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Hydrological study of potential restoration of a defunct small water reservoir in the Ploučnice River basin within the elimination of hydrological drought impacts
Kočíb, Jiří ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Janský, Bohumír (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the study of the potential restoration of small water reservoirs within the framework of eliminating the effects of hydrological drought. In the theoretical part of the thesis, it summarizes the current knowledge about small water reservoirs and ongoing climate changes. It also focuses on the possibilities of their revitalization as part of the contribution of this renewal to the landscape. At the same time, the work also provides insight into the detailed physical-geographic characteristics and focuses primarily on the hydrological and climatological view of the issue of revitalization. These introductory findings are transferred to the practical part of the work in which the author deals with a case study that should lead to concrete steps to successfully complete the work plan. A comparison of the methods of measuring the contents and shorelines of individual reservoirs is also published in the results passage. The results of the work recommend the restoration of all reservoirs at selected locations and indicate possible further steps to deal with this result. Key words: climate change, water retention, small water reservoir, hydrological drought, Ploučnice river.
Glacial hydrological regime, case study of lake Adygene (Tien - Shan, Kyrgyzstan)
Beitlerová, Hana ; Šobr, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kocum, Jan (referee)
This thesis is concerned with detailed analysis of glacial hydrological regime and its influencing factors. Knowledges published in the domestic and foreign scientific literature were applied on data acquired in the area of Adygine Lake (Tien - Shan, Kyrgyzstan). The lake is a part of a lake system recently developed in the surroundings of a retreating glacier. There is a potential risk of dam failure in terms of its stability. Lake level fluctuations depending upon climatic conditions, melt water inflow and capacity of subsurface outflow channels were observed. Key words: glacial regime, glacial lake, melt water, glacier melt, diurnal variations, seasonal variations, delay of runoff
Hydrological drought in the context of climatic change in the world and in the Czech part of Elbe River basin
Šachová, Barbora ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Janský, Bohumír (referee)
Hydrological drought in the context of climatic changes in the world and in the Czech part of Elbe River basin Abstract The submitted thesis deals with the hydrological drought as one of extreme runoff situations in relation to climate change. Part of this work is a comprehensive research sources to Czech and foreign literature defining the concepts and the development of hydrological drought due to the physical- geographic and anthropogenic factors. Low flow characteristics and methods for defining the drought events are described. Attention is paid to the possibilities of prevention and compensation of negative impacts of drought. Within the second part the presence of low flow in Elbe River subbasins, Blšanka River, Rakovnický Brook and Vydra River, is analyzed. Water deficit is evaluated with regard to the physical-geographic characteristics and the specifics of water resources use. Outline of possibilities to increase the retention capacity of study catchments is given. Key words: hydrological drought, low flow, runoff regime, retention potential, Blšanka River, Rakovnický Brook, Vydra River
Accumulation and retention reservoirs in Czechia
Leipeltová, Petra ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Česák, Julius (referee)
This bachelor thesis is aimed in detail on small water reservoirs, on their distribution and function. Brief history of reservoirs is mentioned as well as their water management and technical solution. The part of the thesis is represented by the assessment of their influence and integration within an environment. In the second part, historical use and potential renovation of former accumulation reservoirs in Šumava Mts., situated in Vydra River basin and used for wood floating in the past, is solved. These water bodies are no more in function but their system could be an effective part of measures within an integrated flood protection and hydrological drought elimination. Geomorphologically suitable relief of Vydra River basin, source area of extreme runoff situations formation, also provides optimum conditions for realization of small retention reservoirs that could, in connection with other measures for headstream areas retention potential enhancement, reduce extreme runoff episodes in future. Keywords: small water reservoir, accumulation reservoir, retention reservoir, integrated flood protection, hydrological drought, Vydra River basin
Effect of vegetation on snow accumulation and snow melt
Pevná, Hana ; Jeníček, Michal (advisor) ; Kocum, Jan (referee)
Effect of vegetation on snow accumulation and snow melt Abstract: This bachelor thesis analyzes the impact of physical-geographic factors on the physical properties and characteristics of the development of snow cover. Results published in the literature are compared with those obtained from experimental measurements in the upper Byst ice River basin in the Ore Mountains during the winter 2009/2010. The paper compares the evolution of snow cover for the actual land cover, forest and open areas. The research of literature and research conducted in the Ore Mountains proved that vegetation significantly affects accumulation and melting of the snow. The process of accumulation in the forest is influenced by snowfall interception in the treetops. Melting snow in a forest area slowed absorption and reflection of sunlight in the treetops. The bachelor thesis demonstrates that in the open areas the snow melted faster than in the forest growth. Keywords: snow cover, snow water equivalent, vegetation, Ore Mountains
Anthropogenic impact upon the Vydra River basin runoff regime
Ševčíková, Lenka ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Janský, Bohumír (referee)
Submitted diploma thesis deals with an assessment of historical and present anthropogenic loading in the Vydra River basin and with an evaluation of human impact on its runoff regime. Further to the brief characterization of natural conditions, runoff regime in the studied basin is assessed using different statistical methods. Complex evaluation of each anthropogenic impact is supported by concrete case studies. Thesis is completed by the outline of future possible routing with respect to water retention in the Otava River headstream area. Powered by TCPDF (
Impact of small water reservoirs on the occurrence of extreme runoff episodes in the upper Otava River basin
Šmrhová, Zuzana ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Jeníček, Michal (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to prove the influence of small water reservoirs on the extreme runoff situations in a watershed of upper Otava River. The system of small water reservoirs represents an effective part of flood protection, which can be realized without greater changes of landscape. The research part of this thesis includes a summary of knowledge about rainfall-runoff process, small water reservoirs and hydrological modeling. The work is applied to model watershed of Roklanský creek, which is situated in a central part of Šumava Mountains. There are a few rain gauges and laser sensors situated in this watershed, whose are needed for the modeling process. The thesis contains a selection of appropriate data and methods for a creation of digital model of terrain. This digital model of terrain is used for creation of most of the parameters, whose are used for modeling of rainfall- runoff process. This modeling is done in hydrological modeling program HEC - HMS (Hydrologic Engineering Center - Hydrologic Modeling System). HEC - HMS is one of the most used simulation programs. The main part of the thesis is a simulation of rainfall-runoff process, applied to two real rainfall-runoff episodes. Next important part of the thesis is a comparison of this simulation with and without...
Assessment the effect of revitalizing measures of chosen peat bogs in the upper Vydra River basin on their water regime
Doležal, Tomáš ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Kliment, Zdeněk (referee)
Assessment the effect of revitalizing measures of chosen peat bogs in the upper Vydra River basin on their water regime Abstract: Despite a number of research projects, the influence of peat bogs on the hydrological regime remains a largely unexplored topic. In the past, several peat bogs in the Šumava National Park were exposed to a very strong anthropogenic pressure. Subsequently, revitalizing measures were applied to mitigate the impact of human interventions, to stop the degradation of these precious habitats, and to reform the disturbed peat bog water regime. This thesis is focused especially on fluctuations of water table level and on the hydrological regime in the catchments of Rokytka and Cikánský Brooks. Thesis further develops the topic solved in author's bachelor thesis called "Peat bog revitalizing measures and their effect on runoff dynamics in the Otava River headstream area." It contains experimental research of the influence of drainage canals and revitalizing measures on water table fluctuation. It also aims to identify the extent to which meteorological factors contribute to changes in groundwater level and to assess the present state of revitalization measures and their influence on the runoff regime. Key words: peat bogs, revitalizing measures, Šumava Mountains, water regime

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