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Analysis of Czech mortgage market in comparison to German mortgage market
Sudová, Kateřina ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on analysis and comparison of Czech and German mortgage market in the context of its development and current trends. The first part of the thesis describes a mortgage loan in general, but it also defines how the mortgage market works and basic terms. The second part is focused on development of mortgage markets in both countries over the last 20 years, but also compares their housing markets. The last part of the thesis deals with current trends, but also with changes and predictions of possible future development.
Sovereign wealth funds - threat or benefit?
Šplíchal, David ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on sovereign wealth funds, which belong to important state investment entities. The main objective of the thesis is to assess the activity of sovereign wealth funds as a whole and assess, whether their activity is rather benefit or threat to economy. In the first part there is considered a genereal characteristic of sovereign wealth funds, particularly their definition, history and function. The second part aims at the assets of sovereign wealth funds, especially the volume, alocation and related strategy and objectives. Subsequently the thesis deals with current questions concerning sovereign wealth funds, namely potential threats and transparency. Lastly the thesis looks at impacts of investments of sovereign wealth funds on the countries and global economy.
The importance of sovereign wealth funds in the economy - the case of Singapore's Temasek
Pham, Tomáš Tuan ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to point out the importance of sovereign wealth funds in the economy. For this purpose was chosen Singapore's sovereign wealth fund Temasek. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis deals with the characteristics of sovereign wealth funds in the context of state capitalism. The practical part uses analytical and synthetic methods for examining the role of Temasek in Singapore's economy and its impact on state-owned enterprises. The thesis focuses on examining the influence of Temasek on fiscal policy and on the Singapore's balance of payments.
The Impact of the Global Crisis 2008-2009 on the US Economic Policy Development
Mintál, Jakub ; Neumann, Pavel (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to characterize the development of economic policy from the beginning of the financial crisis to the current policy in the United States and to determine the impact of this policy on the economy of the United States. The first chapter of this thesis deals generally with the global crisis and solves the cause of the crisis. The second chapter deals with economic policy and describes anti-crisis measures of fiscal and monetary policy. The last chapter deals with the development of key macroeconomic indicators, the development of government debt and Fed's criticism, and evaluates the effectiveness of economic policy.
Neúplnost Evropské Měnové Unie a způsob jak dosáhnout úrovně optimální měnové oblasti
Verner, Martin ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
The thesis describes the reasons for the latest issues the European monetary Union has been facing and aims to provide possible solutions in form of correcting the Monetary Union so that crises of large scale are prevented in the future.
Impact of the EU sanctions against Russian federation on the company
Školová, Karolína ; Jedlinský, Jakub (advisor) ; Hasík, Gabriel (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyze economic impact of the EU sanctions against Russian federation on the company Crystalex CZ s.r.o. Based on the outcomes of the analysis, relations between sanctions and other collateral situations, which affect company activities, are discovered. Furthermore, detailed analysis of the financial statements is made, most of all the change in the profit and loss before and after sanctions were applied. The thesis is divided into three distinctive chapters. First chapter focuses on the term sanction itself and the overall sanction politics of the EU. Second chapter characterize the company Crystalex and its activities. In the last, third chapter, the current economic problems, caused by the sanctions, are being studied. In the conclusion, there is a summary of the collateral processes, which were also affected by the sanctions and which had significant effect on the business activities of the company.
Exchange rate risk management in international business
Řeháčková, Michaela ; Jedlinský, Jakub (advisor) ; Žamberský, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to explain operations with financial derivatives in the context of risk management by giving the example of the specific Czech company. The theoretical part of the thesis concentrates on the definition and initiation of the exchange rate risk and financial derivatives. In the practical part this theoretical knowledge is applied to the specific Czech company. Key factors affecting an exchange rate risk are identified along with recommendations to improve the company's risk management strategy.
Mezikorejská ekonomická spolupráce a role obchodu v ní.
Sapelnikova, Anna ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the economic cooperation between North Korea and South Korea. This topic is essential to study because not only does it illustrate significant historical affairs, such as division of one nation and a fight for independency, but it also has a serious impact on the global economy. The topic is chosen for several complex reasons. First of all, the issue of South-North relationship is quite interesting in and of itself. Secondly, the economic potential of the East Asian region is exponential. The rising importance of Eastern Asia in the global economy became self-evident. The purpose of the diploma thesis is to study Inter-Korean economic cooperation, determine the role of trade in it, and to find answers for the research questions using quantitative analysis within methodology.
Rusko-čínské ekonomické vztahy a jejich vliv na Rusko
Lapenko, Aleksei ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
The establishment of first diplomatic and economic relations between Russia and China has relatively short historical roots despite its geographic proximity. Nevertheless, the substantial growth of trade and investment cooperation between countries gained momentum in the modern time after the fall of the Soviet Union. The increased Russian production of oil and gas together with rise in its prices and rapid development of Chinese economy facilitated their economic interaction over the last decade. However, within last years, Russia faced with the external challenges in terms of slumping oil prices and geopolitical and economic isolation by the Western countries after the annexation of the Crimea peninsula. In this way, Russian government took a decision to make an Asian pivot towards the largest economy in the world - China and, thus, intensifying the already established economic ties. The further progress of Russian-Chinese partnership is going to be dependent on the implementation of the planned strategic initiatives and various external political and economic factors.
The World gold market and investing in gold
Spirov, Nasko ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Jedlinský, Jakub (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the current situation on the World gold market and describe the factors that influence this market. It also focuses on interpreting the possibilities of an investor who decides to enter the gold market. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter describes the properties of gold, its occurrence, its use and historical significance. The second chapter focuses on the evolution of the World gold market, more precisely on the supply and demand of gold. At the end of this chapter, is described the development of the world's gold price over the last 20 years and the factors that affect the price. The last chapter discusses the possibilities to invest in gold and what advantages and disadvantages the investment can bring.

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