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Dynamic visual functions assessment and training in juniors training game sports
Pecková, Natalie ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Kolář, Jáchym (referee)
The term neurovisual training describes procedures that improve an individual's visual- cognitive skills. In this thesis, we tried to characterize selected visual-cognitive skills, unify examination procedures and find possibilities for their training. In the theoretical part, you can find a list of conventional and software tools used for this purpose. In the appendices we describe specific exercises with selected tools. In the practical part, we put together training aimed at selected parameters and tested its effect on a group of junior volleyball players. Methodology: We established seven parameters that we monitored as part of input and output measurements. The examination can be divided into the static part, which was carried out by a qualified optometrist, and the dynamic part using the Senaptec Sensory Station under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist. Of the original 31 probands participating in input measurement, only 18 participated in output measurement. They were volleyball players from two Prague clubs with an average age of around 13 years. Probands were randomly assigned to an intervention and control group. The intervention group underwent three months of neurovisual training in a common part of conventional training at a frequency of one per week with the addition of...
Possibilities of evaluating the effect of rehabilitation aimed at improving postural stability in adults.
Heřmanská, Dagmar ; Stříbrný, Martin (advisor) ; Kolář, Jáchym (referee)
The paper deals with the comparison of different options for assessing the effect of physiotherapy aimed mainly at improving postural stability in adult patients. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis defines postural stability, its optimal function in physiological situations and the most common pathologies. The clinical consequences of postural stability disorders and their treatment options are discussed. The most frequent consequence of insufficient postural stability is chronic low back pain (in the English literature "LBP"). The knowledge about the possibilities of clinical evaluation of the effect of physiotherapy is discussed. It is a subjective assessment by the patient, using PROM questionnaires (Patient- reported Outcome Measures) and DNS manual. Furthermore, the possibilities of objective assessment-dynamometry (DNS Brace device), Moiré and Pedoscan are described. The paper describes the principle of these devices and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages in clinical practice. The practical part contains case reports of two patients with chronic LBP. The patients are evaluated with the above mentioned procedures before and after a series of six hourly therapies with weekly frequency. The therapy was performed at the Pavel Kolar Center for Movement Medicine under the...
Blue light-blocking glasses and their effect on sleep quality parameters
Honzíková, Anna ; Levínská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kolář, Jáchym (referee)
This study focused on sleep and the influence of blue light on sleep quality parameters. The experiment has been set up into a four-week research divided into two phases. Both phases were two weeks long. The first phase was without blue light blocking glasses, and the second phase with the glasses. We also worked with a Garmin smartwatch, sleep diary and standardized Pittsburgh Sleep Index questionnaire (filled out before and after the experiment). Parameters have been collected from a smartwatch (average heart rate, duration of sleep, duration of REM and NREM sleep, time of falling asleep, number of awakenings per night and stress levels), sleep diary (body temperature during night/morning, subjective quality of sleep and tiredness during the) and the Pittsburgh questionnaire. During the phase with glasses, probands had to wear them at least 90 minutes before sleeping. They could take them off only in a room without any artificial light. Every day probands filled up their sleep diary and entered information from their smartwatch. After the experiment, the data from both phases were processed and compared. Statistically significant parameters (p ≤ 0.05) were average heart rate, body temperature measured in the morning, number of awakenings per night, subjective sleep quality, results of a...
The evaluation of a tennis groundstroke by qualitative examination of functional movement
Vojtěchovská, Karolína ; Oplatková, Lenka (advisor) ; Kolář, Jáchym (referee)
This bachelor's thesis describes the evaluation of the tennis groundstroke and the influence of postural stabilization on the resulting quality of activation of the trunk in the groundstroke. The theoretical part summarises the knowledge of the optimal performance of the forehand, as well as the method of evaluating the forehand. In the practical part of the bachelor's thesis, we qualitatively assessed postural stabilization of players according to the concept of DNS. We followed the process of qualitative movement diagnosis and we performer video analysis of the forehand from the Slow-motion recording. The specific parameters of the tennis groundstroke were objectified by using the program Tracker and Zepp Tennis 2 sensor, which gave us the values of angular displacement of the body segments, the angular velocity of hip and shoulder rotation, and the ball speed, the ball spin and the percentage success rate of impact location in the sweetspot of the racket. We made a table of qualitative movement that takes into account key features of the forehand, depending on each phase of the groundstroke. Then we made a complex evaluation of the player's forehand. We concluded that it is not possible to establish a uniform ideal angular alignment of body segments. It is always necessary to respect the...
The Use of Hearing Perception Elimination in Motoric Activity
Kolář, Jáchym ; Kolář, Pavel (advisor) ; Suzan, Zuzana (referee)
Bibliographical record: KOLÁŘ, J. The Use of Hearing Perception Elimination in Motoric Activity. Prague: Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 2020. 79 p. Thesis supervisor prof. PaedDr. Pavel Kolář, Ph.D. Abstract This thesis focuses on the importance and significance of human senses - especially hearing and vision - in connection with a performance of a motor activity. The theoretical part brings a summary of knowledge about the influence of hearing and vision on human movements and the induction of changes in the body during the elimination (deprivation) of some of the senses. Furthermore, in this part we briefly inform about the mutual relationship between vision and hearing, ideomotor functions, an auditory deprivation and lastly, we try to point out the possibilities and importance of a neuro-visual complex therapy. The main goal of the practical part is to prove the influence of hearing on the motor expression of the tested probands. A secondary goal of the practical part is to determine the influence of the quality of a visual perception on a motor expression and whether there can be an immediate intensification of a visual perception during auditory deprivation. Methodology: As a part of the main goal of the practical part, we tested 77...

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