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Retention basins and sewers on the sewer network
Kolář, Tomáš ; Raček, Jakub (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the design, operation and management of retention basins and retention sewers to sewerage networks. There is also mentioned their purpose, function and use, their distribution, building design, construction and equipment. Below are two specific examples of retention reservoirs in Brno and short summary of number of retention ponds in selected Czech cities. Part of the work is a model example of calculating the amount of retention basins and retention ditches for the village of Horní Lapač.
The study of sewerage in selected municipalities
Kolář, Tomáš ; Raček, Jakub (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is a study of two variants of sewer network of Cetechovice. Variant solutions include the use of existing segments supplemented by new gravitational or pressure sections. The proposed variant solutions are then economically assessed.
Forms of Address in Selected Variations of Hispano-American Spanish
Kolář, Jan Tomáš ; Kratochvílová, Dana (advisor) ; Čermák, Petr (referee)
in English Forms of address in selected variations of Hispano-American Spanish Key words: voseo, tuteo, usted, address, verb subsystem, pronoun subsystem, dialectology, American Spanish The thesis deals with forms of address in Argentine, Chilean, and Colombian varieties of Spanish. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The first part characterizes Hispano-American Spanish in general terms, concentrating further on the dialectological situation of the chosen territorial areas. This dialectological part is related to theoretical knowledge in the field of pragmatics, where the focus is on issues of communication, address, and social deixis. The practical section that follows begins by characterizing the selected television programmes that became the corpus substrate for the linguistic analysis, while also considering the methodology based on which this analysis was approached. This is followed by a practical linguistic analysis consisting of partial verbal conclusions. These partial findings are then synthesized in the final conclusion of the thesis, where the author attempts to place them in the context provided by the theoretical section, considering the contrastive conception of sociolinguistics in the Czech environment.
Dendrochronology improves understanding of the charcoal production history, increasing the tourist potential in the Drahany Highlands
Rybníček, Michal ; Bajer, A. ; Friedl, M. ; Knott, R. ; Kočár, Petr ; Kučera, A. ; Novák, J. ; Vavrčík, H. ; Kolář, Tomáš
Over the last two years, three selected forest sites from Drahany Highlands were examined for traces of human activity. The most frequent traces found, and common to all three sites, were remains of charcoal production. This paper provides an anatomical and dendrochronological analysis of the charcoals found in two charcoal pile remains from each site. The species composition of the charcoals at the southern site was dominated by oak, followed by birch and hornbeam. Fir was more common than oak, beech, poplar, birch and hornbeam at the central site. Fir and beech were found at the northern site. By using dendrochronology, 23 fir, oak and beech charcoals were dated with the oldest sample coming from a central site and dated from the period 1753–1758. Charcoals from the three other charcoal piles fell into the first half of the 19th century. Radiocarbon dating of charcoals selected gave a very wide age range (1640–1955), except for one case (1399–1435). Providing information on the age of a charcoal pile can help raise public awareness and interest in viewing the sites where charcoal burners used to be active in the forests.
Heritage conservation of the remains of human activity in the forest
Sklenář, Karel ; Novák, Jakub ; Kadavý, Jan ; Mikita, Tomáš ; Rybníček, Michal ; Bajer, Aleš ; Kučera, Aleš ; Kolář, Tomáš ; Friedl, Michal
The main objectives of the methodology include: 1. setting the issue in the legislative environment; 2. introducing the processes of disturbance of objects in the forest environment; 3. characterization of modern methods of identification of objects in forests; 4. introducing the practical procedure of identification of objects of human activities in forests; 5. proposing procedures for ensuring the preservation and presentation of anthropogenic remains of human activities in forests for state administration and local government. The methodology was developed in cooperation between experts in the humanities and natural sciences. It seeks to apply and combine procedures of different disciplines. The methodology is recommended to be used with methodology Methods and procedures for the protection of anthropogenic objects of historical human economic activity in forests (Kadavý et al. 2022). The two methodologies are complementary to each other.
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Tree-ring chronology of Norway spruce, a study from the Eastern Krkonoše Mts.
Janda, Martin ; Treml, Václav (advisor) ; Kolář, Tomáš (referee)
3 ABSTRACT Presented thesis is focused on the development of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) dendrochronologic standard for the high elevation zone of the Eastern Krkonoše Mts.. Samples were taken from individuals growing either in supramontane forest or in the treeline ecotone. Additional increment cores were sampled in old cottages and chalets. Various elements of roof constructions and timbering were the source of dendrochronologic material. Aim of the thesis was to develop long and reliable tree-ring chronology using standardisation techniques which retain also lower frequency climate variations. Two standard tree-ring chronologies were developed - first using double detrending standardisation (DD, 1792-2006), second using regional curve standardisation (RCS, 1811- 1970). Analyzed historic material significantly differs from tree-ring curves derived from standing trees, thus achieving the composite chronology was impossible. Cottage no. 9 in Svoboda nad Úpou is with its origin after AD 1711 outstanding among thirteen successfully dated historic buildings. Both RCS even DD chronologies retain lower frequency variations. DD chronology can be successfully used in events and some buildings dating. Response function analysis was made using monthly instrumental records from the Sněžka meteorological...
Tree-ring chronologies of Norway-spruce on west-east longitudinal gradient in the mountain ranges of central Europe
Ponocná, Tereza ; Treml, Václav (advisor) ; Kolář, Tomáš (referee) ; Vejpustková, Monika (referee)
The Earth's climate system has recently experienced substantial warming which likely impacts temperature-limited communities close to their distribution margins. The alpine treeline ecotone represents upper distributional limit of montane/subalpine forests. This biogeographic boundary relies mainly on decreasing temperature with increasing elevation. Surprisingly the response of treeline ecotone to ongoing warming has varied a lot and the reasons of this variability are poorly understood. The aim of this dissertation thesis is the assessment of growth trends and tree ring response of Norway spruce (Picea abies[L.] Karst.) to climatic oscillations at treelines and montane forests of East-Central Europe. This dissertation deals with both inter-regional and intra-regional (aspect, elevation) variability of tree growth. The presented results are based on an extensive data set of growth curves for almost 1400 trees. All study sites revealed close relationship between tree ring widths and growing season temperatures as well as the temperatures of October preceding to ring formation season. The main site-dependent differences in growth trends and temperature responses were attributed to elevation, the effect of aspect was relatively less significant. At treelines between the Krkonoše Mts. and Nízké Tatry...
Research on inflence of SO2 and NOx on spruce growth
Hruška, Jakub ; Oulehle, Filip ; Kolář, Tomáš
Radial growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies) in Krušné and Jizerské Mts.responded qiuckly on the decline of SO2 and NOx emissions and S deposition. At the end of 1990´s it was equal to growh measured before the period of high emissions. The best correlation was founded with ambient SO2 concentrations, then with S atmosperic deposion and less important correlation was found with soil chemistry as it is correlated with deposition levels. At present there is no evidence of influence of SO2 and NOX on decline of radial growht. Observed decline in last decade is most probably attributed to climatic conditions.
Quantitative vessel parameters of broadleaves as a tool for reconstruction of physical geographical processes
Tumajer, Jan ; Treml, Václav (advisor) ; Kolář, Tomáš (referee) ; van der Maaten, Ernst (referee)
Trees adjust wood anatomical structure to environmental conditions, predisposing time series of quantitative wood anatomical parameters to be valuable source of palaeoenvironmental information. In this doctoral project we analysed the response of vessel parameters of i) floodplain Quercus robur to groundwater level fluctuation, hydroclimate variability and extreme events (droughts and floods), and of ii) Betula pendula to mechanical damage caused by various disturbances. Although climatic signal as well as pointer years stored in tree-ring width chronologies of Quercus robur largely differ between sites, quantitative vessel parameters contain spatially- homogenous positive signal of previous year summer temperature and current year winter/early spring temperature. The only between-site difference in wood anatomical chronologies is negative effect of moisture on vessel size in floodplain, which does not occur in not-flooded lowland sites. We suggest that while tree productivity benefits from high water availability, the wood anatomical structure of Quercus robur is constrained by high soil water saturation in floodplain zone. In addition, the response of tree-ring widths to moisture availability is not uniform inside single stand, but subgroups of trees with completely opposite response coexist...

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