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Life with stoma from view of patient
Kolářová, Markéta ; Hejtmánková, Lenka (advisor) ; Kordulová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis focuses on patients who have an established ileostomy or colostomy. The aim of the thesis was to determine the indications for stoma. Another aim found out how stoma influenced lives of the respondents particularly in working and sexual life. Third aim dealt with the quality of life of the respondents. The last aim, I examined how respondents coped with a stoma. The work is divided in theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part introduces general issue of the stoma (the types and indications for installation). Furthermore, this work deals with the active lifes of stoma patients, their working and sexual issues. There are also described the complications that may arise after the restoration of the stoma. In the practical part, I focused on the process of interviews and deduce predetermined goals. The data were obtained by using semi-structured interview with persons with established stoma in the age range of 20-30 years. The research was conducted in six respondents who were properly informed about the purpose of data collection and with their consent and interest to participate in the interview, they answered predetermined questions. The results show that the quality of life has improved in most cases of respondents after the installation of the stoma. The greatest support...
Ideal representation of women in old Czech legend of St. Elizabeth
The diploma thesis focuses on the analysis of the woman's ideal during the High Middle Ages, how it was represented by St. Elizabeth of Hungary as the main character of the old-Bohemian Život svaté Alžběty that was credited to Tomáš Štítný ze Štítného. Elizabeth belongs to a new type of saintesses which during the contemporary times embodied important ideals of Christianity (above all poverty and love toward a fellowman realized by charitable and social work) and they offered a model for some overshadowed aspects of feminity (mainly a model of a perfect wife and a widow). We concentrate especially on the formation of the main character in all three women's statuses typical for the Middle Ages, that is virginity, married life and viduity, and also on the revision of their traditional hierarchy in the Elizabethean hagiography.
Statistické zpracování výzkumu zájmu o cykloturistiku a využití cyklotras na Blanensku
Kolářová, Markéta
The thesis analyses the interest in cycling and using cycle routes that are located in the selected area. The reference area is Blansko District which includes the much visited and popular Moravian Karst. Cyclists can choose from a variety of trails that intersect this region. Part of the thesis includes also the marketing research which should show the popularity of cycling nowadays and the usage of the cycle routes. As research instruments are used questionnaires. The data are processed using appropriate statistical methods and then the analysis of results and its evaluation and interpretation follow.
The work of the sisters in the emergency medical department with the technique- preparation of educational material for nurses.
This dissertation deals with equipment handling problems of nurses on the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department and training of new nurses for equipment handling. New nurses are therefore overloaded with lots of new information concerning nursing care, documentation, instruments, team etc. This dissertation consists of two parts ? theoretical and empirical one. The theoretical part deals with ARD description, monitoring, technical equipment, work of nurse on ARD and her adaptation process. The empirical part used a qualitative research method. Information was gathered from a semi-structured interview. The current state in context of nurse work with technical equipment on ARD was analysed in the first period of research. Tutorial material was created on the basis of gathered information which was applied in practice. Feedback on created tutorial material was found in the last period. The focus group was created by 10 respondents who work as general nurses on ARD in selected hospitals. Four goals and five research questions were stated during the investigation. The first goal was to map what technical equipment nurses on ARD are working with; the second goal was to find out how the training of new nurses on ARD is carried out; the third goal was to create training material concerning technology, not only for new nurses on ARD; and the fourth goal was to find out feedback on provided tutorial material from nurses on ARD. Research questions were: 1.What technical equipment do nurses operate on ARD? 2. How are new nurses on ARD trained? 3. What means are used during the training of new nurses? 4. According to nurses, what information regarding technology should a handbook for nurses on ARD contain? 5. What opinion do nurses on ARD have of created training material?The first goal was to map what technical equipment nurses on ARD are working with. From research results it is evident that nurses on ARD operate lots of equipment ? monitors, infusion pumps, linear pumps, ventilators, dialysis, suction bottles, defibrillators, laminar boxes, ICP monitors, patient lifters, medical heaters and coolers, nebulizers, plasmaferesis, PICCO, LIDCO, Vigileo, enternal pumps, anti-decubitus mattresses, anaesthetic equipment, EKG, haemoglobinmeters, glucometers, ABR analyser, bronchoscopes and Level. The second goal was to find out how the training of new nurses on ARD is carried out. Research results are different in this area. Every respondent undertook a different form of adaptation process in variously long intervals. The third goal was to create training material concerning technology not only for new nurses on ARD. Training material was created on the basis of discussion analysis with respondents and didactic principles had been kept during its creation (visualisation, connection theory with practise, scientism, adequacy, actuality, feedback, consciousness and activity, individualization and orderliness). The fourth goal was to find out feedback on provided tutorial material from nurses on ARD. Training material was given to all respondents for approximately 14 days and afterwards feedback was obtained. The result was that all respondents liked the training material very much. Research results will be provided to head nurses on ARD from chosen hospitals where the research was carried out. The created training material will be provided to ARD in hospital Pelhrimov, p. o. Specific training material for individual workplaces and equipment will be created for other hospitals on the basis of declared wishes of respondents. We anticipate that the training material will not only be beneficial for new nurses on ARD.
Hagiographic Romance in the Texts of Virgine Martyrs in the Golden Legend
The Bachelor's Thesis intends to prove the thesis of the contamination of the hagiographic genre passio by the secular romance genre, using selected texts about the virgin martyrs from the bohemical version of The Golden Legend by Jakub de Voranige (cf. Zajíčková 2010). The basis of interpretation is an analysis of the main characters of the given genres, particularly their portraying by the virgin martyr type. In interpretations, we can observe the approach for elaboration of the traditional narratives with the medieval virgin martyrs theme in the thirteenth century.
Penalty of life imprisonment. Health Care for prisoners serving a life sentence.
In this diploma thesis I focus on health care for prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment. Health care in my view is based on a holistic vision of man, where I am interested in all components of an individual as a whole, and therefore I can not be satisfied with definition of health as absence of illness. So I do not mean only health care, but services that lead to optimal human development in all its human elements. These are services that take care of bio-psycho-socio-spiritual aspect of individual respectively prisoner. The aim of my qualitative research is to map the services related to a health care that are actually provided to prisoners serving a life sentence and then compare them with the services provided to prisoners serving prison sentence.
Preparation for entering the basic school
This thesis´ topic is to find out how pre-school children are individually and methodically prepared to enter elementary schools. The first theoretical part of this thesis compares a conception of a pre-school education and a primary level in some cuticular documents. The second part of the thesis describes a child entering the elementary school with a view of a psychology of evolution. The attention is paid to the child´s school maturity. The practical part is focused on how a nursery school can individually and methodically prepare the child to a compulsory education. An emphasis is also paid to some particular activities to be done with children and to the different fields of the child´s preparation for its compulsory education.
The difficulty of the work of nurses at standard level internal wards
This Bachelor's Thesis deals with the issue of the difficulty, or level of physical and psychological demand, of nurses at standard level internal hospital wards. The internal ward is one of the basic wards included in hospital care. It is here that patients with internal organ ailments are hospitalized, and treatment lies in a conservative approach. The work of nurses at a standard level internal ward consists in providing quality health and nursing care. The nurse knows all the illnesses that occur here as well as their treatment and complications. She is also expected to be empathic and patient. Because she is in daily communication with doctors, patients, and their families, she must know all the principles of assertive communication. The job description of the nurse includes satisfying the needs of patients, participating in diagnostic operations, fulfilling the orders of the doctor, and preparing nursing documentation. The sister does not always witness a happy ending to each treatment. All these factors place a burden on the entire organism from both a psychological and physical standpoint. The objective of this Bachelor's Thesis is to map out the difficulty of the work of nurses at a standard level internal ward. To achieve this objective, qualitative research investigation was carried out using a semi-structured interview. The research base was formed by nurses from the internal wards of the hospital in České Budějovice (Nemocnice České Budějovice a. s.) and the Jindřichův Hradec hospital (Nemocnice Jindřichův Hradec a. s.). The interviews with the respondents were transcribed into case reports and further processed into categorization tables. The results clearly show that the work of nurses at standard level internal wards is very difficult and demanding from both the physical and the psychological side. The case reports and tables also show another piece of important information ? signs of ?burn-out? syndrome and the influence of stress on the work of the nurses, relaxation techniques of the nurses, satisfaction with financial compensation, and much more. On the basis of the results, an informational brochure for nurses was drawn up that includes relaxation techniques such as autogenous training, meditation, and yoga.

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