´ data confirmed a great interest in extending their own knowledge. Also proficiency and independence in their work performance is put in the first place.

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