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Contemporary forms of the post of Ballet Master
Hradilová, Zuzana ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (advisor) ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the profession of a ballet master. First chapters capture its genesis, development and changes in the context of European and Czech history. The aim of the other chapters is to describe its current form within theatre operation of the Czech ballet companies in 21st century and characterize the particular functions included in it: teacher, assistant, leader of rehearsals. The conclusion presents the thoughts and observations of the current ballet masters and shows the pros and cons, that this artistic post entails. The appendix contains brief portraits of six ballet masters, whose opinions complete the entire work.
Character dances in curriculum for elementary art school
Tomcová, Markéta ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (referee)
This diploma thesis has two basic parts – theoretic and practical. The first part describes historic origin and evolution of form called character dance but also there are described even specifications of chosen folk dances of foreign nations. The second part of thesis tries to create basic and initial structure for dance class in elementary art school. It includes methodic description of singular dance elements and steps of national dances which is character dance composite – exercices at the barre and centre work. Diploma thesis also contains a suggestion for modification of school educational plan which describes a basic form of education and required class exams in subject called Character dance for elementary art school.
The beginnins of ballet in Ostrava until 1934
Kantorová, Lenka ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (referee)
This thesis is concerned with the formation of ballet company in Ostrava and focuses on the period 1919-1934. It maps the company’s development from its first theatre season, which began with the arrival of the director Václav Jiříkovský and the ballet master and choreographer Achille Viscusi has been of great importance also for the other ballet companies in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. The thesis further deals with the personnel composition of the ballet company and with its repertoire, and compares the latter with repertoires of other Czechoslovakian ballet companies of the same period. The papper ends with the year 1934, in which the choreographer Saša Machov lef Ostrava. Through the presented historical information, it is possible to see the developments of Ostrava ballet also in the context of the whole of Czechoslovakia and gain a better understanding of the selection of productions as well as of the artists themselves.
A Dance Profession – Its Form and Socio-economic Status
Bulínová, Karolína ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (referee)
My dissertation seeks to outline the social and economic status of members of the ballet troupe of the National Theatre in Prague after 1945. a defining aspect of this period was the effort on the part of the ballet ensemble to achieve recognition for ballet as an autonomous genre of theatre in its own right, and to achieve a status independent from the Opera, of which the troupe was part until 1958. The inferior status of ballet in terms of the theater hierarchy was reflected by the remuneration of the dancers themselves; their wages were always lower than those of the staff of the Opera or Drama troupes. i have tried to document the evolution and changes in the social and economical status of ballet artists as employees of state repertory theaters, depending on the context of each period and also by presenting them on two concrete trajectories and the experiences of individual artists. The financial conditions are documented by contracts, and the general situation further attested by additional personal documents, particularly correspondence. Frequent requests for a raise in wages or the paying of an advance, pleading and often no less than abjectly humiliating letters are ample evidence that the economic situation of dancers as professionals often stretched the limits of a basic living wage.
The Literary Works of G. Angiolini and J.-G. Noverre in the context of the 18th century
Dotlačilová, Petra ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; BRODSKÁ, Božena (referee)
This dissertation offers a commented translation into Czech language of works written by two most important choreographers of the 18th century, Italian Gasparo Angiolini and French Jean-Georges Noverre. It is a selection of their most important texts where they develop an inovative aesthetics of the dramatic ballet – ballet en action. An introductory chapter about theatre aesthetics of the first half of the 18th century is included in the beginning of the work where I summarize the most important discussions of the period and topics that inspired the choreographers to their reform in the art of dance. Futhermore, a chapter refering to the sources for this work is attached to each commented translation.
Analysis of the 1st Act of Ballet Giselle
Rafajová, Zuzana ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; POLLERTOVÁ, Adéla (referee)
This master thesis deals with analysis of the first act of ballet Giselle. It is focused on the dramaturgy, dramatic actions and psychology of the characters. It compares different images of the first act from these sources: original libretto by Théophile Gautier and Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges, notes by russian ballet master Antoine Titus, manuscript of Henri Justamant, libretto by Rostislav Zakharov, simplified choreographic script written by Cyril Beaumont and Leonid Lavrovsky's choreography written down by Natalia Konius. Attention is particularly focused on Justamant's manuscript and Konius's written record.
The role of authority and form of partnership during creation of new choreographic dance piece
Radačovský, Mário ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; WIESNER, Daniel (referee)
In our dance life its very important that we meet time to time people who are so incredibly influencetial to us ether positive or negative ways. Some of them are able to influence us so much that we keep this impact which they have made on us for ever.Role of autority and partnership between these two elements is crucial.Its has impact on everyday of our working life.I ca not imagine what can happen if there is not existing somekind of form of partnership in the dance studio.To be dancer is very no simply just job .Is more ,its something truly special what not everyone can understand.The task of my work is to go back in my profesional past ,through out my own memories and profesional experiences to offer some situations when I truly felt presents of authority and partnership .Sometimes only autorithy .I this work Im trying to offer my small stories which I lived thourgh from my prospective and Im tring to analysed them through my own expierience of today.It always about something.We are creating because we want to say things.Journey is very important sometimes more then final outcome. Now important during this journey is able to see how things are done how we comunicate them and autorities will appear .
School of the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier
Kaplanová, Barbora ; POLLERTOVÁ, Adéla (advisor) ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis provides an overview of the School of the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier, particularly in respect of the current teachers, the teaching methods and the graduates. One of the subchapters describes the Ballettzentrum Hamburg – John Neumeier building, the current location of the school and the companies. This thesis outlines the functions of the school as an institution that combines teaching with practical experience at the world-known ballet company of the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier. Such unique educational approach enables students to develop into professional dancers and succeed in their careers, whether this is in ballet companies around the world or in the choreography field.
Nelly Danko – Teacher of a Dance and Ballet Master
Tomcová, Markéta ; WIESNER, Daniel (advisor) ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (referee)
This thesis describes the current professional career of an artist Nelly Danko. She has been working at the National Theatre in Prague for more than forty years as a dancer, ballet master and assistant choreographer. Today she is one of the most influential and important pedagogical personalities at the Dance Conservatory in Prague. The primary source for this text was a conversation with her and her very close colleagues who worked with her during the life. The secondary sources that I have used were available publications, which I found in the Theatre Institute and articles about dance.
International ballet competitions
Maříková, Klára ; POLLERTOVÁ, Adéla (advisor) ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe the basic information on the history and on current propositions of International Ballet Competition Varna, Prix de Lausanne and Czechoslovak National Ballet Competition. Furthermore to investigate what awards were won by the students of the Prague Dance Conservatory during the years 1972-2013. The brief also address the Prix Carpeaux, where students participated during recent years. Thesis also includes authentic interviews with prominent personalities of Czech dance and memories from participating in these competitions. In conclusion, assessing the benefits of participating in these competitions and their impact on future career of dance students.

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