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Spiritual progress of man in relation to God in the exegesis of Song of Songs by Origen and Life of Moses by Gregory of Nyssa
Hrehová, Kristína ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee)
In this thesis, I ask how Origen and Gregory of Nyssa used the Scriptures in the exposition of their theology of spiritual progress. The aim of this thesis is to compare their teaching and exegetical approach to spiritual progress and consider their benefit for a modern reader. In the introductory chapter, I introduce the historical, intellectual, and spiritual context of authors and texts. In the second and third chapter, I analyze texts of the selected works focusing on the definitions of spiritual progress and its relation to sin and forgiveness, afterlife and communion of God and man. I also considered how was the teaching of both authors influenced by their historical context and pointed out problematic parts of their teaching. In the concluding chapter, I summarize similarities and differences ín Origen's and Gregory's approach to the topic of spiritual progress on the basis of the text analysis and secondary sources. I ask how can Christians of today in their spiritual progress and ecumenical discussions benefit from Origen's and Gregory's search for Christian perfection.
The Doctrine of Creation and Theology of the Neglected World: A Conversation with O. Clément, R. Rohr, N. T. Wright and the Pope Francis
Paluchníková, Štěpánka ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled The Doctrine of Creation and Theology of the Neglected World: A Conversation with O. Clément, R. Rohr, N. T. Wright and the Pope Francis aims to interpret the doctrine of creation and theology of the world as helping to rediscover the significance of today's neglected world as an inhabited and habitable place created by a good Creator who gave the world its eschatological orientation, which is renewed through Christ and in the Spirit. In this study I have a conversation with French Orthodox theologian Olivier Clément, the American Franciscan Richard Rohr, the British Anglican theologian and Bishop N. T. Wright and the Latin American Pope Francis. Each of them helps me, in a specific way, to understand in what sense the neglected world, together with man, can and does undergo transformations so that 'the world for death becomes the world for glory.' This perspective of creation which is eucharistic, universal, continuous and good shows how to achieve this goal.
Perception of Feminity and Women in the Religious Philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov and Nikolai Berdyaev
Dremlyuk, Inga ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis deals with perception of feminity and women in the religious philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov and Nikolai Berdyaev. In the introductory chapter I present my motivation for choosing this topic, and the reasons why I think it is important. The first chapter deals with Vladimir Solovyov's deception of womanhood at the same time it introduces his essential philosophical themes - such as Total-unity, Godmanhood, Sophiology - and pinpoints the specifics of his relationship to Christianity. In the second chapter, I discuss Berdayev's notion of feminity and present central motives of his philosophy: freedom, personality, creativity, as well as his peculiar understanding of Christianity and Godmanhood. In the concluding chapter I summarize both authors' views on feminity and point out the inconsistency of these ideas in the broader context of their notion of God, human and human's free and responsible participation on his or her way to Godmanhood. Powered by TCPDF (
Alexander Schmemann's Ecclesiology: Witnessing the Crisis within the Orthodox Church.
Panaitescu, Cristian ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee) ; van Rossum, Joost (referee)
The thesis of Cristian Panaitescu analyses Alexander Schmemann's ecclesiology in relation to the crisis within the Orthodox Church. It follows the decisive turning points Schmemann's generation of Orthodox Theologians living in emigration had to face: The Bolshevik revolution in Russia and its consequences; being strangers in different cultures; moving to the situation where Church no longer had a firm place in society and embedded structures of life; seeking for theological foundations that would be corresponding to the liturgical and spiritual experience the Orthodox theologians found formative. Thus it shows the crisis as a process with theological, cultural, social and political reasons and implications. Panaitescu follows how Alexander Schmemann witnessed this crisis and dealt with it in his theology, namely within his liturgical and sacramental theology. Given that the crisis within the Orthodox Church has been a multi-layered reality, the thesis refers its various dimensions as it follows the evolution of Russian émigré theology as it has dealt with being previously dominated by Western neo-scholasticism the disruption between the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church and Orthodox theology, and eventually regarding the relationship between the Orthodox Church and the world. The dissertation...
The Relationship Between Theology and Poetry In Dorothee Sölle
Šipka, Magdaléna ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (advisor) ; Štampach, Ivan (referee)
This dissertation examines the poetry of Dorothee Sölle, particularly her seven books of collected poems - Meditationen & Gebrauchstexte, Revolutionäre geduld, Fliegen lernen, Spiel doch von brot und rosen, Verrückt nach licht, Zivil und ungehörsam, Loben ohne lügen. At least two poems from each book are chosen for analysis based on the theological concept they express. It thus attempts to cover most of the concepts Sölle elaborates upon in her works. The second part of the thesis then focuses on the use of biblical passages in Dorothee Sölle's poetry, offering to view them in three subject cathegories based on her ways of working with them. Those are 1) 2) Re-telling the Bible, and 3) Contemplating upon the passages themselves. It further examines the synthesis of religious and social topics throughout her works, again suggesting to divide them into 1) Contemporary 2) Historical, and 3) Stuctural, based on the nature of the social topics portrayed in them. The thesis also explores Sölle's depiction of God, concluding that Sölle sees God in her poems not as a governing, dominating entity, but rather as a co-creator, God weeping and compassionate with the world. Sölle sees this image of God's empathy and involvement with man as an incentive for the man to become the same, to act similarly.
Body, Symbol and Freedom in Paul Ricoueur and Olivier Clément
Verdickt, Dana ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis explores the view on symbol, body and freedom in Paul Ricoeur's and Olivier Clément's work. The aim is to analyse symbols and explore the benefits they can have for modern society, Western culture and how can these symbols influence people. This topic indirectly allows understanding of the role of tradition, rituals, narrations, myths and traditional wisdom in nowadays Western society. Furthermore, the thesis shows what influences the process of thinking, deciding and deepening one's faith. In particular, I am investigating whether in nowadays democratic and freedom supporting society one really has possibility of free choice. This reflection is to be completed on the basis of previous analysis of the symbol, body and freedom in the view of philosopher Paul Ricoeur and theologian Olivier Clément. The thesis is structured into three chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to the analysis of Ricoeur's view on this subject, in the following chapter I study Clément's theology, and in the third chapter I offer the comparison of these two. In the beginning of each chapter I introduce the life of the authors and influences that they encountered. This will reveal their philosophy and theology in better context. The conclusion summarizes the findings of previous chapters, and shows how they can...
The Mystical Experience in Father Sophrony and Dorothee Soelle: Starting Points, Emphases and Perspectives
Buknová, Gabriela ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kušnieriková, Michaela (referee)
The Bachelor thesis entitled The Mystical experience in Father Sophrony and Dorothee Soelle. Starting points, Emphases, Perspektives is primarily aimed at introducing the mystical journes of an Orthodox monk and a Protestant woman theologian. A short biography of both is followed by a key part in which the starting points and emphases of their mystical paths are discussed. For Dorothee Soelle, also the various places of mystical sensibility are described. After getting acquainted with the representatives of the two spiritualities, a non- confrontational comparison of both follows in order to point out the possible intersections of their paths in the spirit of ecumenism. At the end of the work, I try to outline the perspectives of using their mystical paths for the life of a rank-and-file Christian today. Keywords Orthodox spirituality, Protestant spirituality, Mysticism, Sophrony Sakharov, Dorothee Soelle, Defiance, Prayer, Theosis, Creativity.
The question of human identity and the way it's understood in orthodox and evangelical approach
Kočalka, Matúš ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis entitled The Question of Human Identity and its Understanding in Orthodox and Evangelical Tradition - the Visions of Olivier Clément and Stanley Grenz is dealing with the topic of human identity in the means of Christian theology, particularly in the perception of Orthodox and Evangelical tradition. The key authors in this thesis are Olivier Clément and Stanley Grenz, both representing one of the particular Christian traditions. The thesis deals with the question of human identity through the theological approach of both of the authors, which is set in the broader context of their work. The particular emphases are expressed within the framework of theological anthropology, and discussed with the terms characteristic for systematic theology. Furthermore, the thesis emphasizes theological analysis and subsequent critical reflection of the question of human identity, with the goal of establishing space for critical thinking about this topic, and with possible inspiration for the following research of the question of human identity.
Spiritual poetry of Rudolf Jurolek
Junová, Rut ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (advisor) ; Šmejdová, Barbora (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the spiritual poetry of Rudolf Jurolek from a religionistic- theological perspective. First, it determines the context of the poet's work through the delimitation of the concept of spiritual poetry and the characteristics of its contemporary form. The thesis then contains a detailed literary-religionistic analysis of individual Jurolek's poetry collections (Dobrovoľná samota, Život je možný, Smrekový les, Poľné vety, Posunok, Putovanie Jakuba z Rána, Hierografia) with an increased interest in spiritual themes and motifs. Subsequently, based on the results of the first two steps, the thesis determines mysticism as a suitable interpretative framework for religionistic-theological research. Among the focal points of Jurolek's spiritual search, nature and poetry, the thesis reveals the connection with mysticism, both on a thematic-motivic level through the figures of particular saints (St. Francis of Assisi, St. Hildegard of Bingen, Plotinus) and through individual phases of mysticism (awakening, purification, enlightenment). The thesis also finds a connection with mysticism in the poet's way of writing which, from the point of view of philosophy, recalls the procedures of Husserl's phenomenology. At the same time, the thesis observes where Jurolek comes closer to the...

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