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The process of supervision in training in cognitive behavioral therapy and expectations of supervisors and those supervisees from supervisit
Vyskočilová, Jana ; Praško Pavlov, Ján (advisor) ; Kožnar, Jan (referee)
Bc. Jana Vyskočilová, FHS Řízení a supervize, Abstrakt k diplomové práci. ABSTRACT The first part of the study deals with theoretical issues of supervision, especially supervision in cognitive behavioral therapy. The practical part is focused to mapping the expectations of supervision of trainees of CBT training in various phases of their training (after 1 year of training and after the fourth year of training, prior to training) and expectations of supervision of trainees training in CBT supervision. ABSS (Attitudes and Beliefs about Supervision Scale) was used as an evaluation instrument to assessed the expectations and beliefs of supervision. The expectations of probands with different experience in supervision were compared to find out where are consensual and where differ. The results show that trainees in supervision (Supervisors) emphasize particularly the importance of self-reflection and structures, Intermediate and advanced training students differ in their attitudes and expectations of supervision minimally (increased emphasis on counter-transference in intermediate students). Probands who are just going into training and have no previous experiences with supervision generally have higher expectations of supervision than trainees, who are already undergoing training. The finding that...
How the psychotherapists experince and cope with a failure in psychotherapy.
Jakubů, Jiří ; Srnec, Jan (advisor) ; Kebza, Vladimír (referee) ; Kožnar, Jan (referee)
Abstract. This study aims at examining how psychotherapists experience and cope with failure in their therapeutic practice. We have designed a questionnaire on coping with failure and by employing the ESK existential scale we explored the set of 100 psychoterapists, consisting of 55 females and 45 males, in total 48 psychologists, 29 physicians and 23 workers in helping professions, all between 25 - 64 years of age, of various psychoterapeutic approaches. We have focused on all 3 aspects of coping - emotional, cognitive and practicalbehavioral. At the same time we have examined situations that therapists perceive as a failure, significant failures they have experienced, and what helped them tocope with them and whether their beliefs, conviction or values help them in coping with emotional and mental stress, caused by failure. Our findings correspond to few papers on this issue, that is dropouts, therapists' feeling, stress and failure. Failure is an important emotional stress at the psychotherapist's practice. Typical failures are client' s suicide, dropout, retirement from therapy, as well as deterioration of bodily symptoms, social relations and relations to oneself during the therapy. This perceived therapists' failure tends to be connected with intense negative feelings of anger, anxiety, sorrow, guilt,...
Minimalizace vlivu výrobků na životní prostředí
ETC Consulting Group, s.r.o., Praha ; Hubený, Vladimír ; Kožnar, Jan ; Tichá, Marie ; Durdil, Josef ; Černík, Bohumil
Příloha1, Studie posuzování životního cyklu výrobku (podle ISO 14040-43/LCA), obsahuje studie: Hodnocení životního cyklu výrobku Fritovací hrnec HD 6107 a Hodnocení životního cyklu výrobku Podlahový vysavač ETA 1450 PROXIMO. Přílohu 2 tvoří Environmentální prohlášení o výrobku pro fritovací hrnec a podlahový vysavač, přílohu 3 Osvědčení platnosti environmentálního prohlášení o výrobku pro fritovací hrnec a podlahový vysavač.

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