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Controllable laser source for bird repelling
Vrtělková, Hana ; Kyselák,, Martin (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá problematikou plašení ptáků a jejich humánního plašení pomocí laserů. Práce také pojednává o bezpečnosti laserů, problému řídicího obvodu laserových diod, kolimaci svazku a jeho rozšíření tak, aby výstupní výkon paprsku nepřekročil maximální hodnotu výstupního výkonu laseru třídy 2M.
Čínské zahraniční investice v České republice
Kadlec, Radim
Kadlec, R. The document template for bachelor/diploma thesis. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The aim of this bachelor thesis is based on an evaluation of Chinese foreign in-vestments, which are such a popularized trend in Czech republic, and itʼs advantages or disadvantages, with regard to national as well as regional level; to some particular companies in regions of Czech republic. The thesis also analyzes the purpose of the investment and the impact of the investment activity of Chinese entities in the Czech Republic. The thesis examines both tangible investments (eg mergers and acquisitions, greenfields, brownfields) as well as intangible investments (eg acquiring know-how). The first part describes the theoretical introduction to the topic of FDI, which conc-ludes the characteristics, the definition, the classification and also the localization factors. Furthermore, this section elaborates the advantages and disadvantages of FDI in details. The second part is focused more specifically on the development of the volume of FDI in the Czech Republic, such as introduction of from which countries CR has got the most FDI flows. The following chapter paying attention to the reasons for the Chinese investors' entry into the Czech market together with the economic comparison of both countries. In the last part evaluates concrete significant FDI from China into our country and itʼs advantages or disadvantages. The thesis should give the reader more information about the currently highly publicized issue.
A Sample ARC Detector Panel
Pala, Lukáš ; Valenta, Jiří (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
In the introduction an electric arcs creation in low voltage networks is discussed, followed by evaluation of verification measurements with AFDD. A serial arc generator is designed in accordance with easy manipulation and low maintenance requirements. Technological solution for safe fault simulation is described similarly as particular function sections of demonstration panel. Schematic diagrams of power and electronic circuits are attached.
Innovating a laboratory task: Inspection of electrical wiring and devices
Klement, Petr ; Steinbauer, Miloslav (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the innovation of laboratory tasks, called Inspection of Installation and Equipment. The aim is to construct a device that will be able to simulate errors during the inspection on the appliance. The task will be extended to build the appliance itself, which will be measured and further simulated errors. The REVEXprofi digital measuring instrument will be used for measurement. The safety of the device will be ensured by the measuring properties of the REVEXprofi instrument, by storing the circuit inside the built-in device and by the small overlaps of the measured values above the standard when the error is triggered. The circuit was simulated using the TINA 9.0 program.
Optimal Design of a Low-Frequency Structural Wiring System
Balák, Dušan ; Slavata, Petr (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with designing and optimizing of a low-frequency structural wiring system in office building. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. Theoretical part is describing factors of designing the low-frequency structural wiring system, with focusing on short-circuits and their consequences on wiring system. Mentioned are optimal economic diameter of electrical cables, purchase and running costs and other factors connected with the optimal designing and protection of electrical devices. In practical part is adjusted, CAD´s system program, assigned a site wiring diagram and allocation of switchboards in the office building. In programs by EATON Elektrotechnika company were developed another parts of project´s documentation. In the Spider program was drew the wiring diagram assigned building and suggested cables and circuit breakers by EATON for correct running in the whole building. In the M-Profil program are designed assigned switchboards and calculated their warming. The motion includes prepared projection documentation, means site wire diagram of the building, schema with evaluations of short-circuits and voltage loss, switchboards design and calculation of their warming.
Design of a Low Voltage Switchgear Assembly
Halbich, Adam ; Slavata, Petr (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
low-voltage switchgear, dimensioning, protection, xSpider, E-confing, AutoCAD
Design of switchgear system
Róža, Štefan ; Slavata, Petr (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
The thesis depicts the substation of low voltage switchgear design (nn) based on the back scheme of its connection. In the first part of the switchgear design nn the thesis deals with the adjustment of the back connection scheme and its analysis necessary for continuation of its switchgear designing. The main part of the thesis describes the scheme creation in a computer program, the implementation of certain computations requisite for safe and failure-free operation of the station. Here, the thesis points out the solutions of conditions, where the back scheme does not agree with the calculated results. The circuit was tested for voltage drop and load decomposition, symmetrical 3-phase short circuit and 1-phase short circuit. Further, the thesis dwells on the switchgear designing of low voltage switchgear. Finally was created in 3D visualization and treated bid for the material needed for the production of switchgear system, production of switchgear system and UPS.
Design of Measurement Net
Krajčír, Róbert ; Drexler, Petr (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
This thesis deals with transfer of measured data from sensors placed on pulse power generator for long distances in areas with strong outer interference. Main goal is to design fast and reliable network. Therefore some basic transfer methods, which are available for usage, are analyzed. Regarding to the characteristics of these methods, the most suitable option was chosen, which is analog fiber optic link. In the next phase, the concept of the network itself is dealt with, including analysis and choice from variety of modulation techniques, transmitters and recievers and their characteristics. Variety of drive and amplifier circuits are also mentioned, with emphasis on their influence on transfer and noise attributes and available bandwidth. Based on theoretical analysis and component pros discovered, exact parts are chosen and complete concept of the network is established, including auxiliary circuits. According to this concept printed circuit boards for both transmitter and reciever are made and tested.
A Low Voltage Wiring System for an Office Block
Nestrojil, Martin ; Slavata, Petr (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
This paper describes the design of a low voltage network in an office building. In the beginning work is given for the theoretical part of the topics that we need to create a network design in a given building. In this part of the guiding principles are conductor sizing, fuse wires and a selection of protective devices. Everything was sought in scientific publications and Articles. The theoretical part will be followed by a practical part with the first adjusted underlying schema, and then will address a practical design using programs supplied by the company Eaton. The goal of this work is to get acquainted theoretically with the main principles of network design, and then practically with your programs and create a complete network design of the building.
Home Smart Wiring with Independent Sources
Doktor, Viktor ; Uher, Václav (referee) ; Kadlec, Radim (advisor)
The output of our work is complete proposal of the building wiring, the photovoltaic power plant proposal and technical report. In the first part we find the theoretical information concerning the proposal of the house wiring, explanations of basic terms and principles of technical documentation. We can find also an overview of known intelligent systems and a brief description. In the second part we describe itself proposal of concrete building, step by step. We can find a description of a created program to control building. The third part is focused on theoretical information about photovoltaics. Here we explain the basic principle, the limits of technology, materials and the panel structure. In the fourth part we proceeded to the actual plant proposal. Here we find the principle and a block diagram of system and description of the components of the plant, evaluation of production and energy consumption. Drawings of the technical documentation wiring as a photovoltaic power plant, distributor scheme and its layout can be found in the technical report, in Attachment.

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