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The Analysis of Information Presentation in Primary School Natural History Textbooks: The Context of Multimedia Learning Principles
Myslivec, Prokop ; Javora, Ondřej (advisor) ; Švarný, Michal (referee)
(in English): Selected Czech natural history textbooks are analyzed in the context of multimedia education, i.e. whether they use the principles of multimedia education. The goal of the thesis is to analyze how effectively can students learn from them and how the textbooks of different publishers differ from each other. The theoretical part of the theses approaches cognitive theory, multimedia learning and the principles, which are coherence, signaling, redundancy and spatial contiguity. The textbooks used are from Fortuna, Fraus and Nová Škola publishing houses. The methodology first presents research questions and then gradually analyzes the textbooks of each publishing house. Research questions are used for analysis. At the end, there is a summary of the findings, a comparison of the publishing houses with each other and an evaluation.
Visual Design Aspects of Advanced Digital Multimedia Learning Materials: Effects on Learning and Information Behavior in Case of Primary School Children
Javora, Ondřej ; Brom, Cyril (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee) ; Betrancourt, Mireille (referee)
This thesis investigates the effects of selected visual design aspects of information representation in advanced digital multimedia learning materials (ADMLMs) on learning outcomes and information behavior of primary school children (8-11 years old). It consists of three experimental studies in laboratory conditions, each individually focusing on different issue, including effects of overall visual appearance (VA; N=53), visual dynamicity (VD; N=134), and visual customizability (VC; N=143). The general theoretical framework is based on the insights from science of learning, cognitive psychology, and information science. On one hand, the results show that the investigated visual design aspects do not have a detectable effect on the self-reported learning enjoyment and learning outcomes (i.e., comprehension tests, transfer tests). On the other hand, the results also confirm that children at this age are sensitive to these aspects, which are generally capable to impact children's evaluation of attractiveness (dVA=0.86; dVD=1.11), motivation towards further interaction with the learning materials (x2 VA [2] = 21.269, p < .001; x2 VD [1] = 87.04, p < .001) and related information behavior. The theoretical as well as practical implications are discussed. Although investigated visual design aspects of...
Videogames and ecological thinking: player's perspective
Hubert, Andrea ; Šisler, Vít (advisor) ; Javora, Ondřej (referee)
Recent academic work proposes that mainstream video games, which are not specifically designed for reflection or persuasion, can have a potential to implicitly encourage reflection on environmental issues and ecology. Some game developers have also echoed this view. Much of this work either does not include a player perspective in the reflection triggering, or mentions its possible inclusion in future studies. The aim of this thesis is to investigate this proposed potential of mainstream video games through the eyes of those who are to receive the environmental message of such videogames - the players. The present thesis builds on previous research in this area as well as on studies of the process of reflection in video games. In-depth interviews with 11 participants about 5 different mainstream videogames were conducted and their content and structure analysed for common themes. The selected videogames were: Red Dead Redemption II, Death Stranding, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Frostpunk and Cities: Skylines. The results point towards a high variability in the player's responses and attitudes towards the proposed climate reflection triggers in these video games. In addition, the analysis highlighted those factors which contribute to or interfere with the process of reflection, which is often accompanied by the...
Digital educational games from the perspective of primary school pupils
Syrovátková, Ivana ; Švarný, Michal (advisor) ; Javora, Ondřej (referee)
(in english): Bachelor thesis is dealing with usage of digital educational games from student's point of view. Main aim of this thesis is to describe current situation of awareness related to approach of students towards digital educational games. In theoretical part, based on professional literature, is introduced usage of information and gaming technologies in primary schools of Czech Republic. Secondly is specified process of games and different skills, positive or negative, which could be acquired by students by playing educational games. Thirdly is described phenomenon of digital parenting, as a possible impact on children from side of parents. Also is characterized current situation in context of COVID-19, which because of whole school system is going through change, to digital education. In practical part, quantitative research is carried out through a questionnaire. It is focused on approach of students towards digital educational games. The data obtained are finally evaluated and compared with other previous researches. The aim is to find out, if learning through digital educational games is from student's point of view positive, more interesting, and more beneficial than classic education.
Video game media and ethical aspects of computer games, the case of This War of Mine
Karaus, Vojtěch ; Kolek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Javora, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis Videogame media and ethical aspects of the videogame, the case of This War of Mine, pursues the way it is referend to the videogame This War of Mine by online videogame media. This War of Mine is an war-themed videogame narrated from the civilians prespective. This videogame builds it succes on the implementation of moral and ethical issues. The results of this thesis should answer the question of how the ethical aspects of the game were reflected by onlie media that are focused on videogames primarly. For this purpose the theoretical part of the thesis will be build around videogames and videogames in the context of ethics. In the later chapters the ethical aspects of videogames will be defined alongside with the topic of emoti- onal impal on the players. The practical part of the thesis will include description of the research, which will be done via frame analysis of articles which were published by online videogame me- dia in the span of one year after the date This War of Mine was released. The ethical aspects of the videogame This War of Mine will be element of interest. Klíčová slova (anglicky): Ethics, computer games, frame analysis, This War of Mine
The Influence of Game Design Elements on Students' Motivation to Learn
Tančiboková, Miriam ; Šisler, Vít (advisor) ; Javora, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to decide, which out of two game design elements is more motivating for students in learning. The game design elements that will be investigated are reward for correct answer and penalty for incorrect answer. Method of the research is a laboratory experiment, which was conducted with two experimental groups. Each group played different version of educational board game Black Box. Both game versions were identical with only difference in one examining game design element. Data were collected through educational Pre-tests and Post-test created from content of Black Box game, and questionnaires Flow and PANAS. In the conclusion of the thesis the results are evaluated and put into context already existing knowledge about teaching through games.
Videogame animation
Pošta, Martin ; PIXA, Libor (advisor) ; JAVORA, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about videogame animation. The work is divided into four chapters. The first chapter describes the history of videogame animation. The second chapter is focused on differences between movie and videogame animation. The third chapter points how twelve animation principles are used differently in videogames and the last fourth chapter is trying to explain the future of animation in VR (Virtual reality).
Animated works and education
Javora, Ondřej ; Brom, Cyril (advisor) ; KOUTSKÝ, Pavel (referee)
This postgraduate thesis deals with the relationship between animated works and education. Main importance is given to the prior historical trends of educational animated works and to the question if are the animated works suitable for educational purposes. The thesis is divided to four chapters. First chapter depicts the historical development of educational animated works and briefly maps this area of animation. Second chapter analyzes specific characteristics of animation and abilities of its means of expression for educational use. Third chapter is a brief introduction to the cognitive psychology which offers valuable knowledge about functions of human mind. The center of attention is focused on attributes of human memory and process of learning, which are somehow related to the usage of animation. Fourth chapter sort of expands the third chapter and bases its conclusions on the work of American psychologist Richard E. Mayer. The subject matter are more practical ways how to use animation to enhance effective learning.

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