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Case Study of physiotherapy treatment of a patient with the osteosynthesis of medial malleolus and fibula
Kadlecová, Jana ; Nováková, Tereza (advisor) ; Mahr, Edwin (referee)
The ankle is a complicated structure in the human body. It is a joint that is subjected to sustained loads; muscles and ligaments provide stability. Ankle injuries are amongst the most common of injuries, but their diagnosis is sometimes difficult. With improper treatment, chronic arthritis can occur. In order to restore proper joint function, rehabilitation is necessary. The aim of this work was to identify and become familiar with physiothrapeutic procedures and practices when a fracture of the ankle has occurred. This objective has been met by using selected methods to rehabilitate the patient. The case report shows the progress of the rehabilitation, from a baseline, setting goals and choosing the appropriate form of therapy, and these determine the effects of all therapies that have been processed in the CLPA in the period from 25. 10. 2010 to 23. 11. 2010.
Typological classification and categorization og grasslands in selected area and recommendation of sutable grassland management
The aim of this thesis was to create the botanic snap of the chosen locations, which were meadows, grasslands, pastures and also fallow grass areas, to determine the area coverage of three main agrobotanic species i.e. grass, herbs and clover, to process it with the statistcal software and determine the method and intensity of use and fertilization of individual locations and suggest the suitable prato-technical methods. The cenological structure of the locations has been observed and described using botanic snaps. The prato-technic method used were documented for each of the locations and evaluated the influence on the cenological structure. The research was performed in locations Vřeskovice, Čeletice, Městiště in the region Pilsen, former district of Klatovy. In each location the botanic snaps were taken from 3 areas of about 5 x 6 meters each. There were determined the area coverage of grass, herbs and clovers and calculated the mean indication value of humidity. Mean indication value of humidity is the parameter usable for determination of permanent grassland management and utilization. The data from the research was elaborated in software MS Excel. I recommend to manage the analyzed permanent grasslands as follows: 1. The meadow Vřeskovice behind the sewage cleaning station - additional sow of perennial rye grass, meadow clover and white clover. 2. The meadow Mstice - total recovery alternatively conservative prato-technic measures - manure fertilization for about 20t/ha and additional sow of meadow and white clover and grass - red fescue, blue grass and perennial ryegrass. 3. The meadow above the transformer station Vřeskovice - keep on current management od additional clovers sow. 4. The pasture Čeletice grazed by horses - keep on current management or additional sow of red fescue, tall fescue and timothy grass. 5. The meadow Městiště with combined utilization by cattle pasture and mowing - keep on current way of use. 6. The pasture Vřeskovice grazed by cattle - keep on current utilization or additional sow meadow and white clover. 7. The pasture Vřeskovice grazed by sheep - keep on the current utilization, in future after the reduction of dangerous knapweed to decrease the amount of pastured animals. 8. The fallow meadow Vřeskovice behind Petrovický neither mowed nor pastured - proposed mulching twice a year for about 1 or 2 years, then pasture or pasture of extensive cattle breed (Galloway) or sheep or periodical mowing once or twice a year. 9. The fallow meadow Vřeskovice trench at the farmhouse - leave as a fallow meadow improves the biodivesity, optionally to mow once or twice a year from estetical reasons.
The leisure education in the spaces of St. Moritz Church on Mourenec at Annín
This bachelor's thesis deals with leisure educatinon conducted at sacred building. The theoretical part characterizes leisure education and its fundamental terms. The practical part describes the space education St. Moritz church on Mourenec at Annin and meaningful circumstances and relationship of its inception and lifetime. Acquaint with method of conducted guided tours as a form leisure education. It describes, categorizes and justifies methodical elements exploited in guided tours.
Consequences of forced hypokinesia on human movement apparatus
Kadlecová, Jana ; Jelen, Karel (advisor) ; Otáhal, Jakub (referee)
Title: Consequences of forced hypokinesia on human movement aparatus. Objectives: The aim of this study was to find out the influence of forced hypokinesia after total hip replacement on the excitability of α motoneurons. I deal with the changes of H-reflex and M-wave latencies and the changes of the recruitment curves. The results of the operated and non-operated (kontrol) lower limb were compared. Methods: Five volunteers 3 - 4 weeks after total hip replacement participated in this study. The age was 62,4 (± 3,01). The H-reflex was elicited by stimulation of tibial nerve in a poplitel fossa. The H-reflex and M-wave latencies and its recruitment curves were obtained. After that the values of the operated lower limb were compared with the non-operated one (control). The results were evaluated as case studies. The EMG device Grass Telefactor was used to detect the electrical potential of soleus muscle. The rectangular pulses of 0,5 ms duration were used for stimulation tibial nerve by Grass 88 Stimulator. Then the data were transduced by CED Power 1401 device. Results: We found out that the H-reflexes of both lower limbs were not elicited in the case study no. 2 and the H-reflex of a control lower limb was not elicited in case study no. 1. The stimulus intensities for eliciting H-reflex and M-wave...

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