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The expectations about school in children primarily with hearing impairment or communication disability
Kalousová, Tereza ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Medřická, Tereza (referee)
The Master theses is focussing on children starting school and their expectations on school. Research is involving children with hearing disability and impaired communication skills. The essence of theses is to analyze these expectations. Specifically if these expectations are complex and in what specific way children's hearing or communication disability interferes with their expectations on school and with other areas such as drawing. Research is based on experience with sample of children primarily with hearing disability and impaired communication skills. All of these children attend the same type of school. Experiences come from two meetings I had with them. In the first phase all children attended kindergarten, in the second phase they were first grade pupils. In both phases they attended the same building, because kindergarten is part of the school. Their assignment was to draw a picture on a school theme. Then they were interviewed over their drawings. The collected data are thus processed qualitatively. In conclusion the results of the whole research are formulated, which were determined mainly on the basis of comparison with similar researches. However, those researches were focused on expectations of intact children. It turned out that the children from my group did not have as specific...
Innovation Policy of USA and its Impact on Balance of Trade
Kalousová, Tereza ; Gullová, Soňa (advisor) ; Klosová, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis describes innovation environment of United States of America and the influence of US innovation policy on its foreign trade. The analysis and comparison of qualitative and quantitative data were mainly used from secondary sources of American Census Bureau and innovation programs of individual Departments and federal agencies for purposes of this diploma thesis. United States of America is still seen as one of the most competitive and powerful world nations. Long term negative balance of trade in goods and increasing import of technology products in the first place are weakening the USA position as world innovation leader. Research and development activities are becoming more globalised in the last decade and USA have to deal with strong influence from emerging economies, mainly from Asian region. Current innovation policy agenda attempts to support broad development of innovation and technology, not only particular fields of interest. Obama's administration intensively focuses on key areas for maintaining the country's competitiveness considering current financial crisis and increasing role of other world economies. These key areas are however not in line with commodities, which mainly represents negative figures of country's balance of trade. In this respect, the innovation policy of United States rather falls behind.
Development of international trade of the Czech republic with Asian countries, to which territorial preferences are exercised
Kalousová, Tereza ; Kalínská, Emílie (advisor) ; Lukáš, Zdeněk (referee)
In terms of the Export strategy of the Czech Republic for the period from 2006 and 2010, the Czech government has created a registry of priority countries in the individual regions of the world, with which it would be beneficial to develop mutual commercial relationship due to the high dynamics of the economic growth in these countries. From the Asian region, I have chosen the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for my analysis of mutual foreign cooperation. In the first chapter, the foreign trade situation of the Czech Republic is analyzed. Consequently, in the second chapter, I continue with the introduction of the export policy of the Czech Republic. The third chapter describes the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in detail and the last part of my work deals with bilateral relationships between the Czech Republic and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and with the shape of the commercial and political side of the foreign cooperation.

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