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Iron and regulation of its metabolism in inflammation and disorders of erythropoiesis.
Gurieva, Iuliia ; Vokurka, Martin (advisor) ; Kaňková, Kateřina (referee) ; Pláteník, Jan (referee)
Iron is a metal element with crucial roles in human organism. Both iron deficiency and iron overload are important pathologies. Hepcidin, a peptide synthetized in the liver, is a key iron regulatory hormone. Increased amount of iron and inflammation stimulate its expression while iron deficiency and activated erythropoiesis cause hepcidin downregulation. The regulation of hepcidin expression on the molecular level and its hierarchy and interactions are not completely known. The main regulatory pathway is BMP/ SMAD which reacts to the iron amount in the organism. Several molecules, including hemojuvelin and HFE, are involved in this pathway and their mutations are linked to inappropriately low hepcidin production, iron overload and hereditary hemochromatosis. Erythroid regulation with suppressive action on hepcidin expression is known only partially as well as its connection to the BMP/ SMAD pathway. Recently, two new negative regulators of hepcidin expression have been described. Membrane enzyme present in hepatocytes - matriptase-2 (MT-2, TMPRSS6) and soluble factor secreted by erythroblasts - erythroferrone (ERFE). The aim of our work was to investigate how MT-2 is involved in the erythroid regulatory pathway, and whether it can represent the molecule where various regulatory pathways interact....
Liberec, Ruprechtická x Michelský Vrch
Kaňková, Kateřina ; Belda, Miroslav (referee) ; Smělý, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis presents various redesign scenarios of the intersection of Ruprechticka, Michelsky vrch and U Pramenu streets located in Liberec, Czech Republic. The work presented in this thesis is as answer to the current intersection arrangement that does not meet the requirements of a safe traffic crossroad due to its broad, unorganized spatial arrangement. Three redesign options are developed and proposed based on performed traffic volume counts, vehicular speed monitoring, and previous history of traffic accidents in this intersection. Implemented traffic calming measures include significant changes to the lane arrangement and width in the intersection. It is proposed that the U Pramenu street is converted to one-way street to further reduce the overall traffic volume travelling through the intersection. Moreover, all redesign scenarios and strategies focus on improving safety and comfort of pedestrians and persons with disabilities. Finally, a multiple-criteria decision analysis is carried out and the most viable redesign option is selected.
Genetic determination of type 2 diabetes mellitus, analysis of selected genes - THADA, MAEA, JAZF1 and ARAP1
Procházková, Iveta ; Hubáček, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kaňková, Kateřina (referee)
Introduction: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a worldwide spread disease of affluence which prevalence has been growing. Although, the probability of its manifestation is being linked above all with environmental factors, genetic susceptibility plays an important role too. The aim of this thesis was to find out the association of four polymorphisms with the risk of T2DM manifestation in Czech population. Polymorphisms rs10203174 THADA, rs6819243 MAEA, rs849135 JAZF1 and rs1552224 ARAP1 (CENTD2) were chosen based on their risk in British population. Methodology: We studied groups of 712 Czech patients with T2DM and 752 healthy controls selected as a random sample of Czech population in the post-MONICA study. For a genotypisation rs10203174 and rs6819243 we used the PCR-RFLP method. For an analysis of genotypes rs849135 and rs1552224 was used the real-time PCR method. The results were analysed via odds ratio (OR) a chi-square test. Results: In case of the rs1552224 variant, the risk was proved with statistical significance (P = 0,01). The value of OR for the risk allele T is 1,37 (95% CI 1,07-1,75). In case of the polymorphisms rs10203174, rs6819243 and rs849135 no significant association with the disease was proved. For rs10203174 the value of OR of the allele C is 1,20 (95% CI 0,91-1,56, P = 0,20), OR of...
Case study of physiotherapy treatment of a patient with diffuse axonal brain injury
Kaňková, Kateřina ; Lorencová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Cabalková, Magdaléna (referee)
Author: Kateřina Kaňková Title: Case study of physiotherapy treatment of a patient with diffuse axonal brain injury Objective: The aim of this thesis is a summary of theoretical knowledge of diffuse axonal brain injury and a case study of physiotherapy treatment of a patient with diffuse axonal brain injury. Methods: The thesis is divided into two parts - general (theoretical) and special (practical). Theoretical part is based on the research of professional literature and summarises the basic information about the problems of traumatic brain injuries including diffuse axonal brain injury. Practical part documents the process of rehabilitation of the patient with diffuse axonal brain injury duringthe continuous physiotherapy internship. Results: The therapy reached the best results in the area of stability and gait, we managed to reduce tremor and improve taxis. Key words: diffuse axonal brain injury, physiotherapy
Media coverage of the self-immolation of Jan Palach in Rudé právo, Reportér and Zprávy
Kaňková, Kateřina ; Suk, Pavel (referee) ; Končelík, Jakub (advisor)
Diploma thesis Media coverage of the self-immolation of Jan Palach in Rude pravo, Reporter and Zpravy attempts to show how the ruling ideology influences the media coverage of an event by analyzing newspaper articles from three different periodicals (Rude pravo, Reporter, Zpravy). In this case, the event is Jan Palach's protest against the political and social situation in Czechoslovakia after the arrival of the Warsaw Pact troops in August 1968. Palach performed his protest in January 1969 inspired by the form of self-immolation displayed by Buddhist monks in Tibet. It appears that the political situation at that time can be characterized as a transformation from democracy to tatalitarianism. The official newspaper of the Communist Party Rude pravo was neither using censorship nor distorting reality. It captured the events essentially as they had been running, though there were no arguments or comments. The comparison of Rude pravo with the other two newspapers, Reporter, representing pro-reform democratic media, and Zpravy, representing totalitarian media, reveals the fact that articles in Rude pravo were neutral.

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1 Kaňková, Klaudia
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