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Assessment of the effectiveness of filter material DMI-65 on removing metals from water
Konečný, Jiří ; Hrich, Karel (referee) ; Biela, Renata (advisor)
The first chapter of diploma thesis discusses about various water processes which remove metals and metalloids compounds from water. A substantial part is devoted to filter materials, which include a new filter material DMI-65. Comprehensive chapter discribes characteristics, proporties and practical application of filter material DMI-65. The next chapter describes the process of pilot testing of material DMI-65 in the water treatment plant in Ivancice. At the end of the diploma thesis, the laboratory test of filter material DMI-65 is described, including the description of particular metals that are removed from the water and the compresion of the filter materiál DMI-65 with other selected filter materials.
Assembled Steel Tanks
Konečný, Jiří ; Hrstka, Miroslav (referee) ; Marcián, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the area of bolted steel tanks, which constitute a significant share of the total number of tanks of all types of tanks. In the first part of this thesis is mentioned short history of bolted steel tanks, tanks producers and major standards and standards governing the calculation and realization not only these tanks. In the next part of this thesis mentions the various segments and major parts of bolted steel tanks. This is followed by a short description of the assembling. The last section describes the creation of a computer model of roofs used in simulation program ANSYS and subsequently performed stress-strain analysis for snow loads according to various snow areas for different FEM model in the 2D and 3D levels.
Debugging Tool for Shaders
Konečný, Jiří ; Polok, Lukáš (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with implementation of a debugging and development tool for GLSL shader programming. In the text, you will find design of the application and it's implementation in Qt library. The thesis also includes performance testing with GLSL shaders. Experiments were focused on commands of application control flow in GLSL and texturing commands used in shaders. In the thesis, you will find explanation of the functionality of some shaders used in OpenGL. Application developed in this thesis, is meant to help with implementation of graphic programs programmed in OpenGL 3.3 or higher.
Sheet thickness optimization of the bolted steel tank
Konečný, Jiří ; Lyčka, Petr (referee) ; Skalka, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with bolted steel tanks, especially modification one of them. This modification is realized in cooperation with Kohimex spol. s r.o., which is assembling theese tanks for many years. The thesis continues on the bachelor one called "ASSEMBLED STEEL TANKS", which has already dealt with this issue. At the beginning of the thesis the issue of tanks is explained. Furthermore, there is made description of the tank modification details. At the next stage, the work presents stress-strain states of the tank, first for the current tank and then for the modified option. On the basis of completed analysis is made economic evaluation of design modified tank option due to the current tank. The results of this study allow better issue understanding of bolted tanks designing or they give impuls to improve the current way of designing.
Creation of Multimedial Control System in Linux
Minář, Michal ; Konečný, Jiří (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
This thesis summarizes problems concerning the creation of multimedia system, selection of its hardware and software components, its inclusion into bigger system and provides advices leading to their solution. At the same time it describes implementation of such existing system.
3D World
Konečný, Jiří ; Polok, Lukáš (referee) ; Vanek, Juraj (advisor)
In my thessis I am going to addres implementation of 3D world and movements in it. On following pages you can find techniques that were used in creation of my 3D world and methods that I used while creating movement in this world. This 3D world was created using OpenGL library.
Specific substances in drinking water sources
Konečný, Jiří ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee) ; Biela, Renata (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis I dealt with specific substances which occures in sources of drinking water and pollutes quality of water. Especially its heavy metal, sulfur compounds, nitrogen, phosphorus and other. In this thesis I deal with possibilities about remove of these substances by using various methods, especially absorption on filter materials. These thesis is focused on using absorption on suitable materials for reduction of concentration arsenic and cadmium in drinking water. In first part I‘ve characterized subtances which occures in the water and outlined a way to remove them. Second part is focused on laboratory observation to efficiency of removing arsenic and cadmium on sorption materials.
Laboratory thermometer based on Pt100 sensor
Konečný, Jiří ; Murina, Milan (referee) ; Steinbauer, Miloslav (advisor)
This text put mind to questions of touch temperature measurement. Describes the various of electrical temperature sensors, which are divided in accordance with physical principles, on which they work. For each sensor are given its characteristics, such as temperature range, tolerance, advantages and disadvantages, or the measuring circuit. The sensors are described mainly by mathematical equations and polynomials. Their knowledge is needed for the construction of additional circuits or devices for processing information from sensors. In this work is also suggested a completely involvement of digital thermometer, which uses a Pt100. According to this proposal is made a prototype piece.
Design of switching stereo audio power amplifier
Konečný, Jiří ; Papica, Petr (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
This text analyzes characteristics of audio power amplifiers in class D. The emphasis is placed on more detailed analysis of modulators, drivers, connection topology of power transistors. In the next section of text are analyzed available integrated circuits of power amplifiers in class D which are manufactured by world producers. The last part describes design of all parts of amplifier in class D with discrete components and also of power supplies. According to the plans, the individual parts are made. All parts are tested by measurements and results are evaluated.
The Czech National Bank - legal status and activities
Konečný, Jiří ; Bakeš, Milan (advisor) ; Karfík, Zdeněk (referee)
CZECH NATIONAL BANK - LEGAL STATUS AND CONTENT OF ATIVITIES Diploma paper First chapter is called The Introduction. This chapter describes the filling of my diploma paper. There is also short outline of tranformation from statism to free economy in our history. This transformation affects our banking system significantly. Second chapter defines what the banking system is. It consists of banking institutions and relations between these institutions. That`s why the banking system has two components - institutional component and functional component. Institutional component of banking system implies every single bank. Functional component of banking system comprises arrangement of all relations between banking institutions. It is proper to make differences among single stage, two stage and three stage banking systems. Central bank has different position and legal powers in each of these systems. There is short mention about czech banking system too. Third chapter is called The Beginning and Development of Central banks. This chapter describes main reasons, that causes establishing Central banks in market oriented economies. Central banks were established later than trading banks and in some states they were even transformed from trading banks. Part of this chapter is also the development of Central bank in our...

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