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Possibilities of Point Cloud and Mesh Model Creation of Accident Site Using Photographs
Mojžyšek, Tomáš ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Křižák, Michal (advisor)
The thesis focuses on creating point cloud and mesh model of chosen intersections and their applications in forensic-engineering praxis. In the first part, we describe a workflow for creating point cloud and mesh model of intersection by digital photogrammetry. In the second part, we applied these at chosen intersections. Which leads us to the comparison of three digital photogrammetric programs which we used to make point clouds and mesh models. At the end of thesis, we use our mesh models in forensic-engineering praxis and we decide about barriers in sign conditions at intersections.
Risk Assessment of the Selected Meteorological Phenomena and Their Influence on Transport Safety
Stiburková, Lucie ; Křižák, Michal (referee) ; Rožnovský, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis is focused on assessing the impact of meteorological phenomena on transport safety. Analysis, questionnaire survey and meteorological forecasts were used for the evaluation. Part of the theoretical part of the thesis includes basic legislative regulations, meteorology and accident theory, playing an important role in the general transport.
Driver’s behavior while passing through pedestrian crossing analysis
Kledus, Robert ; Semela, Marek ; Maxera, Pavel ; Kunovský, Martin ; Křižák, Michal
The article deals with analysis of 8 drivers’ behavior while driving through pedestrian crossing during dusk and night. Monitored vehicle passes through modern crosswalk in urban area that is marked with horizontal and vertical road signs. The crossing is illuminated from left side from the direction of travel. Pedestrian is protected with safety island, which is marked with “passing on the right” mandatory sign, in the middle of the road. Optical reactions on various stimuli are monitored while driving with the help of the specialized device Viewpointsystem®, GmgH for monitoring changes of driver’s viewing angle. Drivers’ behavior strategies when passing the crosswalk are compared in this thesis. Monitored are driver’s navigation while driving and his reaction on the crossing pedestrian. Dangerousness of each driving situation is assessed and each strategy is evaluated. Results of this analysis are based on extensive driving tests that were realized in close cooperation of Institute of Forensic Engineering, University of Technology in Brno and research institute EPIGUS – Institut für ganzheitliche Unfall- und Sicherheitforshung from Austria in year 2010.
Using Computer Support when Dealing with Pre Crash Vehicle Movements
Křižák, Michal ; Semela, Marek (referee) ; Tokař, Stanislav (advisor)
Thesis deals with comparison of influence of chosen solution method on pre crash movement of vehicles in one simulation program and on differences between calculations for one method in different programs. Compared solution methods are kinematics and dynamics solutions of pre crash movement, compared programs are Virtual CRASH and PC-Crash.
Integration of XFOIL software in MATLAB environment
Křižák, Michal ; Zikmund, Pavel (referee) ; Dofek, Ivan (advisor)
Thesis is concerned with program which is able to run and control XFOIL from MATLAB environment. This program is focused on bulk data processing and plotting of XFOIL results. Thesis is also concerned with brief description of XFOIL and MATLAB, description of profile characteristics and comparison numbers used in calculation by XFOIL.

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