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Possibility to simplify diagnostics and therapy of rare diseases in dentistry with the help of a database-based expert system in 2D and 3D images
Kratochvílová, Lenka ; Dostálová, Taťjana (advisor) ; Lhotská, Lenka (referee) ; Nováková, Květoslava (referee)
The possibility of simplifying the diagnostics and therapy of rare diseases in dentistry with the help of a database-based expert system in 2D and 3D imaging Abstract The present dissertation describes the methodology of creating a database of patients with rare diseases in the orofacial area. Clear and structured data are the basis for working with knowledge-based systems also in clinical practice. The use of database data is described for two specific diseases, namely Ectodermal Dysplasia and Zimmermann-Laband Syndrome. The methodology for working with the database consists of the steps of identifying a patient, adding a new card to the database, adding patient records and creating layouts. In the case of ectodermal dysplasia, a set of 13 Czech paediatric patients with ectodermal dysplasia presenting in the oral cavity was processed. The patients underwent genetic testing of candidate genes EDA, EDAR, EDARADD, TP63 and WNT10A. Three-dimensional facial scan images were taken of the patients and compared with facial scans of a healthy control group. The dental treatment of the patients was described using three of these patients as examples. Two patients with suspected Zimmermann-Laband syndrome were examined in both the genetic and dental departments despite not very pronounced manifestations of the...
The importance of first aid kits at home and in an automotive environment
The topic of this bachelor thesis is dedicated to the importance of first aid kits at home and automobile environment. The home first aid kits and car first aid kids are very important when first aid is needed and the general public should know about its content and use. Theoretical part of this thesis is focused on specific situations when first aid is needed and the content of first aid kits at home and in cars. Three goals were set for a research purposes: 1. To conduct a survey of content of first aid kits at home and in automobile non-professional environment. 2. To find out knowledge of non-professionals about ways how to use content of first aid kits at home or in cars. 3. To map possible shortage of content of first aid kits at home or in cars. To fulfil these goals, answers to research questions in quantitative research process, questioning method and technique of half-structured interview, were used. The representative sample is formed from people with different education, gender and ethnic group. The research discovered lack of some content in first aid kits at home and in car and also in its usage. The research has found that general public is not informed enough about this topic. Based on this research an informational leaflet for general public has been made, which contains a list of basic content of first aid kits and important recommendation. Also a concept has been created for the use of tourniquet, which is a main problem for general public in area of use first aid kits.
Antioxidative parameters of fruit model product.
The content of the main components (anthocyanins, quercetin, chlorogenic acid, L-ascorbic acid, rutin, total polyphenols) was determined in the syrup of elderberries (Sambucus nigra L.) by spectrophotometry or high-performanceliquid chromatography. Furthermore, the antioxidant activity of this syrup was determined using three methods: ABTS, FRAP, and DPPH. The measurement results were statistically processed and compared using correlation analysis, specifically using the Pearson correlation coefficient. It was found that the prepared product contains 2160 mg/kg anthocyanins, 201 mg/kg rutin, 26 mg/kg chlorogenic acid and 679 mg/l polyphenols. No free quercetin was found. The content of L-ascorbic acid in the original elderberries was relatively low and therefore for study purposes, the syrup was enriched with this substance in the amount of 0.5% (w/w) to study the connection of its content with other substances. It is clear from the statistical processing that the concentration of chlorogenic acid correlates with the antioxidant activity measured by the FRAP method and the concentration of polyphenols to the antioxidant activity measured by the DPPH method.
(Non)moving pictures of horror. Narrative and stylistic functions of photography (not only) in horror films.
The aim of this work is to open the question about the role and use of photography in the horror film. This work in the first step will outline the horror genre and will be shown in different kinds of art. In the second step, this work will focus on the horror film, where it will be listed its brief history, what attracts the spectator in horror film and characteristics of the horror film. In the third step, this work will be dealing with use of photography as an important element in the narration of film. Naturally will be mentioned stylistic use of photography when the photography works as a trick. Every use of the photography will be shown in examples of horror and non-horror films.
Comparison of methods for determination the anthocyanins content in elderberries.
The content of anthocyanins in elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) was determined by three methods: the method described in the Czech Pharmacopoeia 2017 and its Appendix 2019, the pH differential method, which was used in the bachelor thesis of Bc. Kateina Javorská and the calibration method, which was used in the bachelor thesis of Bc. Markéta Matějková. The results of these methods and their comparison are summarized in this thesis. According to the results, the most suitable method to determine the content of anthocyanins in elderberry is the pharmacopoeia method. This method showed the highest anthocyanin content, which at the same time corresponded the most with the literature. In the pharmacopoeia method, the anthocyanins content was recalculated to the majority of cyanidine-3-glucoside.
Knowledge Management System Analysis in the Selected Company and Changes Proposal
Kratochvilová, Lenka ; Schulz, Martin (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
This thesis focuses on problematics of knowledge management, its principles and application. Thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part presents the theoretical basis that is further used in the analytical and practical part. Practical part focuses on design of own solution that could be applied in the analyzed company.
Internal Guidelines of the Potraviny Kohout
Volráb, Vít ; Ing. Lenka Kratochvilová. (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with internal directives in Potraviny Kohout company. There is a general charachteristic of internal directives in the first part of the thesis. Second part of the thesis describes the company and analyzes current situation. The tesis updates current directives and propose new ones in the last part.

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