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Nursing process of women after laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy in the working age.
Košťálová, Karolína ; Marsová, Jana (advisor) ; Kulhavá, Miluše (referee)
This thesis deals with the nursing process in women with laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy. The thesis is divided into theoretical part and empirical part. The theoretical part is focused on the anatomy and physiology of the uterus and female reproductive organs. Next chapter is dedicated to hysterectomy and its performace realization. The individual subsections are focused on varions ways of operating and complications of hysterectomy. The last chapter of the theoretical part describes the process of care, which is divided into pre- and postoperative period. The empirical part includes detailed nursing history of a patient after laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy in the form of a nursing case study. In conclusion, there are established nursing diagnoses and their elaboration. The work is complemented with an educational plan, which describes how the patient should be educated.
Nurse's competence in traumatology ambulance
The theme of the diploma thesis Competencies of Nurses in Traumatology Outpatient Departments deals with a view of nurses of the existing competencies and the opinion on the increase. It is also mentioned the opinion of nurses about university-educated nurses, who work just for the traumatology outpatient departments, their importance and necessity. The aim of this diploma thesis is (besides the focusing on the competence growth) to analyse the actual interest of nurses in the personal competence growth and map the range of medical acts which are performed by the nurses. The theme of the competencies of the nurses nowadays is the current problem that must be solved. There are two aims of this thesis aim one: to determine the interest of nurses to increase competencies; aim two to map the opinions of nurses on increasing competencies. On the basis of the aims two hypotheses are introduced. Hypothesis one: the interest in increasing competencies is affected by the length of the practice; hypothesis two: the interest in increasing competencies is affected by education. To achieve the aims and hypotheses verification it was carried out a quantitative research using questionnaires. The questionnaires were addressed to nurses working at the traumatology outpatient departments in different hospitals. A total of 103 questionnaires were processed; it is represented by a different spectrum of the length of practice as well as the age range. In this thesis two research questions are set. Question one: what is the opinion of the nurses on increasing competence; question two: what is the range of medical acts that the nurses perform. To determine the results of the qualitative research it was used an in-depth interview with selected nurses who work at the traumatology outpatient department. A total of 10 interviews were carried out to supplement more accurate information. The survey results show that the nurses are interested in increasing their competencies, particularly in the area of decision-making and minor injuries treatment. However, a statistical evaluation of hypotheses shows that interest in the competencies is affected neither by the length of education nor the length of practice. It follows that neither hypothesis is confirmed. Statistically, the values are without mutual influence. The answer to the first question of the research also confirms that the nurses would welcome the possibility of increasing competencies, but to a limited extent. The nurses report that they most often treat bruises and minor injuries. Furthermore, limb/extremity fractures and koncové části těla fractures often occur. Among the most common injuries are also lacerations on the head. On the basis of my thesis, it is found that nurses know their competencies, are interested in their increasing and are able to manage them. My proposal is to raise a professional discussion on the topic increasing competencies of the nurses in Traumatology.

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