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Participatory approaches and urban development: A case study of Amsterdam
Mirmohammad Sadeghi, Fariba ; Kovářová, Linda (advisor) ; Špačková, Eva (referee) ; Klement, Judit (referee)
in English Amsterdam is a unique combination of hydraulic engineering and built environment, urban design and city image, multiculturalism and neoliberalism, toleration and integration, commerce and business, culture and identity, individualism, and public decision-making among European cities. This thesis tries to explore Amsterdam's urban development in the contexts of urban planning, decision making, institutional policies and public participation. Moreover, this research studies the image of Amsterdam as a UNESCO world heritage site, the history of its urban development, its demography and immigrant population, and its municipal structure. The municipality of Amsterdam as the main actor of urban planning and development policies is studied for answering the research question: How does the municipality involve citizens in its urban development projects? To answer this question, of the seven districts of Amsterdam, the youngest district with the highest number of urban renewal projects is chosen: The Nieuw- West district, which is also the greenest and second-largest district of Amsterdam. By using content analysis from the municipality's website project information and Arnstein's ladder of participation in the methodology, the public participation framework and function is studied. The urban...
Industrial heritage and urban regeneration: New perspectives for the district of Atlampa in Mexico City
Guzmán Penella, Diego ; Janáč, Jiří (advisor) ; Špačková, Eva (referee) ; Klement, Judit (referee)
Industrial heritage and urban regeneration: New perspectives for the district of Atlampa in Mexico City Abstract in English The relationship between cities and industry has been the subject of research ever since the process of industrialization began in the 18th century. The interest around it has only grown once industry started leaving urban centers in the mid 20th century, forcing cities to evolve to fulfill new functions. This posed a challenge to urban planners and heritage professionals, who had to find solutions together to preserve important industrial sites without restraining the city from evolving. The present thesis explores the different approaches commonly used to address this challenge and analyzes their feasibility for the case of Atlampa, a historical industrial district in Mexico City that has stagnated for decades despite showing great urban potential and heritage value. The core of the thesis is a comparative study of former industrial districts with similar circumstances, which were identified through a diagnosis of Atlampa. The comparison analyzes the urban planning and heritage conservation approaches in each case and determines what could be a feasible and desirable strategy for the urban regeneration of Atlampa. Key words industrial heritage - urban regeneration - urban heritage -...
Catholic Cathedrals in Europe and Representation of Heritage via Mobile Applications
Mazur, Ekaterina ; Ira, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pýcha, Čeněk (referee) ; Klement, Judit (referee)
Representation of heritage via digital and online tools gains more attention from culture professionals and the general public. Mobile applications allow museums to reach wider audiences, make heritage more accessible for people with special needs and provide content in various forms. Catholic cathedrals, being the sites with great tourism potential and rich historical and cultural legacy, also create their mobile applications in several languages. This research aims to answer the question of how mobile applications contribute to the representation of the heritage of religious sites. The case studies are the mobile applications of Notre-Dame, Milan, Florence and Cologne cathedrals. The visual and textual content and the design of the applications are analyzed to explore how heritage meets religious and secular needs. As a result, it was possible to identify patterns used by the cathedrals' management and application developers when generating religious heritage content in this technologic framework. Besides, practical suggestions on improvement of the technical layout and narrative practices are made. Keywords: religious heritage, heritage representation, mobile applications, digital museum, tourism, museum communication, UNESCO 2
Museums and Agriculture in Cold War Europe: The establishment of the Association Internationale de Musées d'Agriculture
Rocha Joaquim, João Pedro ; Janáč, Jiří (advisor) ; Olšáková, Doubravka (referee) ; Klement, Judit (referee)
Keywords: AIMA, museum history, agricultural history, International NGO history, Cold War This research focuses on the emergence and development of agricultural museum practice and theory in 20th -century Europe, with special attention to the establishment of knowledge networks between different transnational actors; contributing to the identification of theoretical change and methodological trends in the development of this museological field. The Skansen Open-Air Museum in Stockholm, a folklore museum, and the Hungarian Agricultural Museum in Budapest, a national museum with a markedly technical character, both founded in the 1890s, were the two pioneer institutions of this kind, acting as role-models for later initiatives around Europe and beyond. This bipolar ancestry reflects the variety of approaches possible, still today, in the realm of agricultural museology: one can find agriculture-related museums focused on technical matters, food and nutrition, folklore, specific industries or sectors, etc. Furthermore, the museographic approaches and curatorial options of these institutions can vary considerably from re-enactment of traditional practices to the science-centre-inspired display of environmental matters. At a time when environmental, agricultural, and food related matters gain increasing...

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