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Longer-term Yield Decomposition: an analysis of the Czech Government Yield Curve
Kučera, Adam ; Dvořák, Michal ; Komárek, Luboš ; Komárková, Zlatuše
The term structure of yields is an important source of information on market expectations about future macroeconomic developments and investors’ risk perceptions and preferences. This paper presents the methodology used by the Czech National Bank to obtain such information. It describes the decomposition of the Czech government bond yield curve into its components. The evolution of those components is interpreted in relation to the macro-financial environment, as embodied by selected variables. The practical use of the decomposition in estimating and interpreting the responses of the Czech government bond yield curve to macroeconomic and financial shocks is presented using a vector autoregression model.
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Similarity and Clustering of Banks: Application to the Credit Exposures of the Czech Banking Sector
Brechler, Josef ; Hausenblas, Václav ; Komárková, Zlatuše ; Plašil, Miroslav
After the recent events in the global financial system there has been significant progress in the literature focusing on the sources of systemic importance of financial institutions. However, the concept of systemic importance is in practice often simplified to the problem of size and contagion due to interbank market interconnectedness. Against this backdrop, we explore additional features of systemic importance stemming from similarities between bank asset portfolios and investigate whether they can contribute to the build-up of systemic risks. We propose a set of descriptive methods to address this aspect empirically in the context of the Czech banking system. Our main findings suggest that the overall measure of the portfolio similarity of individual banks is relatively stable over time and is driven mainly by large and well-established banks. However, we identified several clusters of very similar banks whose market share is small individually but which could become systemically important when considered as a group. After taking into account the credit risk characteristics of portfolios we conclude that the importance of these clusters is even higher.
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Identification of Asset Price Misalignments on Financial Markets With Extreme Value Theory
Kadlčáková, Narcisa ; Komárek, Luboš ; Komárková, Zlatuše ; Hlaváček, Michal
This paper examines the potential for concurrence of crises in the foreign exchange, stock, and government bond markets as well as identifying asset price misalignments from equilibrium for three Central European countries and the euro area. Concurrence is understood as the joint occurrence of extreme asset changes in different countries and is assessed with a measure of the asymptotic tail dependence among the distributions studied. However, the main aim of the paper is to examine the potential for concurrence of misalignments from equilibrium among financial markets. To this end, representative assets are linked to their fundamentals using a cointegration approach. Next, the extreme values of the differences between the actual daily exchange rates and their monthly equilibrium values determine the episodes associated with large departures from equilibrium. Using tools from Extreme Value Theory, we analyze the transmission of both standard crisis and misalignment-from-equilibrium formation events in the foreign exchange, stock, and government bond markets examined. The results reveal significant potential for co-alignment of extreme events in these markets in Central Europe. The evidence for co-movements is found to be very weak for the exchange rates, but is stronger for the stock markets and bond markets in some periods.
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Macroprudential Policy and Its Instruments in a Small EU Economy
Frait, Jan ; Komárková, Zlatuše
This paper focuses on the way the macroprudential policy framework in a small EU economy should be designed. With reference to the experience of the Czech Republic’s financial system and the Czech National Bank it provides definitions of financial stability and macroprudential policy as well as of their objectives. It then explains how systemic risk evolves over the financial cycle and outlines approaches to preventing systemic risk in the accumulation stage of the cycle and subsequently mitigating the materialisation of such risk if prevention fails. The paper argues that for the establishment of a macroprudential policy framework in a bank-based economy with a relatively simple and small financial sector, the phenomenon of procyclical behaviour has to stand centrally. Correspondingly, a macroprudential authority in such an economy has to look primarily at cyclically induced sources of systemic risks. Nevertheless, structural sources of systemic risks and associated instruments are discussed as well. The arguments for the recommended arrangements are supported by empirical investigations into the extent of procyclicality in European banks’ lending behaviour and the contribution of the regulatory and accounting framework to it. JEL
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Models for Stress Testing in the Insurance Sector
Komárková, Zlatuše ; Gronychová, Marcela
The project is focused on top-down stress testing of the Czech insurance sector. The aim of the present paper is to describe the advanced method for macro stress testing of insurance companies used by the CNB. We apply the presented stress test to eleven Czech insurance companies. The shocks applied are designed to replicate a macroeconomic scenario and to impact on both the asset and liability sides of the balance sheet. We consider both investment and insurance risks relating to the Czech insurance sector. An application of the simulated scenario to the Czech insurance sector illustrates that the sector is sufficiently resilient and stable.
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Models for stress testing Czech banks' liquidity risk
Komárková, Zlatuše ; Geršl, Adam ; Komárek, Luboš
Writers provide a macro stress-testing model for banks’ market and funding liquidity risks with a survival period of one and three months. The model takes into account the impact of both bank-specific and market-wide scenarios and considers both the first- and secondround effects of shocks.
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Financial integration at times of financial instability
Babecký, Jan ; Komárek, Luboš ; Komárková, Zlatuše
This article analyzes the phenomenon of financial integration on both the theoretical and empirical levels, focusing primarily on assessing the impacts of the current financial crisis. In the theoretical section writers look at the definition of financial integration and summarize the benefits and costs associated with this process. The subsequent empirical section provides an analysis of the speed and level of integration of the Czech financial market and the markets of selected inflation-targeting Central European economies (Hungary and Poland) and advanced Western European economies (Sweden and the UK) with the euro area.
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Financial integration of stock markets among new EU member states and the euro area
Babetskii, Ian ; Komárek, Luboš ; Komárková, Zlatuše
The paper considers the empirical dimension of financial integration among stock markets in four new European Union member states (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) in comparison with the euro area. The main objective is to test for the existence and determine the degree of the four states’ financial integration relative to the euro currency union.
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Global Economic Outlook - January 2011
Babecká, Oxana ; Klíma, Milan ; Hošek, Jan ; Benecká, Soňa ; Novotný, Filip ; Babecký, Jan ; Komárek, Luboš ; Komárková, Zlatuše
Výhledy HDP, inflace, předstihových ukazatelů, úrokových sazeb, měnových kurzů a cen komodit. V rámci rubriky „Zaostřeno na…“ obsahuje zpráva analýzu Integrace čínského akciového trhu se světem.
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