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What is the Way to Price Stability: Centralization or Liberalization of Banking Sector
Koldus, Miroslav ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis seeks to find an optimal structure for the banking sector from the perspective of price stability, defined as monetary prices that reflect consumer preferences. By comparing the common characteristics of central and free banking theories, four key areas will emerge and will constitute a background for comparative analysis. The key argument in the analysis is a comparison of the relationship between money supply and the information capability of monetary prices across both theories. The result of this analysis will be four conditions for achieving price stability, which together will answer the primary question of this thesis: Which of the two concepts offers better guarantees for price mechanism functioning?
The problematic aspects of income taxation of theatre institutions
Mysliveček, Adam ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
My bachelor degree diploma thesis is focused on main problems of theatre institutions as non-profit/non-governmental organizations in their income taxation The thesis analyzed issues of statutory regulation of this area and practical experiences in its application on examples of theatres: Divadlo Na zábradlí a Dejvické divadlo. The work is discussed in detail the issue of major and minor activity of NGOs, and then from the resulting difficulty in assigning specific costs to each of these activities. Because the work deals with the taxation of nonprofit organizations, also includes an overview and analysis of arguments for why these institutions should be subjekt to the favorable tax regime.
Public-private partnership in health service
Sokolová, Lucia ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Kučerová, Jaroslava (referee)
Improving the quality and efficiency of health care is still one of the most important areas of each country. Even in times of economic and financial crisis, this issue has been increasingly taken into account. Due to lack of funds, ministries of health search for a partner for investments, in the form of public-private partnership, aimed at increasing the quality of services, which some countries such as Great Britain has already have long experience with. My aim will be to determine whether it is effective to establish public-private projects in hospitals in the Slovak Republic. Focusing on the effectiveness of these partnerships and cost recovery put into them and to create a conclusion about their actual functioning.
Unemployment rate of older person in the labour market in the Czech Republic
Vaňatková, Hana ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Stočková, Olga (referee)
Work presents the unemployment of persons in pre-retired age (50-60 years) on the Czech labour market. The main objective was to confirm or disprove the hypothesis that older people are worse employable because they do not have such mobility in the labour market as young people and are less adaptable. This hypothesis is confirmed also by questionnaire investigation which was carried out among employers and which has the greatest contribution to this work. The chapters in theoretical part of the work are devoted to labour market, unemployment, discrimination and employment policy in Czech Republic. Next sections examine unemployment rates since 90's till present both generally in whole state and in group of pre-retired aged people. Work also deals with the effects influencing the unemployment rate of this group of people, namely education, health and regional differences. It describes factors that affect employees' decisions, whether to stay in the labour market or leave. The conclusion describes possible solutions to the unemployment.
Public Private Partnership and PPP project Buildind-up and Operating of Prison with High Se
Císařová, Markéta ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis deals with Public Private Partnership. In the first part there is a PPP definition, there are specified basic characteristic features of this partnership and sumed up basic historical findings about PPP. The Thesis concentrates on advantages and disadvantages, resulting from this partnership, on definition of basic types of PPP projects and their sector division. The second part of the Thesis is focused on particular PPP project Buildind-up and Operating of Prison with High Security and its analysis. It informs about reasons for building of these premises and about expected aims of the submitters. The aim of this Bachelor Thesis is to identify whether the implementation of the project is attractive for private partners.
Political cycle and the trend of public finance in the Czech Republic since 1993
Hýbner, Tomáš ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Zemplinerová, Alena (referee)
The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis deals with issues of the political cycle, the behavior of political parties inside this cycle and the behavior of citizens in position of voters. Then there is investigated the influence of this behavior on the business cycle as well as on important fiscal indicators development, such as budget or budget deficit. The practical part of this work deals with public finance development and emphases central government finance with regards to the relations of this development with the political cycle. The area that was investigated was the Czech Republic in the period from year 1993, when the independent state was established, to these days.
Economic growth in east Asia
Rychetský, David ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
My paper is about reasons that led to economic boom in east Asia after the world war II. In first part I show different opinions of economic growth, growth in developing countries and of reasons of economic boom in east Asia. Then I focus on three countries, Japan, South Korea and China. I analyse reasons, which led to fast economic growth in these countries and I try to find similarities and diversities in development of these countries.
Millennium Development Goals
Urban, Petr ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Kotýnková, Magdalena (referee)
The objective of my bachelor thesis is to judge problems of the third world countries with the emphasis on african continent. I will especially focus on economic and social problems of the countries. I will try to judge potential solving problems not only in economic way. I will also focus on political structure of the countries and its role in looking for reasons of poverty and I will try to find out how to prevent the consequences depend on political instability in the regions. I will try to give the answer what is the main function of international organisations, if the millennium development goals are realized and if the financial aid used on development projects is efficient.
Public Private Partnership and its utilization in active employment policy
Kaloč, Jiří ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Czesaný, Slavoj (referee)
This thesis analyses partnership between public and private sector in the field of education and active employment policy. My goals are to implement the theoretical analysis of the characteristics and types of Public-Private Partnership and to review the advantages and risks this partnership bears. In the next part I look at the PPP possibilities in education system in Czech Republic. And finally I will sum up the foreign experience and how it could help with the intricacies of this sector.
Public Private Partnership and PPP project of construction higwways in Slovakia
Vitko, Juraj ; Kapinusová, Jana (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Pavel (referee)
The Bachelor project deals with new age phenomenon in ensuring public values by Public Private Partnership (PPP). Within the first part I have summarized the most important of theoretical knowledge about PPP. At the beginning define the basic facto related to topic of PPP, specify what PPP is, outline theoretical possibilities of systematical use of PPP, and define basic characteristics, basic types of PPP, advantages and disadvantages of PPP, at the end theoretical development of PPP project. Within the next part I would like to introduce the ongoing PPP project for construction of highways and fast highways in Slovakia. I will analyse the project, mainly from the financial perspective, outline the impact on state budget during the duration of the project and compare the financing by PPP vs. PSC. In the end of my bachelor project I would like to underline success and failure of PPP projects in other foreign countries.

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