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Social networks and websites for readers
Kadlecová, Zita ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Papík, Richard (referee)
This master thesis focuses on social networks and websites for readers. The first part includes an introduction to the topic, it also presents several typologies of users of social networks coupled with the characteristics specific to the users of readers networks, including structure of these sites in general. A detailed analysis of selected Czech and foreign networks and websites follows, while special attention was paid to the projects Goodreads and Databáze knih. The research section includes processed data and the results of the questionnaire survey and structured interviews with users of Goodreads. Preferences and opinions of the respondents sample of users were analyzed during the survey in order to outline the characteristics of the reader network, which will meet the user's requirements and expectations. Key words: social networks, websites for readers, reading
Edvard Beneš and the Slovak issue at the Second Czechoslovak resistance
Kadlecová, Zita ; Kocian, Jiří (advisor) ; Pehr, Michal (referee)
This work Edvard Beneš and the Slovak issue at the Second Czechoslovak resistance focuses on the explanation of selected issues in the history of Czechoslovakian politics during the Second Czechoslovak resistance in Paris, London and Moscow between 1938-1945. This interpretation will concentrate on changes in the resistance, especially with regard to the issues affecting Slovaks and Slovakia in the period from the autumn of 1938 to the spring of 1945. It attempts as much as possible to describe and analyze the transformations in the perception of the Slovak issue while Czechoslovakian government was in exile, paying particular attention to this in relation to President E. Beneš, his followers and Slovakian members of the resistance movement. This topic will be studied highlighting significant aspects of wartime events, staging of foreign action and the situation back home - in the Protectorate and in the Slovak State. Also the actions of opposition and its key leaders will be mentioned. The aim of this research is to show the development and progression of conceptions of the Slovak issue in chronological stages of foreign resistance. Another aim is to illustrate the influence of the international political circumstances, the foreign policy orientation of the Czechoslovak exile, and events in the...

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