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Geometrically realistic macro-scale model for multi-scalesimulations of catalytic filters for automotive gasaftertreatment
Hlavatý, Tomáš ; Isoz, Martin ; Plachá, M. ; Šourek, M. ; Kočí, P.
This paper is part of a research focused on simulating (i) the catalytic conversion of environment endangering gases, and (ii) trapping of the particulate matter in automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment. Historically, the catalytic conversion and the filtration of soot particles were performed in independent devices. However, recent trend is to combine the catalytic converter and soot filter into a single device, the catalytic filter. Compared to the standard two-device system, the catalytic filter is more compact and has lower heat losses. Nevertheless, it is highly sensitive to the catalyst distribution. This study extends our recently developed methodology for pore-scale simulations of flow, diffusion and reaction in the coated catalytic filters. The extension consists of enabling data transfer from macro- to pore-scale models by preparing geometrically realistic macro-scale CFD simulations. The simulation geometry is based on XRT scans of real-life catalytic filters. The flow data from the newly developed macro-scale model are mapped as boundary conditions into the pore-scale simulations and used to improve the estimates of the catalytic filter filtration efficiency.
Composting of materials contaminated by micropollutants
Kočí, Petra ; Cajthaml, Tomáš (advisor) ; Innemanová, Petra (referee)
Micropollutants are compounds of anthropogenic origin, detected at concentrations of ng·g-1 - mg·g-1 in the environment. Micropollutants are synthetic or natural compounds. Micropollutants are released into the environment due to various human activities. Despite low concentrations in the environment, they represent a real threat to organisms, because of their specific biological effects. Sewage sludge is used in agriculture due to its hight nutritious content. Via using sludge in agriculture, contained micropollutants can be released to environment. Composting is a cheap bioremediation method, used from 80's of the last century. This diploma thesis is focused on composting of sewage sludge, contamined with micropollutants. High degradation rate was observed in artificially contaminated sludge, mainly with endocrine disruptors (up to 100 %). Lower degradation rate was observed in sewage sludge from a pharmaceutical plant, some of the compounds were not degraded at all.
Measurement of inventories in the Czech Republic and according to IFRS
Kočí, Přemysl ; Svitlík, Jan (advisor) ; Vašek, Libor (referee)
The content of this bachelor thesis analyses measurement methods of inventories according to Czech accounting legislation and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Prior to the analysis, the accounting approaches themselves and the exact objective of inventories are described. The aim of the thesis is to compare measurement methods of inventories according to Czech legislation and IFRS with emphasis on the evaluation of their differences.
Maintenance between spouses, maintenance between former spouses, maintenance between civil partners
Kočí, Petra ; Elischer, David (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
Maintenance between spouses, maintenance between former spouses, maintenance between civil partners Abstract The diploma thesis deals with maintenance between spouses during marriage and after divorce and maintenance between civil partners. The maintenance duty and right for maintenance is recently a discussed topic, particularly due to high divorce rate. It is not a novelty that a divorce of a marriage or termination of a civil partnership strongly influences all of the partaking not only emotionally, but also economically. Exactly in these cases, the law provides a protection to the economically weak members of a family in a form of maintenance institutes. The biggest attention is usually dedicated to the maintenance and support of a minor. The other kinds of maintenance are not mentioned very often. The aim of this work is to analyse current legal regulation of the above mentioned institutes in the Czech legal order and compare it to the already repealed Family Act. After the recent Civil Law recodification, most of the relevant provisions were integrated to The Civil Code. Nevertheless, its content was not fundamentally changed. The thesis is basically divided into four main parts. The first and the most important part deals with the substantive regulations of all the above mentioned institutes. It...
Steel structure of a business centre
Kočí, Petr ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis elaborates on the proposal of a loadbearing steel structure of a shopping centre. Four-storey building has total lenght of 88 m, width 48 m and its base structural grid is 8 x 8 m. The total height of building is 25,4 m. First three floors above ground are designed with structural height of 5,6 m whilst the 4TH floor uses height of 4,0 m. Frame structure is formed by primary beams and castellated secondary beams. Above 4TH floor, the roof structure is designed in two alternative versions, both using solid purlins and truss girder. The 3D computer animation of the building is also part of thesis. The shopping centre that is subject of the final thesis is located in Brno area.
Industrial building
Kočí, Petr ; Buchta, Stanislav (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with proposal of a load-bearing steel structure of a single-bay hall in accordance with the space arrangement of the building with span of 24 m, length of 63 m and 8,7 m height of a modular crane cantilever. Two bridge cranes are designed with a load capacity of 12,5t and 32/8 t. Essential load-bearing element of the building are transversal frames designed in 12m distance formed by truss girder and solid columns cantilevered at the plane of a transversal main frame. Roof panels are fixed onto the parabolic purlins. Hall is located in the Ustí nad Labem region.
Optimization of machine time manufacturing facilities
KOČÍ, Petr
This thesis describes the implementation of a software tool Automatic Cycle Time Diagnosis in production facilities, optimize machine time and sets the standards and documents for implementation into production facilities within the Robert Bosch Ltd., Budweis.
Implementation of the cars sales supporting programme in Opel company
Kočí, Pavel ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Doležal, Jiří (referee)
The topic of this master's thesis is implementation of the Opel Partner programme as new cars sales support of the importer Opel. Introductory theoretical part of this thesis is at first focused on explanation of marketing concepts and tools, that are in praxis very closely related to the Opel Partner programme. Next theoretical part concerns european automotive market and more detailly Czech and Slovak automotive markets with greater focus on Opel brand. Practical part of this thesis is fully concerned to Opel Partner programme. At the beginning, the programme is detailly introduced and the entire proces of it's working is described. In the next parts of practical section, there is detailed sales analysis and analysis of other followed indexes of the programme. After that selected marketing activities realized for sales support are evaluated. Final part of this thesis focuses on own recommendations how to enhance effectiveness of the programme.

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