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The Chinese Humanistic Photographer Xue Huake
Shan, Xiaohui ; SILVERIO, Robert (advisor) ; KOLÁŘ, Viktor (referee)
Xue Huake is a contemporary Chinese humanistic documentary photographer. Until now he has made many successful photographic projects. He is the founder of the Photography Department at the China Academy of Art and head of the department from its very beginning. He is also a member of the Chinese Educational Photographic Society, Chairman of the Zhejiang Folk Photographic Society and a life member of the Royal Photographic Society with the highest award (Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society). In recent years, his works have been often exhibited in the well-known galleries and other art institutions in China and abroad. Over the years in the field of photography Professor Xue has received many awards, including: the first Chinese who received the first prize in the International Exhibition of Photography by Epson. The main published books: Photography from Travels, The Mysteries of Light and Shadow, Tibetan Burial, Tibetans, Walk through Old Streets of Hangzhou etc.
Fotografie v celosvětových médiích
Elínardóttir, María ; GRYGAR, Štěpán (advisor) ; KOLÁŘ, Viktor (referee)
Historie fotožurnalistiky, závěry o současném stavu a prognostika blízké budoucnosti.
Fotografie a kolonialismus
Kostecki, Oskar Emir ; SILVERIO, Robert (advisor) ; KOLÁŘ, Viktor (referee)
Studie tak, že "etnografické" fotografie ovlivňoval naše vize lidí z různých kultur pro nás, z způsobů, jak interpretovat takové fotografie, s ohledem na nápady "exotické", "jiný", a to, co Edward Said nazval jako "orientalism. "
Borders of Contemporary Documentary Photography
Vosáhlo, Martin ; KOLÁŘ, Viktor (advisor) ; SILVERIO, Robert (referee)
Thesis bearing the name ?Boarders of Contemporary Documentary Photography? is focused on specific development, which underwent foreign documentary photography for about last two decades. The work is divided into three separate chapters, each of them deals with a different topic. The first chapter deals with the process of integration of documentary photography in an artistic context. The following chapter provides detailed reports on a new trend in documentary photography, which is called conceptual documentary photography. The third part is devoted to the remarkable personality of contemporary documentary photography - Allan Sekula. His photographic and closely related theoretical work is so specific that it is allocated a separate area.
New documents
Douša, Jan ; KOLÁŘ, Viktor (advisor) ; BÁRTA, Jaroslav (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate on specific examples the most current documentary approaches in photography since 2000. The selection focuses on authors whose initial stimulus for their work comes from the fascination with the complexity and visuality of the outside world and from the urge to reflect on this fascination through the medium of photography. Purely conceptual and other approaches that use documentary photography merely as a platform for criticism and analysis of the medium of photography (with its relation to aesthetization or objectivity) are not included in this thesis. The selection of authors, due to the limited nature of the thesis, is not exhaustive. The thesis does not aim to serve as an overview, rather it presents a personal selection of representative authors balancing a wide scope of documentary approaches in their work. The latter include reinvented formal approaches derived from the tradition of the New Documents exhibition which I consider to be an important milestone in the post-war history of documentary photography, but also entirely fresh approaches, or new symbioses thereof. Historical context and critical discourse originating in the 1970s, which questions the documentary functions of photography in combination with aesthetization, create a background for the analysis of contemporary authors.
Possibilities of children imaging in photography across social tendencies
Šnajberková, Jaroslava ; Silverio, Robert (advisor) ; Kolář, Viktor (referee)
In this theses I try to complete the possibilities how to feature children through photography. Social aspects and historical development of relationship to children is some kind of guide how to understand photographs that show children and also photography as a medium with all its technical and visual aspects.
Josef Moucha - Photography
Šigut, Vladimír ; Musilová, Helena (advisor) ; Kolář, Viktor (referee)
This master´s theoretical thesis deals with the personality of a photographer and publicist in the area of theory and history of photography by Josef Moucha. The first part is dedicated to the consequences in the Czech and world documentary photography and so-called visualism. The main part of this thesis deals with Moucha´s subjective (documentary and artistic) photographical work. Comparison with other authors showing similar photographical features is also included in this part. The conclusion focuses on the author´s data, private and collective exhibitions, catalogues, literatures and collection representations.
Sovětský a post-sovětský oficiální portrét
Ibrahimova, Sitara ; Musilová, Helena (advisor) ; Kolář, Viktor (referee)
Od začátku dvacátých let 20. století Sovětská republika nebyla ovládána oficiální sovětskou vládou (tedy státem), ale vůdci Bolševické strany a později Komunistické strany SSSR. Autorka si je vybrala jako téma výzkumu.

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