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Attack Techniques on ELF/PE Files and Detection
Brunai, Adam ; Jurnečka, Peter (referee) ; Barabas, Maroš (advisor)
This thesis deals with the attack techniques on executable files in Windows OS. Its main goal is to analyze the file infection techniques in terms of their implementation and detection. Before the analysis, the reader will become familiar with executable files. Part of the thesis is demonstration tool named "pein" that solves implementation of infection. In conclusion, the work deals with the malware analysis and detection techniques.
Design Patterns for Parallel and Distributed Systems
Jurnečka, Peter ; Chudá, Daniela (referee) ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Hanáček, Petr (advisor)
This Ph.D. thesis describes proposed notation and method for working with parallel design patterns, which allowes proposing of automatic corrections to existing parallel source code with help of refactoring. In order to define the proposed notation, this work must cover areas of static code analysis, formal description of parallel design patterns and refactoring. Static code analysis is used to analyse the existing parallel source code for definition of places where you want to insert specified design pattern. Formal description of design pattern allows you to automatically apply the pattern to the existing source code. Finally, refactoring allows you to edit an existing source code without changing its functionality. The first part is devoted to the description of the current status in these three areas e.g. code analysis, design patterns and refactoring. The second part is devoted to a description of the methodology and experimental verification of its deployment.
Import Plugin for Network Protocol Analyzer
Ocelík, Tomáš ; Kajan, Rudolf (referee) ; Jurnečka, Peter (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with design and implementation of plug-in for Protocol analyzer and shows its main parts and its purposes. Thesis presents the basic principle of operation of Protocol analyzer and describes interface for input and output plug-ins. Then prototype solution for trunk network MPT-1327 is shown. Moreover thesis theoretically deals with basic kinds of modulation and expression of wireless signals by in-phase and quadrature component.
Silverlight Game Engine
Šebedovský, Richard ; Jurnečka, Peter (referee) ; Kajan, Rudolf (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes the creation of a 2.5D game engine for Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 platform using C# programming language and XAML language to create user interface. Used tools and existing solutions are introduced in the introductory chapters. In following chapters the design and the process of creating the game engine itself is described. In this section multiple design choices for parts of game engine are presented, and the chosen ones are described in more detail together with justification of these choices. In the last part the outcome of the project is evaluated and ideas for further development are presented.
Tool for Security Testing of WPA-PSK
Gancarčík, Lukáš ; Kačic, Matej (referee) ; Jurnečka, Peter (advisor)
This thesis is referring to the problems of securing a wireless network, to the possibilities of defending these networks and the implementation of the tool to test them. It discusses the usage of the nVidia CUDA technology to accelerate parallel tasks. The advantages of using this technology as well as the rise of performance compared to the results of a classic processor can also be viewed.  The conclusions of the tool used on a real wireless network are reviewed in the end.
Sport Timing System
Sláma, Jiří ; Jurnečka, Peter (referee) ; Kačic, Matej (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis describes sport timing system. Main goal was to create aplication, that covers  completely all requirements  of IT at sport competition. To these tasks belong creating web pages, schedule and then wireless launch of stopwatch. Aplication was implemented in IDE Qt with using programming language C++.   
Plugin for Simplification of Programming Using Visual Studio 2010
Machala, Jan ; Barabas, Maroš (referee) ; Jurnečka, Peter (advisor)
This thesis is focused on tool for simplification development in new programing language for non-experienced programmers. Application suggests sample source codes for current programming language in Visual Studio 2010. The application is a client-server, the server implements searching of the source code examples.
Information System Generator
Falhar, Radek ; Hanáček, Petr (referee) ; Jurnečka, Peter (advisor)
Goal of this work is to design and implement too for passive code generation for specific information system framework. This framework is ZeroFramework that is targeted at client-server development of applications running on .NET platform. For code generation, T4 Scaffolding library is used, which allows to divide code generation logic into separate parts (scaffolders). This work is mainly concerned with design and implementation of those scaffolders and their linking with T4Scaffolding library. Results of this work are templates and logic for generation of files and classes, which implement logic needed for display, adding, modification and deletion of specific database entity.
Rule-Driven Protocol Analyzer
Jurnečka, Peter ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Hanáček, Petr (advisor)
The master Thesis deals with an overview of issues necessary for design of custom network analyzer. Describes the existing solutions, provides the theoretical background needed for design of custom analyzer and describes the structure of implemented system. A separate part of the work is devoted to the specification of Metamodel used to modeling of communication protocols and compiler of models modeled with the Metamodel.
Code Generation Using Design Patterns
Hanák, František ; Malinka, Kamil (referee) ; Jurnečka, Peter (advisor)
This thesis describes code generation using design patterns. It deals with questions of specification of design patterns and their usage in code generation. The main part of thesis follows describtions of design patterns, their categorization, usage purpose and main ways of design patterns definitions. It describes the most often used formal design patterns specifications, their possible usage in code generation and design of algorithm for searching similar structures of patterns in source code in detail.

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