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The effect of selected compounds on determination of antimony by atomic fluorescence spectrometry with UV-photochemical generation of volatile compounds
Jelínková, Klára ; Červený, Václav (advisor) ; Nováková, Eliška (referee)
5 Abstract This bachelor thesis is focused on the investigation of the influence of selected chemical individuals on the determination of antimony by UV-photochemical generation of volatile compounds with atomic fluorescence spectrometry detection (UV-PVG-AFS). Antimony, as a toxic semimetal occurring mainly in the trivalent and pentavalent oxidation state, plays an important role in many industries. Its determination is of importance not only from the point of view of analytical chemistry but also for monitoring of its environmental effects and for human health. For the interference studies with Sb5+ , the inorganic ions Br− , Cr2O7 2− , I− , CO3 2− , K+ , Cr3+ , Cd2+ , Co2+ , Cu2+ , Ni2+ , Na+ , Zn2+ , the organic solvents acetonitrile, ethanol and methanol, as well as the extraction reagents L-cysteine and 2-mercaptoethanol were chosen. Br− , Cr2O7 2− , I− , CO3 2− , K+ , Cr3+ , Cd2+ , Na+ and Zn2+ were chosen as possible interferents in the determination of Sb3+ . Solutions of the interferents were prepared in a medium of acetic acid (35%v/v) and 50 g l−1 Sb3+ or Sb5+ . The detection limit of the determination of Sb3+ in the flow injection mode analysis was 3.7 g l−1 for peak area and 1.9 g l−1 for peak height evaluation. For Sb5+ determination, the detection limit was 3.6 g l−1 for peak area and...
The role of media in consumer socialization of children
Jelínková, Klára ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of consumer socialization. Socialization is influenced by four main factors, which are the media, family, peers and school. The aim of this work is to examine the role that the media play in the process of consumer socialization. The media are examined in the context of other factors that are inseparable from each other and therefore cannot be studied separately. The theoretical part deals with the phenomenon of consumption and consumer society, which are a prerequisite for consumer socialization. It also presents basic knowledge in the field of socialization, the media as a socialization factor and, last but not least, existing knowledge and research associated with consumer socialization. Through qualitative interviews with children aged ten to twelve, data were collected, which was then interpreted by thematic analysis. The analysis shows that children reflect their consumption and consumer desires by what is happening or seen in the media. The media itself is also consumed by children, but in the environment of new media it is often a matter of prosuming, ie that children are both producers and consumers of media content. In the process of consumer socialization, the media can be perceived as a significant actor and at the same time as a link that...
Idiolect of Mrs. A. S. (1913-2010) from Varvarovka, Anapa Against the Background of Czech Emigrant Dialects in Krasnodar Krai, Russian federation
Jelínková, Klára ; Skorvid, Sergej (advisor) ; Andrlová Fidlerová, Alena (referee)
This thesis considers linguistic phenomena obtained from audio recordings of Ms. A. S., who lived in an indigenous Czech village in the North Caucasus. The speaker is a granddaughter of native Czech colonists, who inhabited the Black Sea area of the Caucasus in the second half of the 19th century. The first part of the thesis considers in brief the history of Czech emigration to the former Tsarist Russia, focusing on the Caucasus and the villages that the informant comes from. The second part of the thesis, then, maps dominant and specific phenomena that occur in the recording. A connection is drawn between the phenomena listed and other studies of Novorossyisk-Anapa variety of the Czech language, as well as other studies of dialectal variation in Russia and the situation of these phenomena in the Southwestern-Bohemian dialect, as that is the dialect which this variety of the Czech language derives from. Since a considerable part of the recording consists of Ms. A. S.'s daughter and granddaughter speaking, examples of their speech are also included in the thesis, or intergenerational comparison of the phenomena is drawn. Keywords: a Czech language island, dialectology, Russia, the Caucasus, Anapa, influence of Russian, Southwestern-Bohemian dialect group
Critique of current consumer society
Jelínková, Klára ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Zezulková, Markéta (referee)
This bachelor thesis is aimed to provide a characteristic of current consumer society. First part is dedicated to its definitions and evolution. The thesis is based on three-phased classification according to Lipovetsky, there is a discussion between his concept and other authors who were selected by the method of literary research. The selected authors agree that the consumer society entered the current phase in the period of the 1970s and 1980s. As a result of globalization and the associated socio-economic changes, one of its most distinctive features is strong individualism. Conspicious consumption, such as the consolidation of the status position, is receding in the background, today's consumers express their own identity through the consumption. Consumption has grown into culture, it became a lifestyle. Consumers are producers of this culture. The paper also discusses the negative consequences of excessive consumption. The last part is devoted to the issue of Critical Marketing Studies, which tries to critically approach marketing activities and also develops awareness of non-commercial marketing activities.
Towards the sources of poetry: theory of the genesis of literary work by Jacques Maritain
Jelínková, Klára ; Vojvodík, Josef (advisor) ; Jiráček, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation deals with the Maritain's art theory from the point of view of its potential contribution to the theory of literature. The contribution is considered to concentrate particularly in the definition of the artistic work as such on the basis of the specific poetic knowledge. Poetic knowledge is a special non-conceptional kind of knowledge, which takes place through emotions, through which the artist by means of his subjectivity portrays some unique aspect of the existence. Maritain's theory of inspiration portrays the artistic work from the very beginning, from the moment the creative intuition is born in the spirit of the artist until the final embodying of this intuition in the given art work. This theory marks also the way of passing the sense of the art work to the spectator. In the first part of the dissertation, wider context of the Maritain's philosophy is presented with particular emphasis on the philosophy of the history and on epistemology - areas, which are closely connected with the Maritain's art theory. Epistemology - because Maritain defines the art particularly by the special way of knowledge, philosophy of the history - particularly in relation to the theory of self-awareness of the poetry. The dissertation is furthermore focused first on the general definition of the fine...

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