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Relationships in adolescents placed in children's homes
Fučíková, Jana ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Klapálková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with romantic relationships of adolescents who have spent some time in children's homes. The aim of this thesis is to gain insights into how adolescents in children's homes view and experience romantic relationships. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and an empirical part. The theoretical part deals with the definition and problems of the system of institutional education in the Czech Republic, the definition of adolescence and risk factors that may influence the experience and quality of their romantic relationships. The following terms have been defined: attachment disorder, intergenerational transmission, emotional and psychological deprivation. The theoretical part concludes with the preparation for romantic and interpersonal relationships in the children's home and school environment. The main objective of the empirical part was to obtain information on the issue of partner relationships among young people living in children's homes on the basis of case studies and interviews using a qualitative research method. Eight respondents aged between 16 and 22 participated in the research. They were 4 girls and 4 boys who had spent at least 3 years in children's homes. All participants had experienced at least one romantic relationship. It was found that half of...
Specifics of work and education of pupils with a different native language
Trtková, Michaela ; Swoboda, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Klapálková, Veronika (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the specifics of education of pupils with a different mother tongue. The theoretical part of the thesis firstly introduces the reader to the key terminology - the definition of the terms foreign pupil and pupil with a different mother tongue. The starting point of the examined issue is its setting in the perspective of legislative documents and principles of inclusive pedagogy. Furthermore, this part of the thesis focuses on specific teaching principles, which are related to the context of a specific educational reality - the preparation of pupils with a different mother tongue for the unified entrance exam to secondary schools in the Czech language. The last chapter also foreshadows the focus of the practical part, as it is devoted to modifications of the Unified Secondary School Entrance Examination in Czech for pupils with a different mother tongue. The practical part presents the results of the investigation, which was conducted in the form of a research probe. The aim of the research is to identify the specifics of the education of pupils with a different mother tongue, specifically in the area of their preparation for the Unified Entrance Examination to secondary schools in Czech language from the perspective of their teachers and lecturers. Key words Pupils...
The benefit of the general primary prevention in the point of view of lower secondary school pupils
Nejedlová, Johana ; Klapálková, Veronika (advisor) ; Komárková, Tereza (referee)
Based on the importance primary prevention represents in society as well as my own professional experience with the prevention of risk behaviors in schools through preventive programs, I decided to dedicate my attention to the specific program of primary prevention, focusing on the topic of bullying and aggression. The goal of this paper is to describe whether this program is beneficial for middle school students and whether it is providing them with fitting information to gain appropriate knowledge, based on the goals of this program. In the theoretical part, I am focusing on the system of primary prevention in schools and risk behavior in which topics are specifically chosen to be aggression and bullying, according to the focus of the examined program of general primary prevention. I am following up on the characteristics of the kids in middle school who became respondents to my research questionnaire. In the empirical part of my senior thesis I chose to use a self-proposed questionnaire of quantitative method and approach. The responders were students of middle school, more specifically students attending 6th grade. Key words Aggression, lower secondary school pupils, general primary prevention program, risk behaviour, bullying, general primary prevention
The dilemmas of social workers in a selected low-threshold facility for children and youth
Denková, Michaela ; Klapálková, Veronika (advisor) ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to examine the dilemmas faced by social workers when providing services in a selected low-threshold facility for children and youth. The thesis contains two main parts, the first introduces the reader to the theoretical, professionally supported basis. It is dedicated to the definition of low-threshold facilities for children and youth, the services provided, the work goals, the principles on which these devices are based. The theoretical part also describes the target group of the service, explains the role of the social worker and the specificity of his relationship with the client. Last but not least, the thesis deals with ethics and dilemmas in social work in low-threshold facilities for children and youth. The second part is based on qualitative research conducted using the method of semi-structured interviews. These were conducted with social workers in a selected low-threshold facility for children and youth. The aim of the research was to find out what dilemmas appear within the given service, how the workers try to prevent the dilemmas and what helps workers in solving them. This is followed by an interpretation of the results and a summary of findings. Keywords At-risk youth, dilemmas, ethics of social work, low-threshold facility for children and youth, low...
Classroom climate and relationships within graduating classes of four-year, six-year and eight-year grammar schools
Kratochvílová, Anna ; Klapálková, Veronika (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
This thesis explores the classroom climate and classroom relationships of the senior class of a particular four-year, six-year, and eight-year high school. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part, and the two parts are closely related. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters. The thesis draws on the literature in the fields of education and social psychology and focuses in particular on the characterisation of school classroom climate and methods of measuring climate. An essential chapter of the theoretical part of the thesis is also the area dealing with the characteristics of relationships within the classroom collective. The empirical part of the thesis then proceeded to a quantitative-qualitative research investigation, which focused on exploring the differences and interrelationships within the classroom collective of senior high school students with different lengths of study. After defining the seven research questions and introducing the methodology of the study, the data was collected using the standardized questionnaire Classroom Climate by Jiří Mareš and Stanislav Ježek, which was distributed among the male and female students of the three graduating classes of the high school. The second part of the data collection was conducted using structured...
Teaching assistant working with student with a different native language
Hošnová, Nikita ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Klapálková, Veronika (referee)
The growing numbers of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic have resulted in an increasing frequency of students with different native languages entering Czech schools. The presence of these students in a new environment is a milestone not only for the students themselves but also for the teachers and the entire class collective. In such situations, the role of the teaching assistant becomes crucial as they are capable of providing adequate support to the students in their education. This master's thesis maps the role of the teaching assistant working with students with different native languages in regular primary schools. The aim is to shed light on the significance of the assistant's function within the educational process for non-native language students. The qualitative research focuses on the challenges encountered by the assistants and the strategies they employ to address them. It also examines the level of preparedness of the assistants for the arrival of a student speaking a different native language and the quality of their collaboration with the classroom teacher. Keywords Student with a different native language, teaching assistant, diversity, inclusive education
Social pedagogical integration interventions for unaccompanied juvenile Refugees in Germany
Roupcová, Noemi ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (advisor) ; Klapálková, Veronika (referee)
(in English): The thesis deals with socio-pedagogical interventions provided to unaccompanied minor refugees in Germany. It describes the situation of unaccompanied minor refugees who come to acute care centres or residential facilities for youth and come to terms with the reality of life in a new country. The provided socio-pedagogical interventions can be divided into 3 main groups. The effectiveness of these interventions in terms of supporting the integration of refugees into mainstream society was examined on a group of 23 persons - unaccompanied minor refugees. They evaluated the individual interventions provided within the framework of individual semi-structured interviews that took place in 2020 - 2022. The work is conceptualized theoretically and empirically. In the theoretical first part of the work, basic concepts from the field of migration and social pedagogy are presented and explained, and 3 areas of social pedagogic interventions provided are discussed in more detail. In the research part of the work, the research question is defined, the design and methodology are presented, and the research method based on interpretive phenomenological analysis is presented. At the end of the work, possible further research directions in this area are defined.
Sex education at primary shools in the Czech Republic
Chounová, Kristýna ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Klapálková, Veronika (referee)
This thesis deals with sex education in primary schools in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part describes in great detail the development of sex education to its current form, from historical events to important political moments of the present. Side effects currently influencing children's and adolescents' views on sexuality are also not neglected. In the practical part, a research investigation is presented to find out how sex education is implemented in terms of the organization and form of teaching, its content and methods, but also examines the attitudes of educators towards information sources about sex, the content of sex education and reflects their opinion on whether it would be appropriate and possible to introduce sex education as a separate subject. It was found that sex education is implemented in accordance with the principles of holistic sex education, but there is still some potential for improvement in some areas of teaching. Educators are of the opinion that there is no need for a separate subject, but it is important not to support taboos, to pay enough attention to all topics and, above all, to ensure taht there are enough quality, educated teachers.
Awarness of Primary School Teachers About The Child Abuse and Neglect Syndrome
Dvořák, Vojtěch ; Klapálková, Veronika (advisor) ; Lindová, Markéta (referee)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the issue of Child Abuse & Neglect (CAN) syndrome and the awareness of elementary school teachers regarding this issue. The thesis focuses on determining whether teachers are adequately prepared to detect, address, and prevent cases of child abuse, exploitation, and neglect, and whether they have sufficient knowledge about the various forms of CAN syndrome and its specific manifestations. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with defining and describing different forms of CAN syndrome and the risk factors that can contribute to its development. This section also outlines the qualification requirements for teachers working at the lower secondary level of primary schools. The research part of the thesis focuses on surveying elementary school teachers. Through a questionnaire survey, it examines whether teachers are capable of defining the forms of CAN syndrome and whether they have encountered cases of child abuse, exploitation, and neglect in their practice, as well as how they were prepared to address this issue. The aim of this section is also to determine whether the teachers perceive the prevention of CAN syndrome in elementary schools as sufficient. Keywords: CAN syndrome, CAN syndrome prevention, teacher education, lower-secondary schools
Lifestyle of the pupils in elementary school
Kramářová, Veronika ; Klapálková, Veronika (advisor) ; Sedláčková, Daniela (referee)
This Diploma Thesis is about lifestyle of the pupils in elementary school. The content is divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part includes five chapters which presents the topics about ways of the pupil life. Specifically, it describes the general lifestyle characteristics, the definition of the pupils age periods in elementary school, the possibilities of the pupil lifestyle in primary school, the description of the external influences on pupils and also it introduces a connection among the free time and the pupil lifestyle. The empirical part deals with quantitative research whose research method is a questionnaire. The goal is research lifestyle level of pupils. Only pupils from 3., 5., 7. and 9. classes. It is also focuses on specific parts: knowledge of healthy lifestyle, regularity of eating, correctness of food composition, correctness of drinking regimen composition, physical activity, mode of day and rest, gaming electronic devices activity and psychological well- being.

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