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Implementation of Selected Agile Methodology of Software Development Project Management
Křížová, Sabina ; Smolíková, Lenka (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the introduction of a selected agile methodology in project management, more specifically the development of software for weapons simulators. The aim of this work is the introduction of selected agile methodology in the management of the software development project and its subsequent design on a fictitious project of Saab Czech, s.r.o. The theoretical part is devoted to describing the methods used and comparing them. Separate methods will be described in more detail. The next part will be an analysis of the current state of society using the traditional approach. The starting point for the design of the project itself is an analysis of the current state of development of software and industry development. The aim of the solution is to develop a project proposal that will have a selected agile management in place and thus will be successfully achieve the stated objectives of the Bachalor thesis.
Didactic processing of the theme European Union for teaching at lower secondary school
Křížová, Sabina ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of integration of the Czech republic to the European Union and its teaching in civic education at lower secondary school. By the initial analysis of the work I will set down the most important outcomes in curriculum the task of the didactic procedures. The topic is represented in the educational area Man in Society and in the cross- curricural subject Education Towards Thinking in European and Global Contexts contained in Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education. Suggestions of didactic procedures are the main part of the thesis. They will follow the pupils' own experience and they should help them to realize the ifluence of membership in the European Union on their everyday life. Each topic begins with an introduction of the issue, which contains a brief theoretical background of the topic. The thesis will present selected actual problem solved at the European level, students will be led to critical thinking and expressing their own attitude based on orientation in legal and social aspects. The thesis will contain information background for teachers and specific didactic materials for pupils.
Interactive whiteboard in teaching second grade of elementary school
The diploma thesis focuses on support of teaching in chosen subjects in the second year of elementary school using interactive white boards with new technology SMART lab. It is focused on evaluation of publicly available interactive teaching portal applications, which occurre in high numbers, however they are obsoled or inappropriately created. Subsequently, the thesis includes a research which pays attention to the usage of the interactive white boards in chosen subjects in the second year of elementary schools located in Vysočina region. The main aim is to ascertain knowledge of teachers when using this technology. The examined subjects were chosen of the result of the questionnaire survey which was sent to teachers from the first grade of the elementary school.

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