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The Altruistic Phenomenom of Living Kidney Donation
Bobek, Vít ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Kolářová, Marie (referee)
The Altruistic Phenomenon of Living Kidney Donation This thesis considers experiences related to the altruistic phenomenon of living kidney donation. The aim is to describe and explain the motivations, attitudes and actions of those who have decided to donate one of their kidneys to a person with end-stage renal disease. The thesis is divided into two main sections: a theoretical part and research work carried out by the author. The theoretical part provides a short history of living kidney donation and explains the clinical basis for living donor kidney transplants. In addition, this section briefly introduces the transplant centre of the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, including its strategy and interests. The theoretical part also outlines the risks to the donor of unilateral removal of a kidney, the ethical issues of living kidney donation, psycho-social aspects, and the legal conditions of procuring a kidney from a living donor. The research component states the basic research question, giving rise to specific questions and interview questions. It introduces the research method chosen - the phenomenological approach - and describes the sample of respondents and their selection. An outline of the process of collecting and analysing the research data is also included in this...
Dynamic saturation optical microscopy using photoswitchable proteins
Kolářová, Marie ; Benda, Aleš (advisor) ; Obšil, Tomáš (referee)
Fluorescence microscopy is an essential technique for live cell imaging. One of its drawbacks is a rather low diffraction limited spatial resolution, which is described by Abbe diffraction law. Therefore, in the last decade a lot of new methods improving spatial resolution were developed. One of them is dynamic saturation optical microscopy (DSOM) that is based on spatial monitoring of reversible transition kinetics between bright and dark states of fluorophores. The dark state is possible to obtain for example by using reversibly photoswitchable fluorescent proteins such as Dronpa and its variants. These proteins undergo reversible transition from fluorescent to nonfluorescent state after irradiation by blue and ultraviolet light. In my work I focus on employing the kinetics of controllable photoswitching of Dronpa in improving the overall image quality, including the spatial resolution. The experiments were performed on yeasts expressing selected proteins labelled with Dronpa. Firstly, photoswitching behaviour of Dronpa was confirmed. Secondly, experimental conditions were optimized by studying dependence of switching rate on laser intensities and on excitation wavelength and by studying protein photostability. Experiments were performed on different timescales and for various proteins. Using the optimal...
Christianity freedom - concept and problems of acknowledgement in canon law
Kolářová, Marie ; Hrdina, Antonín (advisor) ; Kašný, Jiří (referee) ; Šprunk, Karel (referee)
Christianity freedom - concept and problems of acknowledgement in canon law Key words: Theory and Philosophy of Law, Concept of Law, Freedom of a Christian, Morality, Rights of Catholics First part: The concept of freedom that is within philosophy and law theory understood in different meanings - distinction among transcendental freedom, freedom of choice and freedom in Christ. Second part: The concept of law; the relationship between law and values. The nature of canon law; is canon law a juridical or a theological science? School of thought in the contemporary debate about the nature of canon law. Law is one aspect of a complex social reality. I Third part: The nature of the Church; the visible and the invisible church. The renewed theological vision of the nature of the Church. The place of law in the Church. Two distinct ecclesiologies: one of the Church as sacrament and communion, the other of a juridicalIy organized perfect society. Fourth part: The close relationship of law norms and moral norms in the juristic regulation of the Church. The distinction between to conduct according moral and law norms. Framework of morality. Moral norms encourages persons to be virtuous. Fifth part: The fundamental human rights are .inseparably interconnected in the very person. The fundamental human rights...
Freedom in the view of law theology and philosophy
Kolářová, Marie ; Hrdina, Antonín (referee) ; Plavec, Karel (referee)
Resume FREEDOM IN THE VIEW OF LAW THEOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY The study is focused in the first part on the conception of freedom and divergence between freedom as general term and freedom of choice. Some authors reflect freedom, but they do not specify your conception of freedom. Man's freedom according to Gaudium et spes (17) means: "Authentic freedom is an exceptional sign of the divine image within man." There is the crucial problem: "authentic freedom" - what it means. The study compares conception of freedom by these outstanding theologians: Anselm of Canterbury, S. Augustin, Bernard of Clairvaux, Origenes and Karl Rahner. Accuracy of expressing is necessary for right understanding each other. Transcendental freedom according K. Rahner implies man's freedom as the foundation of human being. Everybody has transcendental freedom, man's dignity is not possible without freedom, otherwise would be man only an instrument destined to certain existence. Freedom of choice arises from transcendental freedom, but it does not imply man's arbitrariness, because everybody has own dignity and freedom, which belongs one person is the limit for each other person. Transcendental freedom is equal by each person contrary to freedom of choice, which is impacted of man's personality and also external circumstances. The study...
The Process of Education of Patients in the Clinic of Nephrology IKEM after the Implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000
Kolářová, Marie ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Pokorná, Eva (referee)
Final thesis is divided into two parts- theoretical and practical ones. It deals with the transplantology, first of all, with a process of education of patients after kidney transplantations. The theoretical part focuses on introduction a clinic and a general introduction about problems transplantations. The first chapters describe a historical summary of development of this discipline and as well as its contemporary position. Next it focuses on juridical and ethical aspects of transplantations. Finally, the theoretical part devotes the education in general. The entire theoretical part is dedicated to the clarification of complexity of this discipline and to the importance of reaching the best cooperation between patients, physicians and nursing staff by way of educational activity both before and after transplantation. The practical part describes a process of patients'preparations for transplantation and therapeutic possibilities after a kidney failure. Next chapters deal with a preparation and a creation of an educational process in the clinic of nephrology in the Institute of the Experimental and Clinical Medicine and its implementation to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000. The conclusion of the practical part presents opportunities how to improve the process of education. Through a...
The conditions of entering into marriage in comparison of the canonic law with the family law in the Czech Rebublic
Kotlář, Václav ; Kolářová, Marie (advisor) ; Hrdina, Antonín (referee)
Anglická anotace This thesis deals with the marriage law. Its aim is to study an approach to the institute of marriage from the point of view of the canon law in Roman Catholic Church in contrast to the family law in the Czeh Republic in focus on the conditions which are important for entering into marriage. In the first instance the thesis concerns with the specification of marriage in both branches of law, then the aims and effects of marriage, the form of entering into marriage, the suitable subjects for marriage including the subjects that have the right to marry somebody and also the issue of validity of marriage. Key word: marriage, validity, canon law, marriage law, conditions
VAT at theaters
Kolářová, Marie ; POKORNÝ, Jiří (advisor) ; SOUČKOVÁ, Jaroslava (referee)
This master thesis builds partially on my bachelor thesis - Taxes at theatres focusing on VAT and income tax. It aims to determine whether theatres profit from the exemption from VAT (cultural services and the most closely linked goods are statutorily exempt without deductibility), or if it will be a better position to be a VAT payer. The work is divided into three parts. The first part is purely theoretical, describes the rules for the taxation of VAT for nonprofit theatres. The second one consists of case studies of selected theatres in 2013 and introduces the VAT in case of such theatre in the role of VAT payer in the main activity. The third part inspects VAT system in the European Union and suggests its potential application in the Czech Republic. The outcome of this thesis will be a VAT guide for theatre management and the program for calculation of potencial liability to VAT in case the theatre would not be exempt from these taxes.
Tax issues for theaters
Kolářová, Marie ; POKORNÝ, Jiří (advisor) ; ČUŘÍKOVÁ, Tamara (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the income tax and VAT for non-profit organizations such as theaters. The introductory chapter presents all possible legal forms of operation for a theater. In this context, the changes introduced by the new Civil Code are also taken into account, effective most likely from 1st January 2014. The next two chapters describe the benefits for non-profit organizations as they relate to the income tax and VAT, but also the complicated administrative procedure that is associated with the determination of their tax liability. The goal of this work is to come up with the ideal legal form in terms of income tax and VAT for operators of commercial and non-profit theaters, while taking into account the size of the theatre institution.
Therapeutic techniques and their use for children with disabilities at school age
The topic of this bachelor thesis are therapheutical techniques and the way they are used in helping school-age children with disabilities. The theoretical part of this thesis defines the terms "therapy", "therapist" and ?comprehensive rehabilitation system?. Comprehensive rehabilitation system comprises not only occupational, social and pedagogical resources, but primarily also therapeutic resources that include (but are not limited to) therapies (e.g. ergotherapy, animal-assisted therapy, music therapy or drama therapy). Therapies are the prevailing topic of the major part of this thesis, which mainly deals with features of individual therapeutic techniques used in specific therapies. My thesis also describes development stages of school-age children, which are divided into "lower" and "higher" school age. In final conclusion of the theoretical part, I also briefly refer to physical disabilities (etiology, types of disabilities and associated illnesses). The goal of the practical part of my bachelor thesis is to research the type of therapeutic techniques that are currently being used for specific therapies in Arpida therapeutic centre in the town of České Budějovice. To achieve this goal I have set one primary research question: to reseach the types of therapeutic techniques used by therapists for treating children with physical disabilities. My research have demonstrated that in the field of ergotherapy the therapists from Arpida centre primarily practise three basic techniques: activities of daily living ? ADL, hand ergotherapy, that is focusing mainly on developing fine and gross motor skills of children with physical disabilities, and (last but not least) therapeutic games. There are several of them being used and their aim is to develop cognitive skills of the child, his or her imagination and creativity and also to develop the above-mentioned fine and gross motor skills. Another from analysed therapies was animal-assisted therapy. In this centre, it was practised only in the form of canistherapy (therapy aided by dogs) and hippotherapy, in which the main therapeutic resource is a horse. My research has demonstrated that, in the field of canistherapy, therapists mainly practice Animal Assisted Activites, Animal Assisted Therapies and Animal Assisted Education. In the field of hippotherapy, my research showed that the most frequently used techniques are horse-riding for pedagogical-psychological purposes and hippotherapy, during which the most frequently used client positioning is lying on back, leaning on forearms, leaning on palms and sitting position. The third analysed therapy was art therapy. The most frequently used techniques were drawing, painting, mixed-media techniques as well as other graphics techniques or ceramics work. Was focused on another area - music therapy. For school-age kids with physical disabilities, my research showed that therapists practice techniques such as rhythm games, games with objects and tools, music and artistic techniques, music theatre games, improvisation and games with singing. The aim of these techniques is to target kids awareness, memory and thinking training as well as help them to express their then current emotions. Last but not least, it also helps them develop their motor skills. The next analysed therapy (and a last one) is drama therapy. In this area my research demonstrated that it is not all about drama therapy itself.

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