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Taxonomic review Pinus contorta subsp. Latifolia (Engelm.) on dumps habitats and possibilities its usage
Vanc, Ondřej ; Kunt, Miroslav (advisor) ; Konstantin, Konstantin (referee)
Lodgepole pine is exotic species of pine originating from North America (Canada, United States, United Mexican States), where it occurs along the Pacific coast. This is a very compatible species because, despite a plethora of geomorphological habitats has created a total of five subspecies, while the Czech Republic there are three of them. They are: Shore pine (Pinus contorta subsp. contorta), Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta subsp. latifolia), Murray pine (Pinus contorta subsp. murrayana). Occurrence of Pinus contorta was recorded in nine counties, twenty and twenty-three districts of municipalities with extended powers. The total stand area was found to 128.66 hectares. When finding that Pinus contorta in our conditions is described as exotic plants. As a gateway for non-native landscape landscape that is post-mining areas. Use of Lodgepole pine was thus deemed appropriate. Uncultured landscape together with wood unoriginal see to it that the uncultured landscape becomes a landscape rich in diversity. Lodgepole pine, of course, is not the only species that was about it all taken care of. Its suitability was chosen because of its low demands on soil, hydrological and climatic conditions, including frost hollows at elevations 2,500 meters above sea level. Which in the Czech Republic or cannot be used because it is our highest point 1,602 meters above sea level. The effort was to map Lodgepole pine throughout the Czech Republic, where it would be clearly seen where the forest vegetation on which the administrative territory of the Lodgepole pine occur. This reliance on the willingness of administrators data information, which for our purposes were considered Institute of Forest Management, where we were given virtually everything to us this institution has been able to provide. Another institution, where we were given also all the military management of forests and farms. Unfortunately, the state enterprise Forestry of the Czech Republic, as majority owner of primary forests in the Czech Republic, was not willing to provide the requested information on the matter on Lodgepole pine, forest management Děčín only the necessary information. Given that this work was originally conceived to Pinus contorta subsp. latifolia, while work was concluded that Pinus contorta subsp. latifolia is a segmentation occurring geographic subspecies that was not able to clearly identify the data that we had available so this work deals with Lodgepole pine at the species level and the resulting map outputs in the results of the work 7 were processed in the geographic information systems, which managed to get stand up to the level surface (ha) in the regions of municipalities with extended powers.
Mapping of the Basic Characteristics of Anthropogenic Soil on Dumps in Sokolov Coal Basin
Žižka, Jan ; Sixta, Jan (advisor) ; Konstantin, Konstantin (referee)
This thesis deals with the processing and comparing information on the thickness of A0 horizon (humus mulch) forming anthropogenic soils in forestry reclamation Sokolov brown coal basin. Comparison of data found in Bažantnice Bohemie reclaimed forestry in 1923 with newer areas of forestry reclamation dumps Velký Riesl, Dvory, Gustav and data from previous studies on the Velká podkrušnohorská výsypka. This thesis deals with finding major differences, especially power, humus horizons A0, depending on the time of the establishment of forest reclamation and the reclamation age of trees. To unify and minimize variables are all shallow pits removed under alder sticky. Based on field research was collected from each of five shallow soil probes on each of the dumps. Probes were taken evenly over the surface of the dump and always under identical reclamation trees. Were identified basic characteristics of humus horizon A0 and the individual probes was a proper photographs. Based on removing shallow soil pits were identified basic characteristics of humus horizon A0. The test was conducted in the laboratory granularity to better implement the results of the work in the coming years. Identified the basic characteristics of humus layers A0 are mutually compared and evaluated basic statistical methods. From the data obtained were created layers in ArcGIS, which were interpreted in this thesis and stored on a data carrier, mainly because of their possible use for further research needs in the coming years.

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