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Assessment of the evolutionary landuse and landcover changes in chosen parts of the Stropnice studied area
The ecologic explanation of term landscape is meant as the system of natural and fellow conditional elements those common relationships could be harmonic or unbalanced. The goal of studies in this conception is usually the structure, function and dynamics of the landscape. The most important factors causing the change of natural landscape into cultural landscape are agriculture and forestry. My work is aimed to show the landscape structure analysis results in the area of Bedřichovský potok basin. This area represents the example of very intensive agricultural used area of the south part of Czech Republic. Attachments of aerial pictures from years 1956, 2004, 2006 represents the course of changes of Czech landscape in second half of 20Th Century. On the basis of picture interpretation and GIS tools were quantified basic landscape usage types characteristics.
The Old Czech "Jetřich Berúnský" and the Middle High German "Laurin"
Hon, Jan ; Jiroušková, Lenka (advisor) ; Bok, Václav (referee)
This thesis paper analyzes the old Czech epic poem 'Jetřich Berúnský', with special regards to its Middle High German model 'Laurin'. It summarizes the context of the origin of the German poem and the cultural and historical conditions for its interpretation, and explores the question of how these aspects were recontextualized in the new cultural and language environment. Thus, its main topic is the heroic and courtly epic tradition on the one hand, and the means of fulfilling the expectational horizon of the Czech audience in the 14th century on the other. The latter of these two aspects is, moreover, related to the issue of the Czech poem's estimated time of origin -the paper presents new evidence supporting the theory that the epics might have been originally written at the beginning of the 14th century, i.e. not in its second half as it is so far generally accepted. This evidence is partly based on additions to its older linguistic analysis, partly on a textological analysis comparing the only known version of the Czech text with the complicated genesis of the German epics; and, above all, on a motivical and narrative comparison with 'Dalimil's Chronicle'. At the end the paper concludes issues for the further research of the 14th century Bohemian literature.
Land use changes of agricultural landscape in selected areas of Novohradsko and Stropnicko in broader historical context.
Changes of land use influence landscape structure, ecological stability, biodiversity and course of biotic and abiotic processes. The intensity of these changes mainly depends on geographic location of the area, land attractiveness and a level of maturity or development of the society. This thesis is focused on evaluation of historical and present changes of land use in Novohradsko and Stropnicko area. This area had in past decades and centuries undergone major landscape changes that are shown on many map sources. These data were elaborated through GIS tools and subsequently analyzed. According to my conclusion, the long- and short-term trends in observed changes of land use have been identified. Since the early 19th Century the arable land area had declined whereas the grasslands had spread out in the studied area. In contrast, recent years resulted in fact that an increase of grass area has stopped which does not coincide with the general effort to grass the LFA.

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1 Jiroušková, Lucie
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